snacks in italy

Can you imagine the countries on a road trip?

Aph Germany driving, repeatedly cussing at people along the lines of, “ITS CALLED A BLINKER DIPSHIT!”

Aph Italy turning up the radio for his favorite songs and somehow knowing the lyrics for every single song on the radio. Italy screaming the chorus at the top of his lungs and can even sing along to fast songs.

Aph Prussia hogging all the snacks and just completely pigging out. He keeps asking Germany for snacks at every stop to which Germany comes back with spicy jerky. Prussia eats it anyways, but just starts to take everyone’s drinks.

Aph America singing along with Italy whenever he can. He fights for food with Prussia and repeatedly tells Germany to stop for fast food.

Aph Japan bringing ear buds and trying to drown everyone else out with his own music but can’t and just sings along with Italy and America under his breath.

Aph China getting extremely annoyed and just tries to sleep throughout the trip.

Aph Romano trying to sleep and yells at anyone who bothers him.

Aph England just looks like he’s planning everyone’s death and remaining deathly quite. He eventually stops after the first two stops and joins in the singing whenever Adele comes on.

Aph France flirting with all the people he feels like at rest stops.

Bonus: Prussia vomits everything he ate when they stop at a hotel for the night.

Die Milchschnitte (aka Kinder Milch-Schnitte; italienisch: Kinder Fetta al Latte) ist eine Süßware des italienischen Herstellers Ferrero. Sie besteht aus 2 Teigplatten, die sandwichartig eine Milchzubereitung umschließen. Das Produkt wurde 1978 auf dem deutschen Markt eingeführt - seit einiger Zeit wird auf deutschsprachigen Märkten auf die Bezeichnung ‘Kinder’ verzichtet. In Italien, Belgien, und in der Schweiz wird das Produkt weiterhin als Kinder Milch-Schnitte verkauft. Seit 2016 wird auf den deutschen Märkten die Joghurt-Schnitte angeboten, dessen Füllung aus Joghurt und Zitronenaroma besteht.

what would they do, if you were the s/o

Who is the master of puppy-eyes and gets everything they want with it?

America, Russia, Canada, Italy

Who steals the whole fucking blanket in the middle of the night and leaves the other without any?

America, England, China, Russia, Prussia, Romano, Italy

Which one is always stubbing their toe and screaming about it?

England, china, Canada,

Who crashed a car and made the other pick them up at 3AM?

America, France, Russia(well a tank), Prussia, Romano

Which one is the lightweight that needs to be watched over at all costs?

England, Japan

Which one likes to get up in the middle of the night and (loudly) make themselves a snack?

America, Russia, Italy, Prussia

Who is always suggesting they get another pet?

America, Germany, Canada

Which one would run through a busy street just to pet a small dog?

America, Germany, Italy, Prussia, Russia