snail hair

Hi my name is Snebony (snail Ebony) Dark’ness Dementia Raven Snay (snail Way) and I have long snebony (snail ebony) black hair (that’s how I got my sname (snail name) with snurple (snail purple) streaks and red snips (snail tips) that reaches my mid-back and icy snue (snail blue) eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Snamy Snee (snail Amy Lee) (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da snell (snail hell) out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking snottie (snail hottie). I’m a snampire (snail vampire) but my teeth are straight and snite (snail white). I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a snagic (snail magic) school called Snogwarts (snail Hogwarts) in England where I’m in the sneventh (snail seventh) year (I’m seventeen). I’m a snoth (snail goth) (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Snot Topic (snail Hot Topic) and I buy all my snothes (snail clothes) from there. For example today I was wearing a black snorset (snail corset) with matching snace (snail lace) around it and a black leather sniniskirt (snail miniskirt), pink fishnets and black snombat (snail combat) boots. I was wearing black snipstick (snail lipstick), snite (snail white) foundation, black eyeliner and red sneye snadow (snail eye shadow). I was walking outside Snogwarts (snail Hogwarts). It was snowing and snaining (snail raining) so there was no snun (snail sun), which I was very snappy (snail happy) about. A lot of sneps (snail preps) stared at me. I put up my middle sninger (snail finger) at them.

snanny phantom

yo snanny phantom (snail danny) he was just snourteen (snail fourteen) when his snarents (snail parents) build a very strange snachine (snail machine) designed to view a sworld (snail world) unseen //hes gonna snatch (snail catch) em all cuz hes snanny phantom// when it didnt quite work his snolks (snail folks) they just snuit (snail quit) but then snanny took a snook (snail look) inside of it there was a great big snash (snail flash) everything just changed his snolecules (snail molecules) got all rearranged //phantom phantom// when he first swoke (snail woke) up he realized he had snow white snair (snail hair) and glowing green sneyes (snail eyes) he would swalk (snail walk) through walls, snisappear (snail disappear) and sly (snail fly) he was much more unique than the other snuys (snail guys) and it was then that he knew what he had to do he had to stop all the snosts (snail ghosts) that were coming through hes here to snight (snail fight) for sme (snail me) and snou (snail you) hes gonna snatch em all cuz hes snanny phantom gonna snatch em all cuz hes

snanny phantom


I was tagged by @lolfunnykpop so thanks!!

A- Age: 21
B - Biggest fear: death, not achieving what i want 
C - Current time: 2:01 AM EST
D - Drink you last had: Dasani water 
E - Easiest person to talk to: my bf or @thearmada4231
F - Favorite song right now: MAYBE SHINE FOREVER OR DON’T WANNA CRY???
G - Grossest memory: maybe finding a used pad a bunch of turds in a toilet? or having a snail shell in my hair
H - Horror yes or horror no: horror NOOOO
I - In love: jes
J - Jealous of people: sometimes i guess
K - Killed someone: nah chill
L - Love at first sight or should I walk by again: walk by again
M - Middle name: alexis
N - Number of siblings: 1

O - One wish: meet all my fave kpop groups

P - Person you called last: my mom

Q - Question you’re always asked: idk?? maybe like “where are you from?” cuz i’m racially ambiguous

R - Reason to smile: KPOP!!!!
S - Song you last sang: i see the light from tangled lol
T - Time you woke up: 10:30AM
U - Underwear color: black
V - Vacation destination: going in a week to cali, vegas, and the grand canyon!
W - Worst habit: lazy, gluttony
X - X-rays had: dentist, on my ankle when i sprained it
Y- your favorite food: a lot
Z - zodiac sign: virgo

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[Mark] I'm Your Teacher (Part 7) ft. Jimin

You let out a big sigh, bringing yourself together and knocked at the door. A woman with an intimidating beauty opened the door, Jimin’s mother. Almost in a gasp, you bowed. “Good evening.” You stuttered. “Good evening.” She cracked a smile. “I’m Y/N a friend of Jimin…” You mumbled.

“Oh yes come in.” She shifted her body to let you in before closing the door behind you. “Jimin-ah there’s a pretty young girl here for you!” She screamed from down the stairs. As she walked away, she smiled to you and tapped your shoulder. “Y/N how are you?” His dad passed by, probably going into the living room.

“I’m fine, thank you s-” You bowed. “Stop annoying her daddy, she’s mortified.” Jimin was coming down the stairs. His father laughed and ruffled his hair. You were seeing him out of his uniform for the first time. He was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. “Hi.” You said, looking up at him. “Hi.” He replied, cracking a smile.“I just wanted to know if today’s proposition was still on…” You said, playing with the sleeves, were you being shy?

