A lot of you were bummed there was no Coulson snail, so this is for you guys. I had originally wanted to make him with the Snailvengers set, but I wasn’t quite sure how to make it look like he was wearing a suit. So I took a little while and planned it out, and I think I managed it? I hope so.

And of course Coulsnail needs some Captain Snailmerica trading cards! Hopefully he can actually get them signed this time.

In the shop: [link]

To-do list:

In order of how they need to be done

  • Loki scoodie commission (almost finished)
  • Wee little bee snail commission
  • Nerdy hats for a trade
  • Coulson snail
  • Another set of Snailvengers

In case you guys were wondering. XD

I also may be moving in a 2-3 weeks (at least I’m hoping to be), so that might slow me down a little. However, current plan is to at least get the Snailvengers (along with Coulsnail) up by the end of next month, if not sooner. If I get commissions, those always come first.

Snailvengers update!

Just a quick update for anyone interested in the Snailvengers!

I planned on working on a new set to put up for sale right away, but I suddenly got a ton of commissions (which I’m not complaining about, keep them coming guys!) and I’m in the middle of getting ready to move in like a week and a half. So I haven’t had any time to work on any of the Snailvengers (other than the few commissions I’ve received), but once I’m set up in my new place and commissions slow down there will definitely be a new set out!

This time complete with Coulsnail ;)

anonymous asked:

Will you be posting the pattern for your adorable snailvengers? I would love to buy it if you do! (my email is animegirl4401atyahoodotcom)

Soon! Life has gotten in the way and I still have a few commissions (one being some very special snails I’m excited to post about when they’re done!) left. I had planned the end of this month to have them out, but that’s not happening :(

This year though! Hopefully along with many others I have ideas for.