Edward Hallucinating Oswald

Edward : I don’t need you.

*Oswald magically dresses up and starts singing*

Oswald: You wanna keep telling yourself that? I know you loved my gay ass.

Edward: Oswald I’m straight.

Oswald: You weren’t so straight yesterday and you aren’t today.

America: I think I’m the most like Aaron Burr!

Canada: YOU?! Oh, reeeaaally? You?! The person who always has to make his opinion the first heard and the loudest? You, who tells everyone your feelings whether or not we care? You, you self centered power hungry drama queen– you who’s name should be changed to Alfred NEVER shuts up JOnes!!!– YOU are most like AARON freakin’ BURR?

America: :/…. Well. I guess not. Bro Wow.   

take careful note of the floriana stans who in the past have ripped into lena luthor. they’re just now warming up to her (only bc of her blooming romantic ties with kara). they’ve made light of lena’s abusive past, mocked her appearance, and disparaged the minimal amount of screentime she’s had. not to mention they stan a woman in brownface that openly dates/supports a sexual abuser. they need to stay away from lena luthor and our community. i see the uglies.

Cookie problem

So kind of feel for all the angst today, so here is my sorry. One fluff headcannon featuring everyone’s favorite: Alfred.

- There has never been an argument that Alfred makes the best cookies.

- So who makes the second one? This debate cause a lot of problems one day.

- Next thing Alfred and Bruce know their kitchen looks like The Next Great Baker.

- Flour is everywhere.

- There are items that should not even go into cookies.

- Coffee is not a flavor Master Tim.

- Sprinkles are half of the batter in Stephanie’s. Yes it is purple sprinkles too.

- Jason went with the classic chocolate chip.

- Damian went for lemon bars.

- Dick made double chocolate. It is so sweet.

- Cass went for snicker-doodle.

- Barbara went for brownies.

- Duke did M&M.

- Harper did a monster cookie.

- Kate showed up in time for taste testing.

- Surprisingly only half of them turned out burnt. 

- This family got very defensive about their cookies. Like a fight almost broke out.

- Alfred claimed he liked all of them.

- It was a win for him though because he doesn’t have to make snacks for after patrol tonight.

Reversal of fortunes... and funerals

While going back to ch50 to see what Agni and Soma wore to Sebastian’s (staged) funeral, I noticed something….

Ch50 actually starts out with Sebastian exposing Snake’s plan to kill the earl. We get to see Snake explain how he got to the manor. First, he went to the townhouse, looking for him there but ended up confronting Soma and Agni. At first, Soma questions why he’s there, but then he goes into pal mode, saying things like (paraphrased) “You must be one of his friends. Let me tell you where he’s at. I’ll call a carriage to get you there. Here’s some food for your journey.” Meanwhile, in the background, Agni is still trying to figure out who this person is and why they are here. Soma is ignoring Agni….

But in ch126 and ch127, we have people arrive to the townhouse who are not nearly as polite as Snake. I don’t think these two new assailants are even looking for the earl (I think one of them is actually his older twin, the real Ciel… as Lord Sirius, and the other one is his butler, Lord Polaris, aka “Knife Dude”). These guys showed up to bump off the earl’s support system while the earl and his contracted demon are occupied elsewhere.

I suspect that, after leaving the townhouse, they will not go to the manor… at least not right away. They might be targeting the other P5 first, and possibly also the P4/S4, ever since they went into hiding. I’d like to see a funeral for Agni (since right after Snake is exposed they hold one for Sebastian). However, they might not have time to do anything for him right away. They could very well end up going to see what awaits them at the homes or other whereabouts of the earl’s other supporters and informants.

No one is safe. 

  • Soma is still alive, so he’s still a target.
  • Edward, who might be back at Weston (and/or the Midford household) 
  • Joanne, who might be back at Weston
  • Cheslock, who might be back at Weston
  • Clayton, who might be back at Weston
  • Redmond, Bluer, and Greenhill, who are in hiding (but Sebastian found them easily, so the sect could, too, I’m sure)
  • Violet might be safe from attack, but only as long as the sect thinks he’s dead
  • Even people like Mr. Pitt might be in serious danger, since he still has the glass originals for all those family photos. Anyone trying to cause a case of mistaken identity would want the existence of a twin to remain secret.
  • The Phantomhive servants who are at the manor
  • Sieglinde, Wolfram, Lau, Ran-Mao, Chlaus, Diedrich, etc….

So… where could the big attack be? What death event could Grell be speaking of? It could be at the manor, but I think it might be at Weston….