My boys went to see #PaddingtonBear today ^^^^^^^ THIS is probably why I wasn’t invited !!!
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Aja Black in seat 10D )hooking he avocados up master chef style. She always packs the ill gourmet snack bag when we travel. ‘Making our own lunch. Bring your own food. Eff your airport food.’ #TheReminders #bornchampions #avocado #snackmaster #tourlife

Its time for a change I'd say......

Im getting older. Fine. Getting closer to 25 means everything begins to slow, a little. Its enough for me to notice though thats for sure! So its time for a lifestyle change. Even Bret agrees!

As Ive settled into LA for the past few years, Ive let my exercise fly out the window, followed closely by my motivation. I was “too busy” with everything else, however I often found myself spending my “busy” days on the couch watching Gossip Girl. I took some yoga classes for a month, and some ballet (twice). Nothing really stuck with me.

And cooking, well lets just say as of lately Ive been resenting cooking for no apparent reason. I planted an herb garden that I have no idea what to do with because its growing out of control and I have nothing but beer and rice in my fridge. Oh and yogurt, thats a new thing Ive been into.

Ive tried looking up diets, lifestyle changes, blogger reports, ect. I just cant seem to get excited about any of them. I feel like its so demanding and I am afraid of failing. So I will be making it up as I go along. There will be different styles of diets as inspiration such as RAW, Paleo, Whole30, and more. But I want it to fit my lifestyle, I want it to feel personal. There will be so much cooking, menu planning, smoothie making, and more.

As for exercise, I will be trying everything I can. Working out at home has been working right now, but I have been hunting group on promos in my area, which I suggest to anyone that is unsure of what type of workout works best for you. Living in Venice, every program is super expensive and if I am going to be dropping over $100 a month on sweating, I better fucking love it. I will be starting Cardio Barre in Beverly Hills next week. I’ll keep you posted.

If you survived this rant, I thank you. Don’t be shy, join me on my journey, ask me questions, tell me about your struggle of staying healthy. We are all here for motivation, so lets get to motivatin