oh how i love my mom xD.. i knew i take my ‘being very different than others’ gene from my mother side but still i was pretty sure after this morning! lol She found this cutie on road and did take to my room because she knows i like them?? I dont know but i wake up to this XDD hahaha 

S-he was so cute<3 i think it was thirsty because when s-he first meet with our stray cats’ water bowl its almost danced in it*-* gahhh we leave it in the garden after 10-15 minutes.. i wanted to keep it longer but i knew it was for me more than him-her so i let it go ;_; Hope s-he can find a friend in the garden<3 

& here my new wips again its from Lilleliis patterns :3

ps: i hope i didnt disgust anyone here.. i know not many people like them sorry but i really wanted to share this here >’’<