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So I’m not doing well at paying attention at all to weight or eating right now, since I’m just in a blinders on - finishing the damned book - mode. BUT I did finally stop by the store yesterday and picked up some Halo Top ice cream (low cal). IT’S AMAZING! So I guess that’s one modification I have now in my favor. :)

The A-mew-sing Sequel To Adrien’s Game

This time, there are only four episodes covered but a lot of pictures so I’m adding a “read more”…eventually.  Also, Ladybug is on Netflix!  Go watch.  Here we go with the next four eps!

The last time we left our boy Adrien, he was developing his flirting technique with the lovely Marinette.  Or not.  It’s fun to speculate though, right?  Right?!

…ANYway, let’s see how he tops the almost kiss.

 In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Marinette decides to run against Chloe for class something-or-other
  • To the utter delight of 95% of the class
  • That’s right man, just play it cool…

In “The Mime” (Le Mime):

  • Hey, I didn’t know y’all were gonna be here too lol!
  • Smooth move, dude.  Just play it off like you had NO IDEA.

Our cat son heats things up below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Melchior Gabor insists that all colors of fruit snack taste the same then complains when he gets an all orange pack

“You’re just mad because you don’t like orange, Melchi.”
“Shut up.”

The Promised No-study SAT Tips

I saw that a lot of you wanted these~ Disclaimer: You still have to know English and the basics of math for these. This goes especially if you’re not a native speaker - your English needs to be at a pretty good level.


  1. Read. A lot. Whenever you see a text that’s at least a paragraph or two long, take time to practice skimming. If you’re bored and have a little time, take something, for example a food wrapper, and try to find occurrences of a word (for example “Acid” for food) as quickly as possible. Hard mode: look for synonyms.
  2. Practice filling out the answer sheet. This is a massive time-sink for a lot of people, so you should practice to eliminate it. Print out an example answer sheet and try filling out the circles quickly and accurately without distracting yourself a lot. Hard mode:Try doing it while not focusing only on the circles - look away or start thinking about the next question.
  3. Check. A lot. The main goal of this strategy is to leave yourself enough time when you’ve filled out an answer for each question when you’re calm, know the questions and can focus on checking. Try and go through the questions, thinking, “This question tests this and that.” If you have the time, look at each answer and identify the error in it (harder for the math questions, but loads of fun if you can do it).
  4. Think in patterns: Whenever you’re stuck on an example question, don’t just check the answer. Try and understand how the person found it, if this question is similar to others you have seen. The SAT only uses a few different types of questions, there will rarely be something to surprise you if you know the common patterns.
  5. Rest: The SAT is a very demanding exam. Give your brain time to relax - my advice would be not to do anything mentally strenuous the day before the test. Also, something I found out from competitions - bring chocolate. The sugar in it helps your brain work better and shrug off tiredness and eating it will draw blood away from your brain, effectively hibernating it for the break to conserve energy. Also, it’s just a really tasty snack!


