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I was lucky enough to be wandering Cambridge city centre on a small errand at just the right time to catch a fabulous concert by Exeter band Sound of the Sirens.  It’s not often I come across seriously impressive new music but they delivered, and the multitude of people who stopped to listen and buy CDs clearly shared my opinion of them.  Well done, ladies!  I hope to see you out east sometime again!

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NY×CA headcanons?

Long distance relationships are hard

“My coast is better than your coast”


Cali has a very idealistic view of romance but NY has a hard time expressing affection

NY seems to always be pretty composed and professional but Cali always finds a way to make NY flustered 

NY doesn’t blush often but when they do their face gets redder than a tomato

Their idea of dates:
Cali taking NY to see movies that haven’t even come out yet
NY always manages to snag tickets for popular musicals before they are sold out. Always.

Cali has to deal with NY singing Hamilton songs every. Day.

Cali has to remind NY that they are a person with basic human needs because NY has no idea how to take care of themselves tbh: “Did you sleep last night?” “When was the last time you ate something that wasn’t a bagel or coffee?”

nsfw-ish: Cali once sent NY some… *clears throat* interesting texts during a meeting. NY was screaming internally for the rest of the meeting.


July 23, 1996.

There are no words to articulate how monumental TIDAL was for me as a teenager. Or how many mixtapes these songs found a home on. One for flattery. One for love. One for insubordination. One for celebration. One for honesty. One for melancholy. One for memory. I lived inside of these songs, wrote poems furiously trying to emulate the energy that possessed this magical compact disc.

Growing up as an emotional queer boy in a small town in the middle of the desert, these songs possessed me long before the Internet could comfort me. Long before what we now know of the Internet. I still remember the endless geocities fan pages that archived every photo and interview during this time. There was no YouTube. There were only bootleg VHS tapes or the hope that you would press record at the right moment on your VCR to snag a music video or live performance on MTV to add to your personal collection.

I remember one evening at Krista’s house hanging out with Jesse. Around the time I became obsessed with “Never Is A Promise” and afterward Krista brought up that Jesse and I had been flirting the entire time. This moment changed me. Before that I hadn’t realized that such strong attraction to another guy was even an option. But this was in 1997. Titanic had already come out. Jesse was my Leonardo DiCaprio. I just wish he had a safer home and a loving father.

There has to be space for queer boys to revel after their battle with society and self-doubts and self-harm and self-hate. This was my space and I know other queer boys who felt safer in this world because of albums like TIDAL. Queer boys who would not have made the leap to survival in this hypermasculine world and instead opted for their version of masculinity through the eyes of role models like Fiona Apple.

I’ve lived 20 years of my life with this album and in two days I turn 33 and I’m still furiously writing trying to emulate the impossible genius of a 14-year old girl writing “Sleep to Dream” in the early 90s. I owe so much to this album. Thank you, Fiona!

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Hey Fantony Anthano, love your channel and reviews. I'm unfortunately hitting a snag in finding new music that i enjoy. Im currently enjoying ratm, death grips, the strokes, daft punk and flying lotus. Could you give any recommendations? Thanks, Lou

listen to the new leviathan album. it’ll destroy your brain and toss you into an intense spiral of fear and depression.