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Merriel “Snafu” Shelton Married Headcannons

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Anon:  Could you do married to eugene sledge would include please and snafu

Anon: Pls do snafu headcanons/anything with snafu shelton bc he is a special angel baby

  • You two fell in love during the war
  • And actually ended up getting married secretly in Japan
  • With a Chaplain you met while he was going around the troops
  • And you both begged him to marry you
  • So one day he pulled you off to the side
  • And married the two of you
  • With Sledge and Burgie as witnesses
  • And you don’t have a honeymoon until you get back to the states
  • Where you discover that Snafu secretly got the honeymoon suite in a mountain retreat.
  • He can be a bit distant as a husband
  • And if you want kids
  • It takes you a long time to convince him
  • Because even though you both went through hell together
  • He’s much more pessimistic than you
  • And he’s worried that he’d fail his children as a father
  • But you help him to understand that it won’t actually be that bad.
  • Despite him being emotionally distant
  • He loves doing small, cute things for you
  • Like making you lunch
  • Or leaving cute notes around the house to let you know he cares
  • And every once in a while
  • You’ll come home to a house lit with candles and smelling like roses
  • And soft music is playing in the background
  • As he comes around the corner and pulls you close to him
  • Dancing in tune with your favorite song
  • But what he’d never admit about all this
  • Is that Sledge was the one that came up with the idea in the first place.
  • Sometimes one of you will wake up with a terrifying nightmare
  • Screaming and crying
  • And the other will wake up immediately
  • Comforting their love with soft words and caring touches
  • Until they go back to bed
  • Because both of you acknowledged during your wedding
  • That you came to realize during the war
  • That neither of you could live without the other.
Dating Ahkmenrah Would Include

you all asked for a new one !

- you sitting beside his sarcophagus, waiting for him to awake from his slumber
- “good morning, ahky..”
- “good evening, my princess”
- him taking off his golden headpiece, placing it on top of your head, helping you balance to the weight of it
- listening to the stories he’s experienced in ancient egypt
- “what happens if i see you next and you’re gone?”
- “i swear to the name in ra, i will never leave you.”
- you begging to know actual age
- him retelling the story of how you met, you thinking he was an actor at the night exhibits
- “goodnight, ahkmenrah..”
- “good morning, y/n..”

Dating Elliot Alderson Would Include

i found this rlly cute so if you want more for other characters of his, please don’t hesitate and tell me!

- late night movies, either his favourite, back to the future, or the matrix
- him staring at his lover beside him instead of watching the movie itself
- a lot of shy eye contact, which ends up in blushes and awkward chuckles
- deep conversations at 2am, half of it tracing his veins or running your thumb across his bottom lip
- “i love you’s” between small kisses in the kitchen
- smoking at night on the balcony, you standing in front of him, whilst he’s behind you resting his chin on your shoulder, pecking your shoulder occasionally
- getting high, meaning lots of giggles
- “yo man, you’re really cute”
- him waking up a bit earlier than you, him tracing a finger down your arm then back up, watching you sleep peacefully, knowing that he wants you to be the one