  1. Use the right format for the essay. There are a lot of easy points for using the four/five paragraph system. Introduction, Reason 1, Reason 2, Conclusion. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and follow up with a story from your life or a book/movie to illustrate it. This way, even without using fancy vocab or grammar, you can get the points for structure and critical thought. Now just try not to make any obvious spelling mistakes and call it a day!
  2. Try to quickly find an argument for the essay. They don’t actually rate how intelligent your argument is. So, take a minute or two, breathe deeply, and no matter how stupid your idea is, write it out. (You might still want to take caution with sensitive topics, especially if you’re an international. A dumb mistake I made in my first sitting was bashing on American charity - that definitely did not endear me to the proctors.)
  3. Paragraphs: You have to have experience reading - look at how the topic never changes abruptly. Insert sentences that link what’s written before and after the gap. Final sentences of paragraphs shouldn’t raise more questions.
  4. Sentence questions: Skim through the questions. Try to answer most of them, the first thing that comes to mind, and fill out the answer sheet immediately. Chances are, if it sounds good to you, it’s the correct choice. Do this quickly, then try and do the paragraphs. After you’ve done this, go back to the questions and start checking.
  5. They usually test for a few broad topics. Identify if each sentence fits one of the patterns and answer accordingly. For the others, try and think what error they might want you to make. If you know you have the time, look at each answer in turn and identify the mistake in it. The most common ways for you to change a sentence would be:
  • Fragments: Try and see if each clause has a subject and a verb. Example: “In the dim light, making his way through the cave.” -> “In the dim light, he makes his way through the cave.”
  • Subject-verb agreement: Make sure that the subject is the one actually doing the action and singular/plural match. Example: “Gathering stones, the river was blocked by the men.” Did the river gather stones? No.
  • Consistency: Make sure that something introduced one way is always referred to like that (don’t switch out ‘one’ for ‘you’ or ‘they’). Make sure there are no extra linkers (”Since I was there, but he went too.”). Check if any verbs change tense when they shouldn’t. Don’t compare apples to oranges (”His homework was as good as John.” -> “As good as John’s”).
  • Adverb or adjective? If it describes a verb, it has a ‘ly’. Example: “She winked playful.” -> “She winked playfully.”
  • Singular or plural? Make sure not to refer to a plural object in singular. “Pandas, numbering in the hundreds now, is an endangered species.”
  • Prepositions, linkers, all the small words Sadly, you’ll have to know how they’re used.


  1. Word fill: Note the answers that obviously don’t make sense. Mark the one of the others that sounds best to you (in the answer sheet, too!). If you don’t know one or more of the words, aim for simplicity. After you’ve quickly answered all of the reading questions, come back to these. Look at the relationships between the gap and the sentence - are you looking for a positive or negative word? Antonyms or synonyms to something before? Try and guess what unknown words mean. This way, you will probably be able to eliminate all the wrong answers.
  2. Reading comprehension: You are not tested for understanding the text. Keep this in mind. What you are actually trying to do here is quickly find synonyms. If the question asks for “Was Anna’s family a) warm b) cold c) the spawn of Cthulhu?”, chances are that the text contains “Anna’s relatives acted chilly.” or something like that. Read the first question. Skim the text until it comes to that topic, then look for synonyms of the answers. Don’t make deductions! If you come across a ‘general message’ or ‘tone of the author’ question, skip it and answer it at the end of the text. The other questions will be in the same order as the answers are mentioned in the text. Checking: If you have time, look at each answer and try to see what in the text could mislead somebody to make that mistake.


  1. Calculator use: My advice would be to not bring a complex graphing calculator. They just slow you down. Try and do most operations by hand, then use the calculator only for, well, calculations.
  2. Basic topics to know: You are expected to be familiar with how to rearrange equations (ab=1 is the same as a=1/b) and solve linear and quadratics; cosine and Pythagorean theorems; number representations of lines and their intersections; median, mean and mode.
  3. Solve like a crab! One of the best things I learnt in “Fun Math” classes was that problems are solved more easily if you work from the answer back. Try and see what you would need (in terms of information) to find the answer. Then look back to the text of the problem - is what you need there? In most SAT problems, it is, or you can easily find it.
  4. Visualise: Especially for distance or geometry problems, make a small chart of what’s happening. Make lines for the distances the cars traveled or draw that pesky cylinder. Try and see in your mind how different elements move and which stay the same.

I guess this is all that I can say for now. Of course, this is my strategy so it might not work for everyone or it might not work without practice, so don’t think it’s a miracle solve-all. I’m always open for questions about ideas or specific problems, just write an ask~ And good luck to all future test-takers!

Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/N: Gah, I feel like this is a lame chapter. I spent hours writing, wanting to put this story out. So further apologies if it’s bland. 😔

Chapter Summary: You, Jeff, Troy, and Mallory go to Jessica’s party. For some reason, Jeff isn’t his normal, happy self.

WARNING: cursing

03. Jessica’s Party

Y/N P.O.V.