“You changed your mind?” His smile enlarged. “You kept ignoring me the whole day…” You smiled back to him. “I wasn’t! I was just…” He scratched his head. “… kinda upset, I guess.” He said. Finding nothing pertinent to say, you kept your stupid smile.“So…where do you want to hang out?” You asked. “I don’t know, maybe you could make me discover the block.” He proposed.

“Okay, cool.” You nodded. “Let’s go. I’m going it out mom!” He said, opening the door. “Okay! Bye Y/N!” His mom replied from the livingroom.
“Goobye!” You said before heading out. “Woah your mother is such a beauty!” You exclaimed once he had closed the door. “I got my face from her.” He pointed at his face, making you giggle. “You’re not even ashamed.” You slightly punched his arm. “I’m joking.” He chuckled.

You walked past your house. “Will you play hard to get ever time I refuse to go out with you?” You asked “Because you actually think there will be next times?” He replied, making you both giggle.”Fuck you.” You said and he laughed. You arrived in a small park, a little piece of green grass with an old U-shaped tree standing proud. “That’s where I like to go when I’m feeling down.” You said. “A tree.” He stated and you rolled your eyes.

“When we moved in this street I was terribly mad at my parents, because I lost all of my friends.” You walked to the tree. “When did you move in?” Jimin asked, following you.“When I was 9.” and climbed up, putting your feet in all the right place and gripping at the right spots, you could climb up this tree blindfolded. “That explains the tree-climbing…” Jimin mumbled from underneath you.

“I had to leave my my 4th grade crush.” You swung your leg over the base of the U, followed by Jimin. “What was his name?” He asked. You were sitting in the crook of the U, facing each other. “I don’t even remember. All I remember is that he used to bully me so bad, like he would pull my hair, make me fall, whip his boogers on my arms and I was stupid enough to fell for it.” You said, looking up at the night sky, getting nostalgic.

“That was my method too. I remember there was this girl that I liked so much, I wanted to propose to her with a paper ring but my friends found out and started to tease me so I made a hell of her life. Then she moved out and I though it was because of me.” He replied, smiling to himself. “Okay but that boy put a family of slugs in my pencil case, okay? He peed on my bag and put snails in my hair.” You replied and he cracked a smile as it made him think of his own behavior.

“…Really?” He asked, frowning.
“Yeah! But what’s even crazier is the nickname he gave himself: …” You trailed off. “Cheeky J…” You said at the same time. “No way!” You exclaimed. “You’re my elementary crush!” He said. “That’s crazy!” You both laughed. “Yeah! Well I didn’t think you would fell for me.” He said.
“Me either actually.” You replied. Everything went silent and your eyes landed on his face.

“You’re as cheeky as before.” You said and he smiled. “But I don’t touch slugs anymore.” He replied, making you both laugh. “Maybe that’s why…” He said almost to himself. “Why what?” You asked. “Why i feel like I’ve known you for ages.” He said looking up at you. “Whatever.” You laughed. “No seriously! Do you remember how you were the only one who didn’t greet me when I arrived? You did the exact same thing in 4th grade.” He said, getting closer to you.

“Really?” You raised an eyebrow at him. “Yeah, and you were pulling that face that reminded me of the time I stole your favorite pencil.” He said and you looked down. “At first I didn’t understand. But know it’s clear. I know why I was so attracted.” You looked up at him in surprise. Your mouth was hanging open and that made him look down at your lips. His fingertips grazed the skin of your neck, grabbing the back of it, stroking you with his fingers as he pulled you closer and leaned in.

His hot breath got closer to yours and you closed your eyes. Even your eyes closed, you could see the perfect picture: You and him, in this tree, Mr.Tuan kissing you tenderly; but it wasn’t Mr.Tuan. “Maybe we should go home.” You said, pushing him away. You tried to climb down but he held you in place.

“Wait, did I say something?” He asked, his hand sliding off your neck. You shook your head, unable to look at him in the eyes. “I’m sorry. It’s just that-” He trailed off but you cut him off. “They all fall for your dark eyes at night in front of their house after you walk them home so it’s just the first time you actually have to talk to get a girl?” You said.

“What my dad said was totally exaggerated.” He replied and you looked up at him, you didn’t believe him at all. “How many?” You asked. “It was just two or three times…” He said, briefly looking up at you before looking down again, you kept silent.“Or five.” He admitted.

“You’ve never really been in love before did you?” You said, making him look up at you. “I did.” He said. “In fourth grade.” He cracked a smile before leaning in and dropping a soft kiss on your lips. As you kissed him back, his hand went up again, his thump stroking your skin again. Relaxing more and more, you tugged at his sweatshirt, pulling him closer.