snager hate

This is ridiculous

Sooo… I’m not a person who usually does this type of thing, yet the flow of hate that suddenly popped in the ‘snamione’ tag is just amazingly stupid

So I’m gonna teach you guys a thing or two

Uh, okay, answer me this people insulting the ship and shippers (you know, those real people behind a keyboard just like you); is anyone threatning your life or health if you don’t look at something you hate? Forcing you, perhaps, to look for a ship you dislike? Pointing a gun at you or something? If so you should probably call the police or something but defenitely NOT insult people over the internet, wheter in PMs or the tags the shippers use to share art and discuss

Look, you don’t like it, great! Really, that’s cool. It’s amazing we’re all different and have different opinions as long as we don’t disrespect others and much more without even giving them a second chance. I hate and dislike many ships, but do I spread hate? No. Specially in their tag? Of course not. Do I insult the shippers? Hell no. I have a life, I respect others even if I have no idea of who they are. I don’t just judge real people of whom I know nothing about just because they ship fictional characters who aren’t even real

And by now you’re probably wondering “oooh, nooo, omg like snamione is soooo wrong, that’s just the excuse everyyyyone gives: they’re not real blah blah”

Well okay-okay, we’re not done yet,… let’s see:

1. “Oooh they’re pedophilia!”

No. You see, pedophilia is a vile act I, as well as some of my fellow shippers, despise and in real life I condemn it. Pedophilia, rape, those aren’t things to joke about and anyone who commits these crimes in real life must be punished . The true crime is when a legal person gets sexually involved with a minor(s) on an irresponsible way, because the minor(s) is (are) not prepared, physically or mentally. Rape is when someone forces him/herself on another(s) who does not give consent. If you checked before ranting you’d see we mostly ship consensual relationships/sexual acts between two adults. Stop calling random people you don’t even know perverts and pedophiles.

2. “But he’s sooo old”

Yes. According to canon Severus Snape is around 18/19 years older than Hermione Granger. Meaning when, let’s say, she’s around 20, he’s supposed to be 39. Sure, it’s a lot, but this also happens in real life and no one cares in those situations. Know why? Because in the end it’s between responsible adults, just like many of our snamione stuff is. And yes, he died in the Hogwarts battle in canon, but who cares? It’s a freakin story, fanfiction is supposed to be ‘fiction from fans’, I can do my own different end if I please. Even fanfiction with canon pairings isn’t canon: it was still written by fans. Everything J.K did not write isn’t canon. And I see so many people debate on this but like, did you even know DumbledoreXMcGonagall, a commonly well-accepted non-canon ship, is canonly 54 years difference? Meaning when Minerva was born Albus was 54? If you don’t believe me go check it out, really. Even pairings like Remus/Hermione and Sirius/Hermione don’t get so much hate even though they are the same age as Snape

3. “But they’re not even canon! Snape hates her!”

So…? They’re not canon, well duh. Many non-canon pairings and more “ridiculous” than snamione don’t get this hate. I mean look at dramione. (Not wanting to disrespect dramione shippers) but Draco hates Hermione too, and he’s racist. Snape was scarred for life for calling Lily a mudblood on accident but Draco calls Hermione mudblood all the time while making racist comments and he never regrets it. Sure, he “turns good” in the end after everything, but I doubt she’d forgive him so easily. If Draco wasn’t the pretty boy and her age, I’m sure dramione would get as much hate or more. And Snape, well, he doesn’t really hate her, since he despises every Gryffindor student equally. And that’s how he’s supposed to see her while she’s a student, because like you said, having a romantic interest on her while his young student is wrong. On the both-adults AUs on the other end, where people ship them for matching intelectually and Hermione’s personality close to Lily’s , among other things, it makes it interesting and amazing

So maybe you just found some weird things in our ship, but big deal. News flash, there are weirdos in every fandom, and OBVIOUSLY not all of us are like that. If you think that, you are terribily wrong.

And sure, after all this, you can still hate snamione and swear on your life never to ship it, but if you want to still spread and discuss your opinion, use an anti-snamione tag or at least be respectful towards us shippers.

 And if you go back to spreading hate like a raging 3 years old (apologies for the toddlers for the comparison), then I’m sorry but you’re just either really blank-mindend or you just like being an arse or seek attention in the easiest, most pathetic way. If not even J.K, the creator and ONLY ONE who has the right to judge doens’t give a damn, why should you? You didn’t write HP and you’re no better than her, and you don’t have the right to bring down another human being for something as simple and stupid as fictional characters.

In the end we’re all Potterheads. Shipping a pairing you don’t like or agree with doesn’t make the other fan less of a fan, and you better keep that in mind

And just grow up.

Like seriously.

Grow. Up.

    But really, whatever, joke’s on you; you’re the one who looks stupid

In the end I apologize for the big rant, and probable mistakes, I’m just tired and english is not my native language, yadda, yadda, you know the drill

AS FOR THE ACTUAL SNAMIONE FANS don’t let people as ignorant and bad like this make you feel bad! You make beautiful art with a beautiful non-canon ship, and I love y’all. I’ve been in this ship for quite some time and some of the nicest and most supportive people online I’ve met it was here. I’ve found so many good artworks, so many wonderful headcons and you even helped me so much improve my artwork in general, I just love you all xD

Thank you so, so much and keep up the wonderful work with the amazing ship, my fellow shippers :3