You praised the day Friday came. Your classes had been taking its toll on you and working part-time at Rosie’s 3 days that week was hectic; but you managed to pull through it all.

You stood in front of your long-length mirror, hanged behind your bedroom door, and examined your outfit. You tried on 3 other outfits before settling for this one, yet, you still weren’t satisfied.

You would have changed again if it weren’t for a car honking for you.

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Snack boxes!

The first half of my pregnancy I didn’t have much of an appetite- nothing sounded good and I just wasn’t that hungry. Now, in the second half of my pregnancy I have an appetite but this baby is pushing on all my insides and I can barely fit a regular sized meal in. Then I feel full for hours. It’s the weirdest thing.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure out how to do meal prep that works for me. I have discovered the perfect solution- snack boxes! It’s the right amount of food, it gives me lots of variety, and it’s nutritionally well rounded.

Another plus is that there is no cooking involved and very minimal prep time.

Logic Games for Camp Counselors

Counselors love to use these logic games as a way to pass time and keep campers engaged and having fun during down time. All of these are mind games in which the rules are ‘hidden’ from the players, that is, until they figure it out! Make sure to instruct them not to yell out the rule once they figure it out (unless the game calls for that), so as not to ruin the game for others. Depending on the game, make sure that you let campers ‘run it,’ state the phrases, try the actions, etc. once they begin to figure it out so they don’t get bored. If no one is figuring it out, try telling a person or two to get the ball rolling. Have fun!!


Sitting in a circle on the floor, grab a bunch of sticks or wood chips. Tell campers that you are going to do something with the sticks and they have to guess the number your are thinking of based on your actions. Make a picture with the sticks (a house, a number, a letter, a pile, etc.). The number you are guessing is revealed by how many fingers you are holding out once you complete your stick picture. I like to sit criss crossed apple sauce and then place my hands on my knees. If I hold out two fingers in each hand, the number is 4, or one hand with five fingers and the other with none is five, etc. Have campers guess the numbers and tell them if they are right or not. If you think they have figured it out, let them try being the one with the sticks. 


Start by saying the riddle “um. I have a magical umbrella. It’s *insert color or pattern here* and when I spin it around it turns *insert different color or pattern here.* What color does it turn next?” The key is to say ummmmm before saying the riddle (magical UMMbrella) Have campers guess, and tell them if they are right or wrong. Then let them try ‘holding the umbrella.’ Play around with crazy patterns like purple with green dinosaurs on it, orange polka dots, etc. 


Campers try to guess what can or cannot go through the green glass doors. Say “I can bring puppies through the GGD but not dogs.” The key is that words with double letters can go through (kittens but not cats, apples but not oranges,  boots but not shoes, etc.)


This game starts with a certain number that eventually breaks down into the number four. The goal is figure out how the numbers are being broken down. “twelve is six, six is three, three is five, five is four.” The next number is the # of letters in the previous number. The word twelve has six letters, six has three letters, three has five letters, five has four letters. Every beginning number eventually breaks down to the number four. 


This is a simple game, but can be difficult to catch onto the rules. Can also be fun to play as a name game as you get to know each other and remember names. Start by saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing a *insert object that starts with the same first letter as your name*.” (Emma and eggs, Courtney and cookies, Samantha and sandwiches.) Have campers try this one and tell them whether or not they are able to bring the object the say until they figure it out. 


This game can be played many ways with different objects. Say “If I have a rose and I give it to Courtney and she gives it to Samantha and she gives it to Emma, who has the rose?” The person who has the rose is the first person to speak after you finish saying the question. So if you ask the question, and Courtney says “it’s _____,” then you could say “no it’s you Courtney.” This one can be a little slow at first until a few people pick up on it, but then it’s super fun! One of my favorites!


