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BAM! Something big is coming…..

Meet SNAG and RAWHIDE, the main characters of “Long Gone Gulch!” As well as the launch of our official tumblr! Its shiny and new. Things will be updated and working in time…. Zach and I have a big announcement in early OCTOBER, be sure to mark your calendars! We might give sneak peeks and new info in tiny bits until then but only if this gets enough notes. Spread the word and all will be revealed!

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are there any artists YOU look up to?? :O

oh man there’s tons of rad artists I’ve followed here throughout the years, I’ll show ya the big ol collection of the ones I can point out~

here are some artists I enjoy following (SFW list) (alphabetical order)

A: akorhaphi, arielries

B: baderror, beatonna, bechnokid, bedsafely, bioatomic, bktcm, bonkalore

C: candelantern, catboy, coconutmilkyway, conanners, crowtez, cubert, cubesona

D: derekhetrickart, devinchee

E: enenkay

F: farisaki, fimbry, flatw00ds

G: gorillaprutt, gronos

I: idoodleonmargins, introducingemy

J: jeluto, jensuisdraws, jnwiedle, jpdraws

K: kada-bura, kinkneki, krooked-glasses

L: leppu, lintufriikki

M: madygcomics, manglerfish, maria-ruta, millionfish, mistawolfie, misterdomon, mizby, moofrog, muepin, mynameismad

N: nosdoog, not-a-comedian, notmusa, nutastic

O: orangecatbuttz, oschocodee, owlygem

P: paolaamado, pepperpixel, perpetualvelocity, phillip-bankss, piranhebula, polararts

R: ranranruru, raven-blood-13, real-faker, robotoco, rogmont, rottenbrainmatter

S: sandrarivasart, sapphzeal, shaebertoothtiger, shubbabang, siins, snaggle-teeth, space-coyote, squigglegigs, steviebo

T: tea-bone-steak, tealbruise, thatonegojimun, the-liger-art, themcnobody, thethreehares, theyoungdoyley, tigerphantom, tortoisefeet, tysonhesse

V: v-diggety, vaporotem, vermisvest, vhsdestroyer

W: walkbrass, wasongo, weinerman-tested, whethervane, wiishu, windvous

Y: yiq

Z: ziggyzagz

Long Gone Gulch has reached 500 followers! Thank you all for joining us! We’ll try not to disappoint! Next, we’ll be introducing these new characters in the coming days. Let’s try for 1,000 followers this time! There’s less than 10 days until our announcement in October. We are working everyday to try to get this done in time. Are you as excited as we are? More will be revealed. Enjoy our promotional poster!


“Snaggles will bring joy and laughter to your day! She is missing a few teeth for an unknown reason prior to her rescue, so her mouth droops just a little but gives her sweet character.  Snaggles is athletic and would enjoy adventures, going for walks, or being your jogging buddy.   She quickly learns routines and likes to show off her intelligence”

Looking for some cool horror, dark, creepy, or grunge blogs to check out to get into the Halloween spirit?

WARNING:  Some of these blogs may also contain mature content, such as gore, nudity, and/or explicit sexuality.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

In no particular order:

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  • Scumberg
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(Feel free to add more to the list!  Also feel free to smack me if I somehow forgot yours! D:)

BONUS!  Master post of links to watch hundreds of horror movies for free online, Netflix horror recommendations, creepy websites, free horror games, and links to read horror manga online.



Here’s a turnaround for Snag. I think Snag went through the most changes. We really wanted the two main characters to stand out and give them both a certain unique“flare.” Our goal was to take a spin on a main boy character and make him look a little more rough around the edges but still be a hero. No backward baseball cap here. Snag unlike Rawhide is a bit more symmetrical. He sports his trademark shark fin hair and leather jacket with built in spikes inspired by “Godzilla.”

It may come as a shock to you given my mature and serious demeanor but I love to pulling pranks.  Seriously, anything to get someone to jump or scream or have any sort of reaction is the best thing to witness.  So when Team Flash dealt with a hologram monster, I got the best idea for a Halloween prank.  I would make my own hologram to scare everyone.

Obviously when it comes to the team we all have specific things that scares us.  I could adjust the hologram of Reverse Flash for Barry – but that’s just cruel – and I’m not aiming to be cruel, I’m aiming to make this the most epic scare of all time.  My first instinct was to do Godzilla, obviously, but after dealing with that punk kid, I thought of something so amazing, so weird it was bound to be unforgettable.  Gollum.

Yes, that goblin like creature would scare everyone, for sure.  Like I do, I headed to my workshop and started to work.  I have to say working on Gollum was almost as fun as working on the Flash suit.  Dare I say that this hologram was becoming my precious?  Okay, that was bad but seriously his stringy hair and snaggle teeth looked so real that I had to remind myself that he wasn’t real.

I was tinkering with the final touches when all the sudden – darkness.  I could hear the groans from the team all the way from my workshop, my masterpiece had blown a fuse causing my master plan had to be put on the back burner… that is until I get a back up generator.

(WOOSH this one has been laying around for too long, I’m glad to have it finished now!)

From the SWEET-looking project ‘Long Gone Gulch’ by @purplepeepbits and @snaggle-teeth. I have a lot of hope and love for this project already if you can’t tell. Also, they need your help to make this into a fully animated pilot. DONATE TODAY!

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Hey Faldur want help straightening those teeth out :^) I know a good //dentist// who'd love to get their hands on- I mean help out with a marvelously yellowed set of snaggle teeth like those.



Thanks to everyone keeping up with the project so far, as well as the love and support! We now have over 800+ followers but lets try to get it to 1,000 before the reveal!  Snag and Rawhide’s excitement can not be contained. Stay tuned!