snake animation


Here is the first part of a series of nine modern girls with powers, they all are really beautiful and awesome ♥ The first one, Amy, would control light, Cleo would be a peaceful firebender & the last one, Sanam, would be a master of hypnoses and a great seducer ~ 

✨ They are based on these amazing people :

Six others are coming ~


[if you click on it the quality is much better!]

This is one of the shot I animated on our short film, and those are the side characters in the background that you don’t see a lot! I had a lot of fun working on this shot, even though I’m not confident at all in animation. I learned a lot, thanks to my team mates and the great professionals who came to help us out. :>

The character design was made by the incredible @mathildeloubes​ and the colors picker by the shiny and talented @antoine-bonnet. And @carnetvore was here all along to help me with the animation itself <3

More animations to come! I’ll also post my full making-of on vimeo some day soon.