Say “Pay attention. If those (point to them) are shoes, and those are shoes, and those are shoes, are these shoes?” Point to a few pairs of shoes, and then for the last object, you can either point at shoes or anything else. The key is to say the phrase ‘pay attention’ before you speak. If you do, than the answer is yes, if not, the answer is no. So if you finish by pointing at a real pair of shoes, but you don’t say ‘pay attention’, then they are not shoes. But if you point at a tree at the end and say ‘pay attention’, then the tree is shoes. 


This one is a bit difficult. Set up chairs like musical chairs. Pick a chair to assign as the ghost chair, but don’t tell anyone. Explain that there is a ghost in the room. Have everyone sit in a chair. Mentally note who is sitting in the ghost chair. Have everyone move to a new chair. Ask who the ghost is standing in front of. Let them guess, and tell them if they are correct or not. The ghost is standing in front of whoever was sitting in the ghost chair before you all moved chairs. 


Hold your hand up. Make a specific pattern of touching your fingertips and sliding your finger along the curve between our forefinger and thumb. When touching the tips of fingers, say “Johnny,” but when sliding along the curve say “Whoop.” When you are done, drop your hands and clasp them together.  Remember the pattern you made, and do it the same way every time. Have campers try to copy you and tell them if they did it right or not. The key is not to correctly replicate your patten but to clasp your hands after finishing it. 


Say “I’m throwing a party, but it’s not just any party, it’s the right party at the right place at the right time with the right people and the right snacks and the right clothes.” Then explain what you will be wearing to the party. Have campers try and tell them if they are allowed to wear it to your party or not. The clothes allowed to the party are whatever the person to your right is wearing. 


Only one of three phrases can be said. But only one of them is correct at a given time. Both up, one up one down, and both down. It depends on how your arms are positioned when the phrase is being said. So if the person’s arms are both hanging down, the correct phrase is both down, etc. Have campers try and guess which one to say and tell them if they are allowed to say it or not. 


You have to have at least one friend playing that knows the rule to get the ball rolling. Tell campers a story that explains how you met a witch and learned the secret language.Send the friend out of the room. Decide with the campers which word you are going to write and try to get the friend to guess. Call them back in. Use the secret witch writing to write the word and have the friend guess. She will get it right, keep playing until campers begin to figure it out. It involved random scribbling and pounding your hands against the table/ground. Vowels are represented by the number of pounds. 1 pound=A, 2 pounds=E, 3 pounds=I, 4 pounds=O, 5 pounds=U. Consonants are represented by the first letter of the phrase in-between pounds. The random scribbling is just to confuse people and has no meaning. Example: the word is ‘guide”. Say “Going to start now” Random scribbling with a pencil. Then pound your hands 5 times.  Random scribbling. Pound your hands 3 times. Random scribbling. Then say “Don’t get confused.” Random scribbling. Then pound your hands 2 more times. 


This game can be played with sticks or pencils (scissors for open/closed). Have everyone sit in a circle. You are going to pass two sticks to the next person either crossed over each other or just parallel to one another. The person receiving them has to say if they are receiving the sticks crossed or uncrossed. The position of the sticks does not matter, only wether the giver is sitting with their legs/ankles/arms (pick one) are crossed or not. This game works better when siting on the ground than at a table. 


Grab a stick and draw a picture in the dirt while saying “This is a man on the moon. He has a face, a mouth, a nose and two eyes.” (Draw those things) Before doing/saying this, do a small action such as touching your ear, flipping your hair, scratching your knee, etc. Have campers try and tell them if their man on the moon is correct. The drawing does not matter, only that they repeat the same small action beforehand. 

Grab a few cups or plates and a small object that fits underneath it. You need a friend who knows the rule to get the game started. Decide on a code word with the same number of letters as the number of cups you have. (if you have four cups, use the word corn, which has four letters) Share this word with everyone, but don’t explain how to use it. Lay the cups out in a horizontal line. Only the friend will understand at first but the plate to the far left (the friend’s point of view) corresponds to the first letter of the code word, so C. The next cup is O. The next is R. The next is N. Again, the campers do not know this. Send the campers and the friend away or have them close their eyes. Put the small object under one of the cups. Call them back. The friend will guess which cup it is under. She will know because the cup it is under corresponds to the first letter of the first thing you say when they come back. So if the first thing you say is “Really think about it, and tell me which cup,” then the object is under the cup that is R, or the third cup. 


