This is wat mr Boyfriend will be carrying around this weekend. It still needs to be painted though. It’s made out of an old supersoaker and old car parts. It lights up and has a fan in the back that works and it’s just generally cool
He’s got a pitboy too and he’s making a vault 101 outfit thingy with some improv armour

He will be my bodyguard to scare away creepy bronies :D


Gonna upgrade my fluttershy cosplay(s) for Abunai. It already looks much better with a proper petticoat and the pink blouse works well too. I might look for a way to add wings but I think I’ll just make new ears and leave it at that.

I also found this dress for real cheap so I had to buy it, in case it gets super hot like last year. I just need a lot of pink lace instead of the white scarf I used now and maybe a yellow flowercrown so it stands out better

Not sure about shoes tho.. I already have so many but non seem to fit the look I want :/

This is a very useful rehearsel.

Design for the next Elf Fantasy Fair. I hope to get the wig in sometime next week. I hope bodyline restocks their ruffled bloomers sometime because the black ones are perfect for this. I’m gonna make a new non-homestuck robotic arm and a matching leg which won’t be that hard, mostly a lot of fun (I have more shades of grey now, so I can make it more detailed). The mask is kind of what inspired it, it’s a souvenir from Venice.
I’m thinking about getting a cheap corset from ebay but I’m not sure about the design yet.

The only thing I’m worried about it the cage skirt since it has to be firm enough to stay in shape but also has to fit in a car or (if need be) I need to fit on a train.

The look will have a matching halfrobot makeup and maybe red contacts??? Or one red contact and one blue? Idunno yet.