snail costume


Today I made this cool snail stencil print based on the great video tutorial by Nuclear Snail! The edges are not perfect because I’ve basically no patience and I’m lazy but the whole shirt is so damn awesome now! I’m in love. 

The stencil tutorial by Nuclear Snail Studios is here: 


Post-Apocalyptic Tutorial: Permanent Grunge Effects for Outfits by Nuclear Snail Studios on Youtube

how to make your own badass tattered dirty things ♡


How to make stencils on fabric & hard surface: post-apocalyptic distressed shirt tutorial by Nuclear Snail Studios on Youtube

i love this tutorial, i’m definitely going to try it soon!

The fact that I snatched all these last night is funny in and of itself but if you are picturing it, please remember I was sprinting @ my top speed thru oakland while wearing that fucking snail costume. If you’re trying to wear a racist caricature next halloween, ill fuckin see you there.