Brief Theories of the Orre Region

1. The Desert and the Ancient Orrean Civilization

The desert was created by a flood that destroyed the ancient civilization but the people of Agate Village remnants of the ancient people that have been kept safe by the high placement of the village on the mountain. 

The Orre Colosseum, the pillars in the Colos title screen, and Agate Village’s Relic and Tablet are all major evidence of this lost civilization once existing in a time long past. 

The Agate Relic and Tablet themselves also suggest that there might have been a Shadow Pokemon incident in the ancient past as well. (Thus might be why there was a flood in the first place if Ho-oh and Lugia had anything to say about that. Also establishing some poetic irony in XD with Shadow Lugia if that’s the case)

2. Early Modern Orrean Settlers and Cipher

The first settlers of Orre did so via Western Express-esque means as we could see that derailed train in the Outskirt Stand that has been decomissioned for a long amount of time. No rail road tracks could be seen in any part of either game but the train is there so there must have been some reason why.

It was a mining corporation that first settled in Orre centuries after the fall of the ancient civilization. That corporation was lead by a rich man who found precious minerals beneath Pyrite Town and established the Under to create his network of different mining fronts. It can be assumed that rich man was Greevil and the corporation as a whole became Cipher. Evice was likely a close friend of Greevil who was entrusted by him to monitor the progression of Orre while Greevil would be off establishing trade routes for Pokemon importation from the other regions like Kanto and Hoenn. In short, Cipher was the driving force of progression for Modern Orre since the beginning, likely building and enhancing every town for the greater good of their goal for complete control over a region they had built themselves.

3. Michael’s Father

Michael’s father was a former inventor for Cipher. The aesthetics of the HQ Lab’s interior looks like an abode that would house Cipher aligned personnel. The major evidence to this claim however is that there is no reason why Cipher couldn’t have made another Snag Machine in the five years between Colosseum and XD unless they lost the technology to do so. Snag Machines were Cipher’s technology, but only Michael’s father knew how to make them. I believe Michael’s dad defected from Cipher once Wes had won against Evice and destroyed Cipher’s hold of Orre at the Realgam Tower.

Thus the only other time we  ever see another functional Snag Machine after Wes’s victory in Colosseum is five years later in a project established by Mike’s father to make amends for the part he played in ruining so many people and Pokemon’s lives. The Purify Chamber and the Snag Machine was his answer to another Shadow Pokemon incident if it should happen again as he predicted, and it did.  

A shame he couldn’t live long enough to see his legacy redeem him in the end, but in a way he was there in spirit with his son until the very end cutscene where you see him leave the Snag Machine behind on a table after purifying every Shadow Pokemon in existence. A very sweet and heartfelt ending if you think about it. It is implied that Michael had suffered when he lost his father at his young age, but the whole adventure he went through was an adventure in growing up out of the past into a brighter and hopeful tomorrow. Letting the memory of his father rest in peace along with his Snag Machine and now obsolete Purify Chamber that were once his Dad’s life’s work.

4. Rui’s Ancestral Vision

Rui is likely a descendant of the ancient Orrean race hailing from Agate Village like her grandparents. That would explain why she has the power to see the shadowy aura of Shadow Pokemon in the first place I believe. 

A rare genetic mutation originating back to the very first Shadow incident that I theorize to be in the ancient Orrean era might be the cause of her power. It’s not out of the question that whatever element that can turn Pokemon’s heart’s virtual shut can also affect humans in varying theoretical ways. Maybe not quite the same way as virtual closing one’s heart, but in theory humans are just Pokemon with no special powers or means of defending themselves whatsoever. A Shadow Human or something like it would not be impossible to imagine, but hard to make manifest. A power hungry evil human can easily be classified as a “Shadow Human”. The natural corruption in the heart of a human would be far harder to corrupt than the heart of a pure innocent Pokemon. To corrupt what’s already corrupted would be impossible.

But to bring out behavior in a human similar to Dark Shards in Pokemon Ranger or the venom of a Nihilego would be very much within the power of whatever it was that corrupted Ancient Orre before the purification Ho-oh and Lugia brought in the form of the flood that shaped Orre’s desert.

So it is likely one of her ancestors became afflicted during the very first incident in Ancient Orre, thus creating the gene for Rui to see the Shadowy Auras centuries later. 

