snail drinking water

meet the artist meme! i got tagged by skymachine​. i tag remnant-imaginations irkencasualwear doofkin churchoffear and shephariel

the text is tiny so in case you cant read it says:

LIKE: –moss, fungi, leaves –SMALL flowers –snails –drinking water –pulling all-nighters –all kinds of folk music by all kinds of folk –fruit –villains –myself –amvs –cartoons cartoons cartoons

DISLIKE: so much. absolutely so much. i hate so many things every day i cannot possibly list them here. i feel nothing but anger on a daily basis. my base states are Happy About Friends, Happy About Cartoons, and Angry. Just Angry!!! i am full of spite

i hope u all have been a little educated about me ^__^ please give something like this a shot!