snail mail notebook


Last night I did some work on that envelope of tickets. I’m so pleased with them, and they’re so delightful to touch and hold and fiddle with. I’m going to make a million!

Since the start of August, I’ve been keeping up with my French journal and language notebook. You can see me conjugate some verbs, write out vocabulary and generally muck about in the language. 

The last photo is of the edges of my map journal, which will be mailed to Léo. And yes, Sailor Pluto. <3 

Foreign Languages

こんにちは! 안녕! Привет! 你好!

I’m a 15 year-old girl named Brynn from Texas, USA and I have an obsession with foreign language and culture. I’m currently learning, and I use that term lightly because I’ve kind of hit a wall, Japanese, Russian, Korean, and Mandarin. I’m best at Japanese, but still really bad. Japanese is the language I focus most on because I dream of one day moving to Tokyo!

I like anime, manga, music, hiking, snail mail, notebooks/stationary, and pens. I’m also kind of a hoarder so I love to collect things such as books, CDs, vinyl, letters and stamps, pens, and metaphysical stones.

I would love a friend that I can have fun with and learn languages with! Maybe we can even send each other cute letters in different languages~

Preferably around my age. Race, gender, sexuality, religion don’t matter to me at all. From any country, but someone from Japan, Korea, China, or Russia would be so cool!

Anyway, don’t hesitate to message me if you are interested



I’ve been looking for the right notebook to keep a snailmail log in, and I think I hit the jackpot! I ordered this awesome six-squared, gridded notebook from MochiThings last week and covered it in some of my favorite papers: wrapping paper from a bookstore in Paris.