Hey my name is Shayn, im 14, and live is the US. I have no idea what kind of person I am, so I asked my friends to describe me:

“Nice but antisocial so he’s quiet and says almost everything ironically. Unless he’s being sad.”
“Funny and antisocial, runs an assthetic tumblr and their hair will probably fall out by the next time they dye it.”
“Kinda antisocial, enjoys memes and is addicted to dying their hair, loves dogs (borzois and greyhounds), embroiders occasionally, spooky af.”

Other interests not mentioned include gardening, pop punk, wicca stuff, and cryptids :) I’m also vegan af 

Anyways, I’m looking for a snail mail friend under 18 that doesn’t mind my awarkwardness. My perfect penpal would be someone who shares the same interests and views as me :) contact me by my tumblr-  http://ar1stxcrat.tumblr.com  if you think we might get along! 

USUK Fall Holiday Cards Sent----Now XMAS Cards Question???

Ahhh I fell a little a behind but I was able to send these cards out on Tuesday! The winners are all US-based so you should get them before Halloween! I’m happy with how they came out so I hope you will like them as well! >u< The third card is a bonus one I made since I was inspired by one of @elvenrain arts and wrote a ficlet for it so that’s off to her as well. I will post that one on Halloween or Sunday for y’all to see and the others as they are received. ; u ; 


I have a question though how would you prefer I do requests this year? Due to time constraints I plan on doing 7-8 cards this year. Two slots have been taken(I committed to sending them one a while back). So that leaves 5-6 open. Should I do another giveaway or should I do first come first serve? I can’t think on how to make it fair for everyone who would like one. What would you guys prefer??? If anyone has any other ideas on how I can do this please don’t be shy. I am hoping I can do more than the ones above but we’ll see what I can manage. 

Name: Sarah
Age: 22
Country: Germany

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Searching: Mostly snail mail friends, but also open for some internet friends ♥

Hello snail mail friends ♥ Just a little girl from Germany that studies social work and is totally obsessed with foxes and everything cute & fluffy. (Like that little girl from despicable me and her unicorn :’D)

  • Words… I love words. Books - Manga as well. (My fav book is ‘Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe’ ♥ and at the moment I read ‘The Mortal Instruments’ – love malec omg - and ‘Demian’ from Hermann Hesse.) Reading and just life for some hours in other universes is absolute fascinating. Create my own. Writing is what accompanied me the most time of my life. I want to publish my own books someday but till that I write for me. For Friends. Own stuff, fanfictions and rps.
  • I LOVE shows (Tv-shows and Anime). Sometimes I binge watch, but mostly I need my time to finish a show even if I’m absolutely in love with it. After watching I can’t help myself and get lost in Youtube MVs, fanfictions and stuff. You can’t help me anymore I’m a fangirl. Some of my favorites are Hannibal (♥), Sherlock, Shadowhunters, The Walking Dead, The Tudors, How to get away with murder, Teen Wolf, Bates Motel, American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory, Code Geass, Digimon, Beyblade, Wolfs Rain, Dragonball Z, Sport-Anime (I life for that genre tbh) … yeah… there is MUCH more :’D (And I need to get to know more KDrama!)
  • Music is life and I couldn’t survive without music. I listen to many genres I think. I’m absolutely in love with kpop (Fanfictions are life ♥ xD) – for example BTS, BigBang, GOT7, BAP and stuff. Just show me more, I’m sure I will love it. Also I’m really into Metal, Rock, Alternative and such things. Like Samsas Traum, NF, The Amity Affliction, BMTH, Being As An Ocean, Fever Ray, In This Moment, Halsey, Hollywood Undead… Yeah. Music.
  • Also I’m vegan and love cooking recipes from all over the world. You have some stuff I should try? Show meee ♥ I think that other cultures and languages (I just started learning Korean… so… do you learn Korean too? We can learn together, this could be fun! :D) are so interesting and I’m open minded to learn many new things! I want to learn how to knit and stew and I really love cozy places and video games.
  • My friends describe me as a Gothic-Hippie-Girly-Geeky-Whatever mix and I think that’s very accurate xD
  • I think a lot about humans, the world, ghosts (What’s about zombies? Omg. Zombies!) and more strange stuff. And yeah… I can’t even play a video game or watch a movie without crying. I’m an emotional-whatever-fluffy-fox xD
  • I love being for myself most of the time. I love candles, tea, coffee or cacao. Just the smell from vanilla or patchouli, dimmed lights and music. The paper in front of me and the thoughts rushing through my mind. It calms me down and makes me smile. Sure, I love my friends, but mostly I’m overwhelmed by too many people and take one or two steps back. Thinking about the world and all the miracles we life with. I’m introvert, yes. HSP and INFP. It’s nice to have deep conversations with friends but it’s also nice to have these just with myself. With this piece of paper in front of me. (Or maybe with you)

