snake bubbles



Butter pastel genetic stripe
Feeding on frozen thawed rat fuzzies, hasn’t missed a meal yet and a very eager feeder.
Can be a bit huffy at first but has never bit or struck and is fine and highly curious once out of her enclosure.

Asking $300 or trade of another ball python.

For trades I’m looking for any of the following

0.1 mojave combo
**I don’t have a specific combo in mind at this time. Offer away and provide a photo of the animal and we’ll go from there.
0.1 genetic stripe or genetic stripe combo OLDER PREFERRED
1.1 Mahogany

Offered snakes must match this girls worth!

If you wish to offer or inquire please send me a message or an ask!

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Willing to ship weather permitting.
Local trades highly preferred to avoid scamming.

Daghang meaning ang Love..

Ang Love murag Gugma. Kung di ka kasabot, you can’t understand.

Ang love murag pagkaon, ayaw ipakita kung dili ka manghatag.

Ang love daw murag motor. Mas gaan sa feeling kung single

Ang love murag ferris wheel. Abi nimu'g gpa happy ka, gipa tuyok2 ra diay ka

Ang love murag sukli, Usahay makuwangan usahay masobraan.

Ang love murag ice cream, tam'is pero malanay ra.

Ang love kay murag Trigonometric Identities. Lisod i.PROVE.

Ang love murag dula. Naay napul-an, naay gikapoy, ug naay di ganahan mu enter.

Ang love murag duha ka tawo ga gunit ug rubber band, if mu let go ag isa, masakitan ag isa.  

Ang love murag TRIAL BALANCE, bisag unsaon pa nimo force ug balance mali lang gihapon.  

Ang love kay murag pagkaon. Hinay hinay lang para di ka matuk-an.

Ang love murag cellphone nga 3310… naay SNAKE.

Ang love, murag bubble gum, kung mu pilit maka buang.

Ang love murag math, you should be careful with the signs.

Ang love murag laag, usahay madayon usahay palpak.dipende ra tanan sa time.

Ang love murag kanta, magbagutbot ra gyud ka kung dili ka kabalo. mao nang ayaw nalang ug kanta.

Ang love murag ilok, ok pa sa sugod, aslum na pagmadugayan.

Ang love murag bagyo, moagi rah para gub-on ang life nimo.

Ang love murag study. Undang na kung gi kapoy naka. 

Ang love kay murag sigarilyo, nganung gi imbento paman kung sakit lang ang epekto.

Ang love, murag payong. Lisod kung tulo mo mag share. 

Los signos y sus canciones con swag
  • Aries: Booty- Jennifer lopez
  • Tauro: New thang-Redfoo
  • Géminis: Timber- Pitbull ft Kesha
  • Cáncer: Meghan Trainor - All About That Bass
  • Leo: Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back
  • Virgo: Boss ass bitch- Nicky Minaj
  • Libra: Going down for real- Flo rida
  • Escorpio: Anaconda- Nicki minaj
  • Sagitario: 23- Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Mike WiLL Made-It
  • Capricornio: Turn Down for What- DJ Snake, Lil Jon
  • Acuario: Bubble butt- Major Lazer Ft Tyga, Bruno Mars & Mystic
  • Piscis: Bounce- Iggy Azalea

anonymous asked:

(re-send) kissing, 8, chanyeol.

Kissing; 8. “Your neck’s really sensitive…”; Chanyeol
*Don’t send in anymore, please! ^3^

In the midst of typing your brain away, you feel a familiar scent invading your personal bubble, arms snaking around your waist since you had decided to practice sitting upright on a stool and that meant giving him plenty of access to do this whenever he wanted. The dim light was enough for him to see your features clearly, the heaviness of your eye bags, double eyelids which usually appear whenever you were pretty damned tired and you weren’t that far from that condition, really. He nuzzled his face in the space between your neck and shoulder, his voice murmured against your skin, “Can’t you come to be with me?”

As tempting as that offer sounds, you hated to—“I still have a bit more to do, Yeol,” You muttered under your breath, turning a bit to see his frown before you brushed it off as nothing to continue typing, “You should go sleep first, I’ll come soon,”

He huffed and nuzzled his face into your neck, grumbling something like you know I can’t sleep without you and then he’s resorted to kissing all over, determined to be able to drag you to bed with your consent. You allowed him to do so, still able to type whatever you needed to type and he was not having any of this when he could hear your fingers on the keyboard and he’s this close to thinking if he should switch off the power supply (possibly getting his own death wish) but then he smirked against your skin and decided to do something that would make you…

“S-Stop it,” You squirmed, using a hand to push him by the side of his head and he easily leaned closer, smiling, “I see your neck’s still sensitive,” He spoke out loud, stating the obvious for himself when in all actuality it was to make you know that he knows your weakness and if you don’t stop, he’s not going to, either.

He biting, grazing his teeth over the spot on your neck to make you writhe beneath him. He’s using his tongue to lick on your skin before his lips continued their assault to form purplish marks on your skin. Not being able to hold it any longer, you pushed your laptop away and groaned, “Fine! I’ll come to bed!”

He chuckled and kissed your temple, stopping his attack, “Good girl.”