This game is fun, but once the participant figures out the rule, the game is over because they have to say it out loud. That is…. until someone new wanders up and wants to play and doesn’t know the rule. Pick a participant and send them away. Explain the rule to everyone else. The person is going to come back and ask them questions. The first person to be asked  a question is to answer with the words “i don’t know” no matter what the question is. After that, the next person to be asked a question is to answer with the answer that corresponds to the last question. Call the person back into the group. Explain to them that they are a psychiatrist and this group has a problem and they have to figure out what it is. They are to go up to people and ask them simple or yes or no questions. When they think they know the problem, guess it out loud. Example: Psychiatrist to person A: Is the sky Blue? Person A: I don’t know. (this will confuse the psychiatrist, tell them to move on to next person) Psychiatrist to person B: What color is a cow? Person B: yes. Psychiatrist to person C: What is  my name? Person C: black and white. and so on. 


This one is difficult and takes a while to figure out. You are going on road trip and going to tell your campers where you went and how long you stayed there and they are to figure out where you are going next. The answer is revealed by the pathway of your trip. Letters are the first letter of where you went. Vowels are how long you stayed. (A-1, E-2, I-3, O-4, U-5) Example: I started in Delaware and stayed for 2 days, then I went to Nebraska, then Vermont where I stayed for 2 weeks, then I went to Rhode Island. Where do I go next? Answer= Denver. 


One person is sent away. The rest of the group decides on an object among them to be the magic object (a hat, shoe, shirt, backpack, water bottle, etc.) Call the person back. Explain to the person they are to pick an item from a list you give them that is the magic object. They are to figure out that the object is whichever one comes after a black object. The other objects can not be black, because that would disrupt the game. Continue to list off a bunch of items among you, pointing at each, one of them being the object chosen after a different black object. Example: “Is the magical object her shoe, his sunglasses, my foot, his hat (which is black), that water bottle, or the sky?” Answer= the water bottle because it came after the black object.


Make up a story about bears, and finish by asking how many bears there are (have it make sense with the story). The answer is dependent on how many words are used to ask the question. Ex: How many bears are there?-5, What number of bears are there?-6, How many bears?-3, etc. 


This game follows the same rules as the bear game. Grab a can and pass it around, having campers tell each other how many sides it has. The number of sides is dependent on the statement. Example: This can has five sides-5, Two sides-2, I think that this can has 8 sides-8, etc. 


This game is similar to the umbrella game. Here’s how it works. Say “Okay,” then grab a stick or use your finger to draw an imaginary boat in the air. Ask “Does this boat float?” Let campers guess yes or no and tell them if they are correct or not. The key is wether or not you say ‘okay’ before you draw the boat. Let them try drawing boats once they think they have figured it out. 


This game is almost identical to the boat float game, but draw a triangle between different people as your stand around in a circle. You can also play this game like the rose game, where whoever speaks first is the owner of the triangle. 

Again, similar to the boat float game. Pick a phrase or acton (saying okay, clearing your throat, flipping the flashlight in the air and catching it, etc.) that must be performed before the dance. Grab a flashlight (this game is obviously for night time) and perform (or don’t) the action and then proceed to do a dance with the flashlight. Ask the campers if your dance was real (performed the action) or made up (did not perform the action). 

Not Your Baby (Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Request: @emmamcarthur Hi! Could you do a Stiles imagine where him and the reader are dating, and the reader is like three years younger than him and he always reminds her that he’s older and more mature, and he baby’s her all the time, so she ends up telling him it bothers her and then it’s really fluffy?