Hugs, Sarah ♥


  • I’m always searching for those souls out there who are willing to talk. To share. What I love about letters and little packages is the personality. How others write and what they write and with what things they are surprising you. What they tell me. I love long conversations about same hobbies, or just daily stuff. Making stupid jokes or puns and switch to more serious topics. Talking about the past and the future; your favorite tea flavor. Fangirling together and share interests. I think it’s interesting what’s up in other people’s lives. What they think, what they dream and what they wanna do. I think there can be so much love in a little piece of paper and that’s… yeah… that’s fantastic. I’m a dreamer… I love people and strong friendships and I have found such good friends through writing … that’s kind of magic.
  • I don’t prefer any gender or sexuality as long as we have some things in common and get along with each other! 
  • This is the most important thing ♥ I would prefer people between the age of 16 and 28.
  • Just… yeah… let’s start this journey together. Dancing with the stars, the moon and the sun.

Contact: sarahqupi@gmail.com    or   funkenriss.tumblr.com/


So that girl in the picture is me, obviously. My name is Roby, I’m 18 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. I graduated from high school this spring, and this September I started at university, I’m studying cultural anthropology and development sociology. I know, it sounds almost scary, but it is so interesting! If it wasn’t I probably wouldn’t still study it…

Okay, a little bit more about me… I speak Dutch, English and French. I love to travel. I was planning on taking a gap year after graduating high school to travel, but then I found the anthropology study.. I also love photography, I’m addicted to yoga and I take care of an amazing horse.

I took French in high school, for about 6 years (but still, don’t expect too much) and I’m looking for a pen pal to speak French with, so all those years learning French are not going to be a waste of time.

But to be honest, just having a pen pal in general would be so cool, no matter where you are from. There is only one little thing, I would like a pen pal that is around my age, someone that is 17 or older. I just think that when the age difference is bigger, it is harder to relate to each other. Oh and a vlogging friend/pen pal would also be amazing!

Well, I think that’s it for now.

Oh if you think you are the pen pal I’m looking for, just send me a message!

My instagram is roobsx, but you can also send me an email: roobsxx @ gmail.com

HEYAAA Friends!! I’m looking for pen pals all over the world hmu if you’re interested!✌️

about me: My names Cheyenne, I’m 19 and from South Australia. I’m vegan & a yoga teacher in training.

  • interests: YOGA, art, nature, spirituality, travel, animals, books, people/culture.

lookin for: anyone between 16-25 to exchange letters, art, photos, teas etc..with.

Instagram: chennyoga
Tumblr: yoginifaerie.tumblr.com/
Email: cheyenne_lynch @ hotmail. com

📬 Incoming : 251016
Haven’t been feeling too good but this came in the mail! A letter from my new penpal Anna! Clary sage and peppermint oils are my own, and they’ve been helping me so much. Thanks for this great Halloween first letter! Loving the Agatha Christie stamp! 😍❤🕸👻💀🍁🍊

Looking for Snail-Mail Pals

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 Hello everyone, my name is Kyle and I’m 18 years old living in the U.S. this is my senior year of high school. I’ve had pen pals before, but lost contact with my good friend, and am looking to start meeting some new people. I love things like philosophy, movies, books, and writing. I speak some spanish so if you can help me improve that, it’s appreciated too (obviously not required though haha) I’d like to have some new snail-mail pals! If you’re interested you can get ahold of me on my tumblr: totallynotanoodle, my email kjmarks98 @ gmail.com or kik me- kyle_marx thank you, and I hope everyone has a great day!

Love, Kyle