What should I send to my pen pal?

Well I cannot really tell you EVERYTHING on what you should send to your pen pal but hopefully this will give you an idea:

1. CANDY! (make their day)

2. Pictures (whether it’s of you or something you just really like/find pretty)

3. Stickers

4. Post Cards from places you visit

5. Pencils/Erasers/Pens (They don’t have to be expensive or anything. It’s the thought and effort that counts!)

6. Post-its

7. Washi Tape (You can use a popsicle and wrap the washi tape around it. That way your pen pal can use washi tape you own!)

8. If you like to draw, you can draw anything on pretty paper and cut it out (maybe turn them into stickers?!)

9. Make magnets! DIY!

10. Make your own bookmarks with the things your pen pal and you have in common. Or maybe something you find cute

11. You can make pins and send them to your pen pals

12. Send them bracelets or a necklace (You can even make that)

13. Make a CD of your favorite playlist (Burn a CD of your fav. songs)

14. Cute hair pins

15. Souvenirs from where you are from/at

16. You can always get leaves or flowers and use tape that way your pen pals can save and see what your fav. flower or leaf is? lol or maybe you just like being outdoors

I can go on and on… I hope this gave you an idea or maybe you might even try some of the things that were on this list. Whatever you’d like, just remember to have fun with it!

Simple Envelope Tutorial

I use this technique for almost every single envelope I make because it’s very easy and looks very professional if done cleanly. You can use any size of paper and any adhesive. The envelope below was made with the exact same technique from an old birding book page. <3

First, start with a piece of paper, of course. Scissors and adhesive are all that you require, but I’m using a pen to mark off areas that will be discarded as well. Usually, I would never use Scotch tape, but I didn’t want to wait for other adhesives to dry.

First, we’re going to turn the paper over so that the inside is facing us. Then begin by folding the bottom edge 2/3 to ¾ of the way across to the other side. The paper you leave hanging out will become the envelope’s flap closure, so plan ahead!

Now fold each side in by a few centimeters.. These will become the side flaps, so making them about the same width is advisable. I just eyeball it, but if you want, you can use a ruler to get them perfectly symmetrical. These can be visible or not depending on how you fold the final product.

I avoid double creasing to keep things clean, and I unfold the bottom before creasing the sides. Likewise, I unfold the sides when I fold down the top closure flap, as you can see below. 

Once you unfold the whole thing, you’ll be left with a piece of paper with creases. Below, I’ve used a pen to show you which creases need to be cut along in order to form the flaps.

Once you’ve cut the approproate pieces off, you’re ready to fold along the creases you’ve already made and apply adhesive. Again, I’m using this tape which I would not recommend. XD

Fold the bottom up and the sides in, and you’ve got yourself an envelope, my dears. :3

Hopefully this helps you when you need to send your next letter!


-Reply/comment on this post with ‘penpal!’ to mark yourself as someone who wants a pal!
-Other pals, search through the blogs and find one with interests similar to yours!
-Contact eachother individually via message to exchange adress information!
-Write to your pal!!!

-Don’t be a creep.
-Avoid sexual content unless your pal is consenting to it.
-Don’t glitter bomb (it’s messy) unless your pal consents to it.
-No prejudice allowed! This includes sexuality, gender, and race!

Thank you to @dateaboysuggestions for allowing this to happen. FIND YOUR PAL!

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR PEN PALS? THEN YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE!! Today I’m presenting to you: Peachuzz’s pen pal matchmaking network!! This is going to be a network where you who are looking for pen pals can make some new friends and get yourself a snailmail pen pal!!


  • Be a kind person who’s not a creep!
  • Really want a pen pal 
  • Have permission to give out your address
  • don’t be a creep!!!!
  • be honest & don’t lie


  • message me your email address in the tumblr chat thingy so i can add you to the network (it has to be the email address that you use for your tumblr account)
  • follow my instructions that i message to you (basically just check ur email when i let you know i’ve added you

Further instructions and info on how this is gonna work will be in a post in the network!

I’m not sure how many people will be in this network, but i think i’ll add quite a lot of people so everyone can have a penpal or two!!

YAY SO THAT’S ALL!! Easy peasy

WOOOH start messaging me now i we can have a huge pen pal family!!!

(PLEASE message me and join otherwise this will be awkward and a major flop!!!)

ALSO: Please reblog this so a lot of people see it!!