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Notes: I’m so sorry it took my MONTHS to write this but I had soe personal issues so I didn’t really have the time nor the inspiration to write. SOOORRRRRYYYY. (proof read by @kruemelmonszter-blog )

Word count: 859

Originally posted by fragileheartxxx

When Stiles and (Y/N) first started dating, both of them were confronted with a lot of scepticism. Reason for that was their age difference. Stiles being a senior in high school and (Y/N) being a sophomore, some people weren’t that happy about it as their friends were. But the negative comments as well as the nasty glances they got didn’t stop them from loving each other. No, it made their love for each other impossibly stronger.

As (Y/N) quickly walked into the cafeteria, wanting to get away from her economic class as soon as possible, her sight fell onto her boyfriend and their friends, passionately discussing something she couldn’t hear from where she was standing. After getting her food, she decided to join them. “Whatcha talking about?” she asked as she placed her tray onto the table. “Nothing kids your age should hear,” Stiles teased her as she sat down next to him and pecked her cheek. “I’m not that young!” she exclaimed, “Besides, it’s not like I don’t know about all this supernatural mess in Beacon Hills. Thanks again, Malia.” Back then, before (Y/N) knew about werewolves, kitsune, banshees and all that stuff, Stiles made everyone promise not to tell (Y/N) about everything. Main reason for that was, because he didn’t want her to get involved or, even worse, hurt. But at some point, Malia couldn’t stand all the secrecy anymore and told (Y/N). Ever since then, (Y/N) was part of the weekly pack meetings and helped Stiles with his late-night brainstorming. “We were just discussing the topics for our upcoming exams. Y’know adult stuff, (Y/N),” said Stiles, earning laughs from his friend. However, all the young girl could do was force a smile onto her face. This had been going on even long before she started dating the massive goofball. At the beginning, she thought it was funny, she enjoyed it, but now she was bothered by it, in fact, she hated the fact that Stiles constantly reminded her that he was older than her. She didn’t feel as young as she was, felt more mature even. After everyone calmed down, Lydia asked what her friends got planned for the weekend, since it was Friday and they all only had one lesson left, expect for the ones who had lacrosse training afterwards. “Well, Stiles and I wanted to have a Star Wars marathon this weekend, right? Or do you have to study for the exams?” The (h/c)-haired girl turned to her boyfriend. “Nope, Star Wars marathon is still planned. You get the snacks, right, babe?” (Y/N) nodded quickly as their friends continued their conversation.

Later that evening, Stiles set everything in his room up. The bed turned into a giant mess of pillows and blankets, the TV was already on, a random music channel playing in the background and the lights were dimmed so it was as comfortable as it could possibly get. As the doorbell rang he quickly made his way downstairs, sadly he wasn’t fast enough and his dad already answered the door. “(Y/N), it’s good to see you! Come in. I’ll leave you two alone, Sheriff’s duty calls.” Without waiting for an answer, he walked out of the door, closing it gently behind him, leaving the couple alone. “Hey, babe,” Stiles pecked her lips and took her hand to take his girlfriend upstairs to his room. “So, I’ve been thinking…” (Y/N) trailed off as they both sat down onto his bed. “Oh god, you want to break up. I’m so sorry, (Y/N). Whatever I did, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. Please don’t break up with m- “She stopped Stiles’ rambling with pressing her lips onto his. “I won’t break up with you. It’s just…Look, I hate it that you treat me like a baby. I can’t stand it, I feel like you treat me more like a little sister then your girlfriend,” (Y/N) mumbled out the end, afraid of what Stiles would think of her. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I thought it was just funny teasing. I’ll stop, I swear. And to make it up to you, we’ll watch (favorite movie) tonight and order from that one place you love so much.” Without saying anything she just hugged him tightly and pressed her face into his chest. “Thank you so much for not thinking I’m overreacting.”

