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30 Days of Back to School!

❤ Day 4: Study Essentials ❤

I think drawing my stuff is a fun take on today’s challenge. I have a few things that I bring with me everywhere and as such, they’ve become my must-haves in order to be productive!

  • My planner - I need to see what I have left to do, and crossing stuff off is the best feeling
  • Water bottle - stay hydrated!
  • Earbuds - our libraries can get a bit loud, so listening to music really helps me get in the zone
  • Snacks - I get headaches very easily, so having something to munch on keeps that from happenings
  • Laptop + mouse - most of our assignments are online. I also hate using the trackpad so I keep a Bluetooth mouse on me
  • Coffee - self explanatory :) an engineering student staple
  • Spare paper - to do work on
  • Hand cream + lip balm - I dislike the ‘dry’ feeling you get after washing your hands and my lips dry out easily

I got some new brush pens yesterday and have been experimenting with two-tone lettering. It’s still a bit shaky but I did it in my bullet journal yesterday and it turned out beautifully, so I’m super happy!

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anonymous asked:

Who is your favourite vore fetish creator? Do you have some favourite videos or material that you could.... Share?

don’t really have a favorite vore creator, I just tend to surf until I find some content I like of have ‘snippets’ of content I like in several video’s. As long as the video’s vague enough for me to built my own scenario within it.

…and that’s kind of because my favorite vore scenario’s don’t really exist YET in video or comic format. I’ll have to create them myself but these ones are real live savers for me so far!

“But Maria..Why don’t you just have a normal playlist like anyone else!”

Because I had a playlist from 2012 but YouTube gave me constant emails about it that I had the delete it.

Hi Maria Alive,

The YouTube community flagged one or more of your playlists as inappropriate. After reviewing the content, we’ve determined that the playlist violates our Community Guidelines. As a result, we removed the following playlist from YouTube:

I’m still sad about it and wish I always saved video’s. So many users disappeared over the years.. So no I don’t recommend YouTube for faps. But it’s perfect for me as I don’t mind if vore doesn’t have nudity.

Giantess Vore - Katsuragi Growth Vore [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

Giantess Vore - Meiko Chooses Her Meal [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

Giantess Vore - Katsuragi’s Feast [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

Giantess Vore - Sonico’s Snacks [MMD]  - Cartoon Vore

Giantess Vore - Sonico and Her New Child Friend [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

Giantess Vore - Yoko Digests Her Dinner [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

Giantess Vore - Angela Shrinks and Swallows You POV [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

{MMD Vore} A Miku’s snack - Your Vore Zone!

Nikki the Hungry Neko (Giantess Vore) - VNMunlimited

[MMD] The Tummyache  - Aelita1234

Giantess Vore - Haku’s Throne Part 2 - POV - [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

【MMD】橙がナズーリンを丸呑みにする動画【vore】 - Tetra8800

[MMD] Snacks for the Tummy - Aelita1234

[MMD] Hungry Angela - Solidsunny

[MMD] Tasty Boyfriend - Aelita1234

(MMD) Hunger pangs

Giantess Vore - Gumi Megpoid Shrink Vore [MMD] - Cartoon Vore

Every CakeInferno vore animation (Krystal/Zoe vore POV compilation) [1080p]

[Vore MMD] Beach Improvements 2 - Miku’s revenge


This is what I use! 

…I know about several amazing vore cartoonist out there. For example Feed Fancier, amazing animation, creative scenario’s .. but I don’t use his video’s to get the deed done. Not because it’s bad content, on the contrary but because I can’t fap to cute little mouses, dragons and ponies… Kinda wish I could though.

Whenever I’ve found something new I’ll reblog the list!

MML Superhero AU: Danville’s T-Trio: Heroes

Milo Murphy/Noir: Always prepared with his Night Bag, Noir is the de-facto leader of the T-Trio. No Murphy’s Law keeps him from fighting villains or helping people.

Melissa Chase/Blaze: There’s fire in her eyes, and in her body too! Blaze is a firebender heroine, with a taste for action. Only issue: nighttime makes her powers rather weak.

Zack Underwood/Timber: Nature is at his service; Timber controls plants and nature. Algae works too, but don’t get him near fish. EVER.

Vinnie Dakota/Time Turner: Time stand still in his watch. Coming from the future, Time Turner is a traveler with a time shield and a great appetite for justice… and snacks.

Sara Murphy/Wonder Zone: Although not having much powers, she’s a great strategist and helps the team on recognition and tracking missions. Who ever said mind isn’t powerful should know her. 

anonymous asked:

"i adore you"-taekey

this got hella long omg i’m so sorry.

