Better late than never eh… Here are tier 4 patreon commissions from June

1. Colored version of an older commission. Requested by @igloo-of-squids

2.Inkling character. Requested by Artudeetew

3. Octoling character. Requested by @sleeplessraccoon

4. My vespiquen character battling dark mewtwo from Pokken

5. An original character. Requested by @sanbitails

6. Inkling character. Requested by @de-mad-strykerr

7. Mega lugia. Requested by @squid-est-veritas Who also wanted to include this bit of text along this commission:

Who of you out there remember the Gen3 GameCube ‘Colosseum’ and ‘XD: Gale of Darkness’ games? They were about Team Snagem, an evil organization that had created so-called 'shadow Pokémon’. They were made by sealing the emotions inside the Pokémon’s heart. It is the hero’s mission to track these Pokémon down, to catch them and to purify the darkness within them. But what if this was only partly true?  What if the creation of these shadow Pokémon was only a side effect? What if Team Snagem’s true purpose was recreate and force Mega Evolution upon the Pokémon they captured? Mega stones didn’t exist back in those days, but some people must have known, or at least guessed, that there was a stage of evolution beyond what they knew about, so they tried to find a way to make it happen. Normally, Pokémon can only Mega evolve when they have a strong bond with their trainer, but forcing the evolution without the proper tools and method may have caused a contrary effect, and created the Shadow Pokémon instead. So, what do you think? Is this a plausible theory or complete nonsense? Please share your opinion, I’m curious about hearing your thoughts about it. If there is some truth in the theory, then the strongest of the shadow Pokémon should have also gotten a Mega form afterwards, so I asked TammyFrog to design this Mega form for Lugia.

8. Garchomp. Requested by Toxinjustin from DA

9. And… Panty shot of @xmetalkitty ‘s inkling boy. AHAHAHA… I know my rules say no NSFW content but I saw this more as an humorous thing than anything else. So I was fine with it. I sure had lot of fun with this *cough*

Thank you all for the support and commissioning me!

eclocanyxn starter!

She picked herself up off the somewhat sandy, chilled floor, and groaned. Where the fuck was she now? I mean really, getting spontaneously transported to new, unknown places was something that only needed to happen once in her life, thank you very much. At least, this time, she had her team on her, AND her purse! She was not a helpless damsel in distress again. She just…needed to know where she was. And then she could go home. 

Was there anyone in this building with her? The hallway she was in was well lit, but quiet, indicating that the building, or at least this particular floor, was in use, but no one was around at the moment. “Hey, anybody here? Sorry I dropped in…”