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varied embroidered colorful postcards by grannyabell

good evening followers!! alisha at chicago-based etsy shop grannyabell reached out to me sharing her creative, colorful, unique upcycled paper postcards, and i just HAD to show off a few of her rad designs. so cool right?! who wouldn’t love to get an adorable handmade piece of embroidered snail mail this fall … i know i would <3


TBT to the Space Shuttle program (aka the Space Transportation System) which ended in 2011. Now you can reminisce about space flight and inspire others to do the same by sealing your letters with this Space Shuttle wax seal from Cognitive Surplus. They previous had an astronomical observatory wax seal too. Here’s to snail mail forever!

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- Summer


…. and nights here are just as bad as I remember.  Sims will not know what to do with themselves tonight.  And this is WITHOUT the glow and WITHOUT the blue hue.

Well that’s the last rainbow snail he needs.

I guess I’m gonna deliver them and then go find his descendants.  xD

This is what I mean about sims won’t know what to do with themselves tonight.

In places where you can’t lay down a light, a teleport is fine too.

Otherwise we end up with this: POOP SMEAR.  :D

And Clayton/Wren’s dad.

We’ll never know.

Whelkone, ice/poison, dessert pokemon

“The toxins secreted by Whelkone can cause headache, nausea, and tooth decay, but can be used as a delicious sweetener in small amounts. Unlike most ice types, they can be found in warmer climates.

Molluskone, ice/poison, dessert pokemon

“Molluskone’s poison causes a sudden drop in body temperature, causeing victims to feel as if they are freezing to death. It can be diluted for use as a numbing agent.”

My name’s Jae and gosh having a penpal sounds so much fun? Just the idea of getting a letter addressed to you sounds super cool. I think it’d be a lot of fun hence me submitting this! I’m 18 and live in Florida where everything is too hot. I love art and doodling and think it would be super cool to exchange doodles and letters maybe small trinkets? Even if we don’t have a whole bunch in common It’d be fun just hearing wacky stories about your week and whatnot! 

Please don’t respond if you are one of the following! : 

  • homo/transphobic 
  • racist 
  • under 16 

Some things I like! : 

  • Swing dancing 
  • Art 
  • History
  • Memes
  • Comics (traditional and web!) 
  • Homestuck 
  • Dragon Age 
  • Musicals/Theater 
  • The occasional anime 
  • Cartoons <3 
  • The Front Bottoms, David Bowie, Las Campesinos!, and Hozier

A few things about me : 

  • I’m eighteen 
  • Freshmen in college 
  • Have a hobby of cosplay
  • Accepting! ! ! An individuals sexuality, race and religion will not be used as a base for judgement

How to contact in order of convenience:

  • Instagram: Plantwater.png
  • Tumblr: jae–bae.tumblr  
  • Email: Jaebaeinstagram @ gmail . com 

These ramshorn are in awful condition but they’re waking up and I hope I can help the heal up! #snails #fish #video

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hi!! i’m pat, a girl from poland. i’m a 23 years old uni student.

  • i’m looking for a snail mail penpal, preferably from the usa (email buddy would be ok, too)
  • my interests are: drawing (not good at it, started practising last year), reading (genres: young adult, fantasy, classics and tbh a lot of fanfics), music (so many different bands/genres, atm one of my faves is Rammstein [and kpop in gerenral]), tv-series/films/cartoons/anime (i really love parks and rec and brooklyn 9-9, voltron etc. etc), starting doing something and not finishing it, procrastinating, playing games (mostly overwatch tbh)
  • i’d prefer someone around my age (like 20-26), gender isn’t important
  • and ofc i’m looking for people with similar interests because it’ll make writing letters so much nicer and easier


  • email: patraszek @ gmail.c om

Contents of an outgoing letter including:

- letter with a doodle of my favourite people and some things to see and do in my area
- postcard cuz she collects them
- colour tag
- mail tag
- answers
- pictures of my loved ones in a handy foldy book
- black carbon paper
- die cuts and stickers in a handmade envelope