well-excuse-me replied to your postare you sure you are a teenager?

You look like you’re in your mid 20s… At least :o you should show Id.

No, I don’t! I look just fine, it’s you guys who keep insisting. Maybe you’re the ones who look too young?

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snackandskate replied to your postare you sure you are a teenager?

Hmm? You mean the ID that lets you back into the retirement home? :3

Piss off, you brat!

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snackandskate replied to your post: And you think it’s save to pick on his haircolor with the possibility of his brother lurking in the shadows this moment?

I’ll make sure to write ‘died living a full long life’ on your grave. Being an old man and all.

I’m only 19! Besides, what kind of brother threatens to kill anyone who picks on you? That’s plain creepy.

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(Now I understand why you don’t like being at home…)