~6.7 words / pg-15

Kibum meets the love of his life for the first time at the age of twelve. Taemin is two years younger, and in the same extracurricular dance class. He’s also a much better dancer than Kibum is, better than anyone in the class, really, all crisp technique and focused passion, incredible to see in an otherwise awkward skinny little kid with mushroomy hair.

Kibum is a little intimidated by Taemin at first, because Taemin is great at dancing, and the teacher’s favorite, and never talks to anyone. But then they’re assigned a duet together, and Kibum learns that Taemin isn’t stuck-up, just awkward and shy and unsure of how to socialize with kids older than him, yet not as good at dancing.

He’s also something of an absent-minded mess, always forgetting his water bottle, accidentally putting his clothes on backwards or inside out, losing his after-school snack, zoning out and losing the thread of conversations. Kibum thinks this is cute, and promptly takes charge of him. He watches over Taemin, fixes his clothes, shares his own water and snacks, makes sure that Taemin packs up all his stuff at the end of practice and doesn’t lose anything.

It isn’t long before they’re fast friends and start hanging out outside of dance practice hours. Their parents smile at them with fond eyes as Kibum fixes his little friend clumsily-made sandwiches, hugs him, and imparts very serious life lessons with all the wisdom of a twelve-year-old. Taemin listens intently to everything Kibum says and follows him around like an awestruck duckling, perfectly happy to let Kibum lecture him and scold him and fuss over him and cuddle him and generally act like an overprotective mother hen.

And that is how it begins.

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abc’s of MHC

Abbey Chapel: home of Vespers, meditation groups, Monster Ball, and much more. 

Buckland: half of Abbey-Buck, and in my mind the best brunch on campus   

Convocation: class colors, drums, processions, singing, what else could you want for the opening of the school year?? 

Drag Ball: One of the best parties; drag kings, drag queens, and drag inbetweens 

Equestrian Center: where I spent most of my time at MHC. 

Frances Perkins Scholars: actually the best people ever 

Gracious Dinner: when normal dinner becomes themed, and local with fancy cloth napkins

HOLYOKE: our battle cry 

Ice Hockey: s/o to Nellie ( irishsaints)  and JK 

Johnny’s: the go to restaurant when family is in town. 

Kendade v.  Kendall: brain power v. muscle power 

Labs: used to be a mandatory thing until requirements changed 

Milk & Cookies: possibly one of the best tradition on campus. 9:30 snack!

No Study Zone: a place to blow off steam before finals

Outing Club: Literally the biggest club on campus. 

Project Theatre: my family (aka a student run theatre group, aka the best humans)

Quiet Areas: places in the library where they told us not to talk, but we did anyways. 

Reese: spent a lot of time here, it was originally built to house animal labs on the lower levels

Skinner Green: for sunning, and reading, and running away from responsibilities  while lounging in the adirondack chairs

Talcott Greenhouse: one of the most beautiful places on campus, especially during a snow storm

Unusual Suspects: MHC’s improv troupe 

Very musical: with five a cappella groups, three choirs, Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, and Jazz Ensembles (and a lot more); MHC is a vv musical place  

Williston/Smith Library: where I spent most like 70% of the time. Also playing man hunt after hours. Perhaps my favorite memory.  

Xtra curriculars: DO ALL THE THINGS! 

Y: Particularly the Big Y, the closest grocery store

Zzzz: all the naps I took. ALL THE NAPS

also Chef Jeffs and Mountain Day

"A Trip to the Library: A GIFtastic Journey".

(Note for people seeing this in their Tumblr feed. Click on the post to see the GIFs full-sized.)

How you feel when you walk into the library:

When your favorite study spot is free:

When you sit down next to a cute fellow-scholar:

…then realize they’re married:

When you get ready to start your assignment:

… and the library has everything you need for your research:

When the couple next to you won’t stop cuddling:

When someone’s phone goes off unexpectedly in Periodicals:

When you find out there’s a Snack Zone:

… Or curl up with a good book near the new fireplace:

When your alarm goes off in a quiet area:

When the people in the study room next to you are being rowdy:

And you find yourself browsing Facebook. Again. 

When someone says they’ve been studying for 5 hours, and you’ve been here for 5 ½ hours:

But suddenly things click and you’re a homework machine:

And you get your assignment done on time:

When you scroll through your finished research paper:

Then the music goes off at 11:45 PM to kick you out:

… And you leave the library after a productive day of studying:

Happy studying, everyone!

Stay strong on the last few weeks of the semester!

We'll be doing a live YouNow broadcast on Saturday 31st at 1pm (Arizona time)!!! Come along to the chat, and bring snacks! Google "time zone converter" to figure out what time that is for you :)