When Sheriff Stilinski came home later that night, he tried to be as quiet as possible, but as he noticed the TV in his son’s room still running he decided to take a look since it was almost 4 AM. The moment he peaked into the room a smile slowly made its way onto his face. Pillows were laying scattered all over the room, the food stood, half eaten, on his desk, the TV was still on and in the middle of this mess his son was laying in his bed, happily snoring his face off with his girlfriend spread out over him, her head rising and falling with every breath he took. Mr. Stilinski silently walked into the room, shut off the TV and closed the room, letting both teenagers continue their peaceful sleep.

customer: where would I find fresh sliced deli meats?

me: *working in a cheese shop, wearing a jacket that says ‘We Know Cheese’, several cheese related pins, and a hat that says ‘Big Cheese’*

me: have you asked … at the deli?

Eat Or Be Eaten

For @up-sideand-down. We keep meeting like this. :P This is my offering for the @7remix challenge. I beg your pardon for making you wait this long. I’ve been heavy on the self-care for a while, but then you wrote this adorable soulmate story called You Are What You Eat and my inner Genesis popped up and had to be a dick about it. I wouldn’t recommend spanking him, bastard would just enjoy it.  

(Premise – Soulmates share one of their senses. Sephiroth tastes things he has never eaten and isn’t sure what to make of it.

Content warning - language, some sexual talk, some really unfortunate survival moves.)

Eat or Be Eaten (remix of You Are What You Eat)

Eating was a chore. It was necessary for life because if one didn’t, one’s belly rumbled and distracted the doctor and the doctor didn’t like that at all. One also got very tired and couldn’t think well, because the mind needed the body, and the body needed food. So Sephiroth ate, like the dutiful, sensible child he was. In the mornings there was oatmeal, sometimes cream of wheat. Lunch was protein, starch and mushy vegetables. Nutritious and balanced, and all artificially fortified with everything to keep him going. There was water to drink. That was the best part.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write an imagine where you and Justin Foley have a movie night?

A/N: I’m so excited, this is my first ask! The beginning is quite angsty but within the course of the story it ends up being fluffy, hope you don’t mind.

It’d be nice if you let me know if you liked it :) 

Nothing else, enjoy!! 

“Mom please! I love you. I’m just trying to make you realise-”

“Shut the fuck up, you nasty bastard! Don’t you see you’re the one unwanted here? Even your mother despises you. C’mon babe, tell him”

Justin clenched his fists, trying to avoid the appetising temptation of leaving purple marks all over the hideous surface of the man’s face, as a reminder of how much he hated him. If he hadn’t beaten him already it was because he had the weak hope his mother would realise the piece of shit he really was, and if that meant ending up beaten up he would go through it all without any remorse.

Ignoring his teasing, he faced the miserable woman in front of him, eyes in the verge of tears and hopes lit up she would stand for him.


“You have school tomorrow, you should go to bed…”

That was all she said.

It was sad. It was sad deep in Justin’s heart it didn’t surprise him the fact that the woman who had given him life and was supposed to be always by his side, chose a stranger over him.

The first time she proved him how important he actually was to her, he buried himself into the covers and cried to sleep, refusing to believe the person who used to be his guardian angel, gradually changed her mind and gave it all to a man she had only known for a few months.

Eventually that sadness grew into a bitterness that was only calmed down with alcohol and visits to Bryce’s house, where hours of oblivion awaited him.

However, that wasn’t enough. The aftermath was even worse: he would always wake up to the realisation he was alone, not only physically at that moment but also during the whole course of his life. And not even all the alcohol in the world could fix that.

No one loved him.

That was until you came into his life.

The first thing he did the moment he left the hopeless scenario was searching for his phone. He needed to hear the voice of his only source of happiness and optimism towards the future. Whenever everything went wrong, spending time with you or even just sharing ‘I love you’s, through your late night telephonic conversations made him believe everything would be alright.

Following four tones without answer he understood you were already sleeping, after all, it was late. He was about to hang up when your voice filtered through the speaker.

“Justin?” He regretted having called immediately, interpreting the surprise in your voice as drowsiness. “Babe, did I wake you up? Sorry I was… I just… I just wanted to wish you a good night” he said, failing in his attempt of concealing the sadness in his voice.

