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“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”

this panel haunts me in my dreams

i am restless and i cannot sleep

i think about it with every waking hour

its definitely meant to be hypothetical, but the wording……….

part of me fears that at some point in time this angry child somehow managed to set an entire town on fire and that is, in fact, the worst he has done

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im sorry for this annoying ask that you probably dont have any info on it more than me but i thought id give it a try because im so desperate. i have gals back in europe and i want to bring some with me to florida. to my knowledge a gal would be class 3 wildlife which only requires a permit. & obviously a usda import permit. but im reading online that the usda wont even consider gals, but i dont see that anywhere on their page. thank you :( i just love them so much and im so desperate im sorry.

so i did a bit of searching, and on the page on gals from the florida department of agriculture it says “GALS are illegal to import into the United States without a permit.” so that implies that it is possible to get a permit, but i’m not sure under what circumstances they would allow it (especially if its just for keeping as a pet, and not for science or something). I didnt see gals on the list of conditional or prohibited nonnative species in florida, which i think is odd but maybe that means you’re right and they do fall under class 3? the regulatory protocals for gals on the usda site talks about prohibiting interstate movement but doesn’t mention importing from outside the country…

i think that you should call both the usda and the florida da and talk to whoever is in charge of permits and ask about getting a permit for gals, because I can’t seem to find any specific info on permits for them. it seems pretty unlikely that they’ll let you, but maybe its ok since florida already has gals, so you wouldnt be introducing a whole new invasive? idk

and of course, if you do manage to bring them, don’t release them to the wild, and make sure you freeze all their eggs, and probably don’t sell them or their offspring to anyone… but u probably know all that already

good luck!! if you can’t bring them, i hope you can find a safe and happy home for them with someone in europe :)

Sedona's Guide to Snail Care

Only second to dogs, snails are the best pet’s ever. They’re cute as shit, they’re extremely friendly, and they cost less than dirt to take care of. 

Types of pet snails: There are a wide variety of snails to choose from if you’re jonesing for a squishy little friend. If you live in the EU or UK you can keep a giant African land snail as a pet. Unfortunately the US is extremely strict about imported animals, but there are still a few varieties of store bought snails that you can adopt into your little slime family. Regardless of where you live it’s pretty simple to find a garden snail in your local area. 

Finding snails: Snails tend to scuttle  around the side walk pretty often, but once you start trying to find them they seem to be quite the anomaly. The very best time to look for snails is just after it rains, however if you live in a dry place where there is very little rain, you can go on the hunt in the earlier hours of the morning.

Once you find snails try to find their breed via pictures online. This is important to make sure they’re not carnivorous or in some way harmful to us human folk. Once your snail have the cleanest of bills of health it’s time to take your slimey little friend home. 

Habitat: It’s pretty simple to make a snail habitat. I prefer to use materials from the great outdoors to play it on the cheap side, but if you’re a big spender you can surely pimp your snails ride. You can happily fit up to about eight garden snails in a shoe box sized plastic container. Many use hermit crab tanks, but my slime family lives in a shoe box sized storage container with holes poked through the top with a sewing pin. (Obviously don’t use a cardboard for your snail tank, it will get mushy and the snails will try to eat it which could cause them to get impacted.)

Fill the bottom 1.5-3 inches of the enclosure with substrate, you can buy some from a pet store, but I use fresh soil from the same area a captured my snails in; Never put sand as the main substrate in your snails enclosure, the dry sand can get stuck in your snail’s shell. 

I like to toss in some moss and small uprooted patches of grass to the corners of the tank. You can also add a smooth rock or clean stick or two into the enclosure for your snails to climb on and hide under. 

Diet: If by some miracle you’ve made it this far you’re probably wondering a great deal about what the heck these little guys eat. Snails eat a wide variety of things, from leafy greens and flowers, to oat meal. You can feed them just about anything from the area that you found them in, along with lettuce, spinach, and just about every other kitchen fruit or vegetable. For some extra goodness you can give them a little snack of cuttle-bone, crushed egg shells, the crushed shells of long-dead snails, and even crushed dog biscuits. Snails also love organic baby food.

Foods to avoid- Avoid anything salted for obvious reasons. You should also avoid pastas, rice, or anything else that can expand and cause bloating and/or impaction. If you’re worried about a specific food, go ahead and do a quick google search of dangerous foods for snails. 

Breeding and egg laying: The vast majority of snails are hermaphroditic, this does not mean that they can self-reproduce, but this does mean that most likely if you are housing more than one snail in close quarters they well at some point mate and lay some eggs. Some snails will lay hundreds of eggs at a time and lay them rather often. Unless you are planning on taking care of hundreds of little babies, at some point in your snail parenting you will have to dispose of some eggs. If you have locally caught snails you can bury then in a very shallow hole outside, but if you have imported snails you will unfortunately have to kill off some snail eggs. It is easiest to do this with in the first couple of days of discovery; you can do so buy boiling, microwaving, but the simplest way is freezing.

There is a surprisingly large community of snail owners on the interwebs, and your every question can be answered there. If you have any other questions, message me!

Nerite Snail Calcium

Do I have any followers experienced with Nerite Snail care? I’m a little uneasy with info I find online since a lot of it is different.

I want to make sure my snails are getting calcium for their shells. Also, it says most live to a year. I’ve got 2 who are almost 2, and now I’m sad that they may pass any day. I didn’t know they had such a short life span.

Looking for Pen Pals 💗

I am a dd/lg lifestyle kitten and witch. My occupation is stay at home mom and wife. I would love if I could find friends for: ¤ Emailing ¤ Facebook Messaging ¤ Texting ¤ Snail Mailing ¤ Phone Conversations ¤ Video Chatting Just message me with a picture of you and introduce yourself. For certain things I have requirements. I would prefer if you were at least 18+, female gender (husband’s requirement), dd/lg, kitten, witch, mom, wife, somebody who really cares about people, and girl in need of a bestie. You must want to actually talk. What I’m looking for is best friends and long term friendships. Share as much as possible so I can find the right people! I have lots of love and care to give to the one’s who will always be there for me.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNARMEN!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day with your pupper and loved ones and I hope they spoiled you with gifts and affection like you deserve!! I snlove you dearly and I am so thankful that I've gotten to know you better and that we've grown to be so close! ♥ I want and wish all the good and best things for you, snalways ♥

SNLAU!!!!!!!! your message is so snlovely and snemey, i can’t stop laughing :’D i had so many reaction images i wanted to choose to respond to you with but i’ll save them for chat ;) a message from you always makes my whole world light up!!!! you’re snincredible and snily always ❤

I came out of my shell
I smelled the world
For the first time
I was happy enough
To leave my home

I came out of my shell
I left them all behind
The insecurities and some
Older baggage that I owned

I came out of my shell
Ready to take on the world
But maybe not
Still afraid of being me
Still afraid of being out


I’m just this really weird snail
Please take care of me