So apperantly a new law goes into action today in the Netherlands, allowing transgender people to change their gender in their passports, without having to go through surgery and getting a judge involved, so I think we should all take a moment to celebrate that, wooo!


Finally had a chance to take Rochelle out of my moving box and put her in a new outfit that I bought last week after work. It’s a Draculaura outfit, but it works real well with het pink hair. Also, it has an open back so it works with her wings too. The hat was a bit troublesome to put on, because of her earthingies.
The stockings didn’t come with the set, they’re from ebay, I got them a few months ago.

So I was chatting with a friend and he suddenly goes “I got a bird” so I ask him what kinda bird and he’s like “it’s yellow and it’s got a blue belly” and I’m just so confused cause I thought he meant like a wild bird?? So I went over and it turns out he’s babysitting his roomie’s bird for the weekend and it’s so adorable it went to sit on my head and my hand and my arm omg best bird I’ve ever seen