You knew without any doubt that wasn’t the sole purpose of his call. After almost a year of going with him through thick and thin, you realised his alleged senseless calls were very far from being that. Tears and a cracking voice weren’t necessary anymore. Sometimes he just wanted to forget everything and fall deep in the sweet refugee you always offered him.

This was one of those times.

After a silence that felt like ages to him, you asked “Baby, do you wanna come over and stay for the night?”

He let out a silent sigh and a few tears rolled down his face through the curvature of his cheekbones. Sometimes the situation was greater than him, and he couldn’t cope with it alone. You knew him as much or even more than he knew himself and always managed to help him get over it.

“Really?” “Of course, my love. My parents are away for a week. We could cuddle and have a movie night. Whatever helps you the most” As your soft voice pronounced those words he asked the world what had he done to deserve such a kind soul.

“Thank you, thank you so much”


Justin didn’t take long to get to your house. You found his downcast figure at the other side of the threshold, beginn madly, without the use of words, any display of affection.

“Hi…” You couldn’t bare the sight in front of your eyes. You tugged his arm towards you and captured him in a tight embrace, his face landing on the crook of your neck. The long sigh that went out of his nostrils invaded the room, saying nothing and everything at the same time.

“I love you so much Y/N” He said, pulling away to cup the sides of you face and bring his lips into contact with yours, moving in a slow and gentle manner. “I love you too baby. Do you want to talk about it?” “No, just… let’s pretend nothing’s happened. I just want to forget about it and have a nice night with you” You nodded looking straight at his ocean blue eyes. In a swift motion he managed to fuse your bodies again in a tight hug.


You were already sat on your bed, laptop settled on your lap, searching for ‘Toy Story’, Justin’s favourite movie. Deep in that smug outside he showed around his jock friends, there was a really sweet and pure creature.

He stood right beside you, taking off his clothes and ending up just in a piece of black boxers. Believing he wasn’t looking, you took a peek of the nice sight of his naked torso.

 You felt your cheeks burn when he said “Like what you see, huh?” With a smirk he moved the laptop aside and hovered you, tickling your sides. “Just- Justin stop!” 

Your loud giggles combined with his made the situation one of those worth keeping dearly in memory. “I’ll stop when you tell me what had you paying so much attention to my stunning body” You squirmed under his touch “Okay, you want me to tell you?” “Yeah” he breathed out. Teasingly you travelled your hand from the tattoo settled on his collarbone all the way down to the hem of the unique piece of clothing covering him. The volume of his laughs lowered when you reached that spot. “This had me paying so much attention” 

He wasn’t expecting your next movement, and let out a high pitched “Ouch!” when you tugged at the trail of little hairs that disappeared right where the piece of fabric began. You burst out in laughter when he immediately pulled away and landed beside you “You’re naughty!” He pouted, trying to stop his chuckles from joining yours “That hurted” “That’s what happens when you try to play with me, baby boy” You patted at his bum for him to lift it up so you could unfold the sheets and cover with them “C’mon let me make it up to you cuddling, is that okay?” He gave you a fake reluctant look, before giving in and breaking the tiny space that separated your bodies, legs tangled and his head resting on your chest.

“Shit, I forgot to get some snacks. I’ll be right back” He said, motioning to get out of the bed. You were fast to stop him “It isn’t necessary. I’ve got some sweets in the drawer”

As he searched for them he found two movie tickets with the title of the movie you both watched at the Crestmont on your very first date. He brushed carefully its surface and smiled to himself.

“Baby, do you really keep candies in your nightstand?”

“That’s the drawer where I keep my dearest things” you said with a wink. That only made the joyful feeling at his chest increase. 

“What are you grinning at?”

“Nothing, I just love you so much”

Pinky Promise - Friends

As much as you want to stay out of the whole mess between Student Council and Delinquent Club, you find yourself right smack dab in the middle of it all. It was so fucking stupid.

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PART 2 OF. this double j shit. the people spoke and @cremethorns and i have come to deliver. hopefully you like it but remember say no to double j. enjoy ^^

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