A lot of you were bummed there was no Coulson snail, so this is for you guys. I had originally wanted to make him with the Snailvengers set, but I wasn’t quite sure how to make it look like he was wearing a suit. So I took a little while and planned it out, and I think I managed it? I hope so.

And of course Coulsnail needs some Captain Snailmerica trading cards! Hopefully he can actually get them signed this time.

In the shop: [link]

To-do list:

In order of how they need to be done

  • Loki scoodie commission (almost finished)
  • Wee little bee snail commission
  • Nerdy hats for a trade
  • Coulson snail
  • Another set of Snailvengers

In case you guys were wondering. XD

I also may be moving in a 2-3 weeks (at least I’m hoping to be), so that might slow me down a little. However, current plan is to at least get the Snailvengers (along with Coulsnail) up by the end of next month, if not sooner. If I get commissions, those always come first.