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Little Dove

Request: Hey:) Nogitsune imagine where he sees y/n for the first time and immediately takes a liking to her, please?

Warning: creepy Nogitsune Stiles

There was something about the way the dim light of the moon slithering into my room, spilling across my hard wood floors and over the expanse of my bed that I loved. It was peaceful; it was familiar. It looked this way every night- with the exception of when it rained, and the sky darkened, of course.

           Tonight was no different than the other chilly November nights in Beacon Hills. I was standing in my doorway, admiring the moonlight and the seductive lure of my silky sheets. There was nothing that I wanted more than to crawl under my covers and stare at the gleam on my floor until my eyes slumped shut.

           But that wasn’t going to happen.

           Sighing, I shut my door as softly as I could and retreated down the long hallway. My front door was gracious and didn’t squeak. Luckily, my car decided to be merciful as well, and started up with ease. As I pulled out of the drive way, I fumbled in my hoodie’s pocket for my phone. Just as I pulled it out, it began to ring. Talk about coincidences.

           “Scott, hey,” I breathed. The heater in my car didn’t work. My fingers and nose were already beginning to feel the cold, numbing bite. “I got your text. I’m on my way now.”

           “Please be careful.” He begged. “It’s slick out tonight. It rained earlier.”

           I passed a stop sign without even slowing down. Who was going to stop me this late at night? “I know. It stopped just as I was getting ready for bed…”

           Scott sighed. “I’m sorry. I just- you and Stiles are, you know… you and Stiles. I figured you’d want to be here.”

           Softly, I responded, “Thanks Scott.” Clearing my throat, I made a turn. “You’re right. I do want to be there for Stiles. This is getting weird. It’s better if we all stick together and are there for each other.”

           “Yeah.” Muffled voices exchanged a brief conversation in the background. Then Scott spoke into the phone once again, making me jump slightly. “Deaton sedated him. He’s out cold right now.”

           “That’s good.” I murmured. “That’s good.” Breathing onto my hands in an attempt to warm them up, I pulled into the nearly empty parking lot of Deaton’s clinic. “Scott? I’m here.”

           “Good. The door’s open. You know how to get into the back.”


A light drizzle chose to start up just as I was getting out of the car. Hood drawn, I ran through the shallow puddles to step inside the warmth of the animal hospital. It was dark in the front area, but I could see lights on in the back. Voices were rapidly firing back and forth. Pushing my sleeves back to where my fingers could poke out, I ventured towards the back room.

           It was kind of weird to see my best friend passed out on the metal table usually reserved for pets- and the occasional werewolf- but at the same time, it wasn’t. Although I had moved to Beacon Hills at the start of my junior year, I was beginning to realize that it was a place where things would never be normal. And I was strangely okay with that.

           Scott smiled at my entrance, coming to my side to take my jacket from me and drape it on the counter along with his. “What happened?” I asked, cutting to the chase.

           Deaton looked at me with kind eyes. “Maybe you should ask Scott that question.” He pat my shoulder and moved towards the exit. “I’m going to go check on the cats.” I knew that was total bs but I appreciated the fact that he was giving us privacy.

           As soon as Deaton was gone, Scott was at my side, arms sliding around my waist. He pressed a firm, warm kiss to my lips. “Looks like someone missed me.” I teased, gazing up at him adoringly.

           Scott just shrugged. “What can I say? You’ve grown on me.”

           “I’m glad.” I pecked him lips one more time before eyeing him seriously. “Okay, now tell me what happened.” Seeing that there was no other options in my tone, Scott sighed.

           “The Oni attacked us, and then Stiles knocked Kira out, and then he…”

           “What?” It made me nervous that Scott wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Stomach churning slightly, I persisted, “He what? Tell me, Scott.”

           “He just… there’s something wrong with him! He’s not Stiles.” He snapped, eyes wide, voice raising slightly from how on-edge he was.

           I raised an eyebrow bitterly. “That tells me a lot. Thanks, doofus.”

           Scott rolled his eyes. “This isn’t funny Y/N.”

           “Am I laughing?” I held my arms out in a grand gesture. When Scott shook his head and peered at me from underneath his lashes, I caved. My tone was considerably softer as I coaxed, “I know something’s wrong with him. But have you figured out what exactly?”

           Scott opened his mouth, but at that moment, a loud groan sounded behind me. Stiles was waking up, and from the looks of his scrunched nose and clenched eyes, he was back to normal. He looked exactly like he had the morning of the first day of freshman year when Ms. McCall had let the three of us have a sleepover to commemorate the momentous occasion.

           I turned back to Scott with a skeptical expression. “Are you going to let me talk to him?”

           “Of course I’m going to let you talk to him.”


           He shifted uncomfortably.

           “Please Scott? You know I’m better at getting information than you are- especially when it comes to Stiles.”

           Scott ran his hand through his hair. “I know, I know.”

           “Okay, now’s not the time for you to go into jealous-boyfriend mode.”

           “I’m not!”

           “Then let me talk to him. Five minutes. Just give me five freakin’ minutes, please.”

           “You can do whatever you want, Y/N. I’m just worried about you being alone with him because he tried to kill me not too long ago.”