5. Wes’s Motives

Wes is a mysterious protagonist. Literally nothing can be said about who he is or what his goal was. Perhaps he was to be a bounty hunter after he escaped with the Snag Machine or a rogue criminal taking whatever he can and never giving anything back. 

But my theory is that when he realized that the Pokemon he has been stealing for so long were being turned into Shadow Pokemon; he became angry and decided he was to steal back all the Pokemon he had helped supply Cipher with. Dialogue from Team Snagem grunts suggest Wes was the best Snagger in their ranks, so this implies that Wes has unknowingly supplied Cipher with more specimens to experiment with than he can count. So his entire adventure might have been a redemption run and Rui was there to help him do it.

But if you are a truly obsessed fan, you would know that Genius Sonority has originally planned Wes to be the final boss of Pokemon XD to fight Michael with his newly reformed Cipher under his control.

This implies that all along it might have been a quest for power or some way to get revenge on the world. Either way we will never know because that never happened. For all intents and purposes, Wes was on a redemption run that was blessed by Ho-oh himself  at the victory in the Realgam Colosseum and later, Ho-oh even allowed Wes to catch him after purifying every Shadow Pokemon and climbing up Mt. Battle’s special 100-Battle challenge.

There are a lot of theories you can make through observation in these games. Some theories can come out of concepts and designs that never made it into either game. Some theories for lore can be more interesting and gritty than others, but that is why I am so fascinated by these games that break truly break the mold in forms of gameplay and plot.

And I hope to see these games relevant again one day.

A Crime of Passion


“Alright, if this Daycare is like the ones back home, the meds should be back….here.” A umbreon whispered out, carefully tugging on a door handle before opening it, peeking inside. “Jackpot, c’mon.” He said, skulking his way in, a Mightyena following behind. Carnage , or Carnie if you prefer, and Cervantes. two rascals that didn’t have the best reputation were currently breaking into a Daycare to snag some of the medicine inside. Not to sell mind you, a friend of their’s got really sick and hurt after a battle with those SNAGEM creeps, and they didn’t have the Poke to just bring her in and afford them to be taken care of, so while their tougher friends looked after her, they were grabbing what they needed to fix her up.

The red striped Umbreon glanced to the Mightyena…honestly, he had no idea who this guy was. He just happened to be another friend of her’s.  “You’ve never done this sort of thing before have ya..” He asked with an arced brow, the Mightyena snorting. “No, I’ve never been a lowly thief before. Look at us, robbing a Daycare for crying out loud…” He muttered, a spainard’s accent to his tone. “Yeah, just admit it outloud, that’s gonna help. Just shut up and fill the bag.” Carnage said with a roll of his eyes. Unlike Cerventes who, while a bit of a mouthy bastard, stayed on the right side of the law, Carnage had a history of crimes. Nothing major, just the typical things like stealing food or fighting with someone who needed to really back off.

As they were grabbing the goods, the sound of a glass jar shattering was heard, followed by Cerventes cursing. “Cerv, you idiot!” Carnage chastised, both the canine pokemon looking to the door. Did….did they hear something. “By Arceus…get ready!” Carnage said, his ears perking up. This wasn’t good. These two were the WEAKEST of their respective teams. How the hell were they going to get out of this?

rebels just for kicks

below the cut you’ll find a pretty open-ended req for a group of late teen/early 20s hooligans that have nothing better to do than stir up trouble in orre! des (played by me!!) is the queen bee of the group, and sumner (played by umbriel) is kind of her right-hand man (though he can be p useless at times). 

the gang gets into all kinds of trouble, from snagging pokémon to stealing money to vandalism and everything inbetween. i imagine them all living together in some rundown apartment in pyrite town just trying to get by and honestly just being the best of friends!! 

these are just a few characters i’d love to see, but i’d be excited for any and all characters that would vibe with this ragtag group of misfits. the only thing i ask is that the members are not a part of cipher or team snagem.

if you’re interested in any of the listed characters or have a different idea, hit me up on discord or tumblr, whichever you prefer!! 