           Quirking an eyebrow, I stated, “That part you left out- of both the text and your little summary a few minutes ago.”

           Slowly, at the pace of a snail, Scott yielded. “If you want five minutes, you can have five minutes. I’m going to go put my bike in your trunk. But I’ll still be close by.”

           As I passed him my keys, I said, “I wouldn’t expect any less.” Smirking, I stood on my tip toes to leave a kiss on the corner of Scott’s mouth. “Thank you again for calling me. I know that lately you’ve been worried about how close Stiles and I are getting…”

           “You’ve told me that you two are just friends, and I believe you.” He promised. With a glance at the gradually stirring boy, he declared, “He needs you right now. If he remembers anything, he’s going to feel like crap. You’ve always been really good at calming him down, and- like you said before- getting information out of people. Especially Stiles. You’re always good with Stiles.”


Once Scott had left for the car, I drug a frigid stool over to where Stiles was. He had his long, pale forearm covering his eyes in a rather dramatic fashion. His breaths were slightly escalated though, so I knew he was awake.

           “Hey sleepyhead,” I cooed gently, not sure if he was unhappy or just out of it. “You awake yet?” Mindlessly, my fingers drifted to run through his hair. I had always considered Stiles to be my little brother. Looking at his thin and pallor body seemed to make that feel a little more real, like he was small and I needed to protect him.

           His arm fell to rest on his chest, dark eyes piercing mine. I couldn’t help but notice the deep purple rings lining them. He hadn’t been sleeping. “How nice… waking up to something so… pristine.” Stiles reached out to run one long finger across my wrist. I shivered and withdrew my arms, crossing them tightly across my chest.

           “Are you okay?” I deadpanned.

           The corners of Stiles’s mouth twitched slightly, like he wanted to smile. “Never better, little dove.”

           “Little what?”

           Stiles moved fluidly. I found it extremely weird; he had always been a bull in a china shop. He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the table to face me head on. “Dove,” he continued without missing a beat. “You are strange. You make me almost desire peace, of all things. And you are very little compared to Stiles.”

           I stood up from the stool quickly. “Are we talking in third person now? Because Y/N isn’t a fan of it. In fact, it makes Y/N want to kick Stiles’s ass.”

           His eyebrows raised. “Ah, so you’re the Y/N Stiles thinks so much about.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “You know, it’s intriguing. Stiles thinks with words. Most people think with pictures- that’s what they see in their minds when they think of something. But Stiles… when I pick through his mind, all I see are words and phrases, facts and opinions. And then there’s your name plastered everywhere like it’s his saving grace.”

           Obviously Stiles was not home at the moment. I wanted to punch myself for taking so long to figure that out. My feet moved before I knew what I was doing, heading straight for the door.

           “Don’t go.” He called from behind me. My hand hovered over the handle. As much as I wanted to get away, part of me also wanted to know what he had to say.

           “Why should I stay?” I asked with no emotion.

           I didn’t hear his footfalls; I only felt his large hand encircle my wrist and jerk me away from the door. I quickly twisted my wrist and tugged, slipping right out of his grasp. His eyes held an mischievous glint as he looked me over. “You’re so beautiful.” He murmured; I wasn’t sure that I was meant to hear it.

           Not-Stiles cleared his throat. “You should stay because Stiles doesn’t want you to leave.” He drawled, stepping closer to me. “You know he’s still in here, trying to fight his way back to control. He’s screaming for you; he’s terrified. And the fool thinks that I’m going to hurt you.” He chuckled as he swept my hair over my shoulder, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. I was too shocked to move away.

           “You should stay because I don’t want you to leave. I want to know what’s got this human boy and that werewolf smitten, aside from your beauty. You’re incredibly alluring. You’d be breath-taking if you’d be a little bad for once.”

           My breath hitched in my throat. He was so close to me now. With every breath I took, my chest brushed his. “Stay,” he whispered one more time, “because I’m never going to willingly let you go now.”

Snarks and Recreation (Snail Parks and Recreation)
  • Staring Snamy Poehler (Snail Amy Poehler) as Sneslie Knope (Snail Leslie Knope) 
  • Snashida Jones (Snail Rashida Jones) as Snann Perkins (Snail Ann Perkins)
  • Snaziz Ansari (Snail Aziz Ansari) as Snom Haverford (Snail Tom Haverford) 
  • Snick Offerman (Snail Nick Offerman) as Snon Swanson (Snail Ron Swanson)
  • Snubrey Plaza (Snail Aubrey Plaza) as Snapril Ludgate (Snail April Ludgate) 
  • Snris Pratt (Snail Chris Pratt) as Snandy Dwyer (Snail Andy Dwyer) 
  • Snadam Scott (Snail Adam Scott) as Snen Wyatt (Snail Ben Wyatt) 
  • Snob Lowe (Snail Rob Lowe) as Snris Traeger (Snail Chris Traeger) 
  • Snretta (Snail Retta) as Snonna Meagle (Snail Donna Meagle) 
  • Snim O’ Heir (Snail Jim O’ Heir) as Snerry Gergich (Snail Jerry Gergich)
  • Snilly Eichner (Snail Billy Eichner) as Snraig Middlebrooks (Snail Craig Middlebrooks)