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preview: plot #3

the return of shadow pokémon

rumors of the return of shadow pokémon have been circulating around the region over the past year. with the issue being so new and having little evidence to fully support it, the ranger association and orre law enforcement has done little to step in and investigate the claims. many fingers point to the work of team snagem or cipher, but whispers of an independent group of thugs working in the region have been made heard. it was initially thought that all snag machines had been destroyed and the technology of the devices had been lost. however, reports of stolen pokémon from trainers and highly aggressive pokémon have been escalating, and a group of citizens have decided to band together and investigate what officials have been avoiding. the group of volunteers call themselves the orre protection society (o.p.s.), and have found little evidence thus far. as their search continues, there is little telling what they will uncover.

preview: plot #1

snagem vs. cipher

since the XD001 crisis twelve years ago, team snagem has taken on a new claim to notoriety. they have just recently began recruiting new members after nearly a decade of closing their doors to the general public. they spent that time focusing their resources into honing their current members into an elite force of researchers, scientists, hackers and high-profile crime lords. with rumors of cipher’s return and their dwindling number of members, the group has spent the past two years gathering new recruits and keeping cipher from reviving any way they can. on cipher’s end, after their disbandment twelve years ago, they have been working in secret to gain numbers and power, hoping to once again regain a position of authority in the region. tensions rise as cipher grows in manpower and snagem desperately attempts to extinguish any true rise to power from the former corporation. however, despite snagem’s best efforts, cipher is gaining power and influence in the region once again. the rivalry between the corporations is ever-evolving, and as tension rise, more drastic measures will be made on both ends of the conflict.

eclocanyxn starter!

She picked herself up off the somewhat sandy, chilled floor, and groaned. Where the fuck was she now? I mean really, getting spontaneously transported to new, unknown places was something that only needed to happen once in her life, thank you very much. At least, this time, she had her team on her, AND her purse! She was not a helpless damsel in distress again. She just…needed to know where she was. And then she could go home. 

Was there anyone in this building with her? The hallway she was in was well lit, but quiet, indicating that the building, or at least this particular floor, was in use, but no one was around at the moment. “Hey, anybody here? Sorry I dropped in…”


Better late than never eh… Here are tier 4 patreon commissions from June

1. Colored version of an older commission. Requested by @igloo-of-squids

2.Inkling character. Requested by Artudeetew

3. Octoling character. Requested by @sleeplessraccoon

4. My vespiquen character battling dark mewtwo from Pokken

5. An original character. Requested by @sanbitails

6. Inkling character. Requested by @de-mad-strykerr

7. Mega lugia. Requested by @squid-est-veritas Who also wanted to include this bit of text along this commission:

Who of you out there remember the Gen3 GameCube ‘Colosseum’ and ‘XD: Gale of Darkness’ games? They were about Team Snagem, an evil organization that had created so-called 'shadow Pokémon’. They were made by sealing the emotions inside the Pokémon’s heart. It is the hero’s mission to track these Pokémon down, to catch them and to purify the darkness within them. But what if this was only partly true?  What if the creation of these shadow Pokémon was only a side effect? What if Team Snagem’s true purpose was recreate and force Mega Evolution upon the Pokémon they captured? Mega stones didn’t exist back in those days, but some people must have known, or at least guessed, that there was a stage of evolution beyond what they knew about, so they tried to find a way to make it happen. Normally, Pokémon can only Mega evolve when they have a strong bond with their trainer, but forcing the evolution without the proper tools and method may have caused a contrary effect, and created the Shadow Pokémon instead. So, what do you think? Is this a plausible theory or complete nonsense? Please share your opinion, I’m curious about hearing your thoughts about it. If there is some truth in the theory, then the strongest of the shadow Pokémon should have also gotten a Mega form afterwards, so I asked TammyFrog to design this Mega form for Lugia.

8. Garchomp. Requested by Toxinjustin from DA

9. And… Panty shot of @xmetalkitty ‘s inkling boy. AHAHAHA… I know my rules say no NSFW content but I saw this more as an humorous thing than anything else. So I was fine with it. I sure had lot of fun with this *cough*

Thank you all for the support and commissioning me!


“You shouldn’t be here.” Thats all he said to the person (or even Pokemon) that he approached. This was a dangerous place to be, or at least used to. Wes was always cautious whenever he had decided to return back to this old hideout. He never knew if some members were still lurking about.