snack packs!

Just a reminder

Werewolves wearing fanny packs.

The image refuses to leave my brain, so I must once again inflict it on you all.

Canvas fanny packs, faux-leather, horrible 90s neon.  ALL the Fanny Packs, worn by giant wolf monsters.  Dire Wolf Beasts the size of motocycles with sparkly pink glitter fanny packs wrapped around them.  Mighty warriors digging through camo-fanny packs for a snack.

Werewolves with fanny packs.

Can we please please pLEASe talk about Trolls more

Like seriously look at the characters

we have a character who is not only a (lets face it) single father in some essence, but certainly doesn’t stick to most “movie-skinny” body standards.

Cooper, a character who is majorly different from the rest of the cast, with dreads and uneven teeth

Harper may be a minor character but she is rocking that heterochromia 

Not skinny, monobrow, long nails, jagged teeth and still won the guy over

He is literally the KING and he has never even HEARD of body standards, pimples and all

if you say DJ doesn’t have dreads i will throw a banana peel in your general direction

??? conjoined twins???? that are??? fashionistas??? and??? have?? piercings??? where was this???? when i was a kid????? also Chenille definitely has a tattoo on her ankle 

I dare you to kiss me

Finally! I could write about the Snack Pack. Hope it is satisfactory.


Summary: For the prompt “I dare you to kiss me”

Poppy loved Slumber Parties. Well, she loved all parties, but she got super-mega-extra excited for slumber parties because that meant she got to keep spending time with her friends even after the sun had set.

This time, the ones hosting the sleepover were Satin and Chenille. Their pod was colorful and classy, decorated with glittery cushions and patterned curtains. They decorated and arranged the whole pod so all the living room was now covered with pillows, mattresses, and cushions.

It was perfect for jumping in and building a fortress. Guy Diamond, Smidge, and DJ Suki were already building one with the twins when Poppy and Branch arrived. She was holding his hand steadily, squeezing it every now and then to give him confidence. She knew he still had some issues with his self-esteem and large groups of people got on his nerves after a few hours, but the Snack Pack had been welcoming and just a couple of weeks ago he just called them his friends.

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These days I was watching “Trolls” clips and pictures, when suddenly I noticed something strange, a bit unsual about a character. What? About who? Well, I’ll show you right now, and I hope I caught it right. 

I started to look closely to the Trolls’ teeth, almost involuntarily. Yeah, pretty strange and odd you might think, but let me explain. XD Their teeth, just like their ears (Branch is an exception) or fluffy bodies, were rounded: no canines or fangs whatsoever, just round, inoffensive teeth. 

Harper, for example: cool character, heterochromia, of course, but normal and rounded teeth.

And what about Cooper? I see rounded and crooked teeth. Nothing too strange here.

Guy Diamond? Rounded teeth, like the others.

Biggie? Rounded teeth, again.

In conclusion, all the members of the Snack Pack (I left out some of them, but they all have rounded teeth, you can check ther images), and even Poppy, had rounded teeth.

And ok, all this cute and colorful Trolls are perfectly normal. 

But… am I crazy or wrong if I actually say that Branch has canines? XD Watching the movie again and again, I noticed this little particular about him: his teeth seemed sharper, in my opinion, like little “fangs” or more accurately, canines.

I really don’t know if I’m right, maybe it’s just an optical illusion and the perspective/framing fooled me, but think about it: Branch has pointy and moving ears, very sensitive to sounds or danger and, according to these pictures I took, he seems to have little canines. I can’t say that he “evolved” and became like this because of his hard and tough life (or maybe he needed to lacerate food, like fibrous meat or plants with his teeth? Idk, that doesn’t sound right to me. :/), living as a survivalist in the wild woods, because that would be scientifically wrong (I mean, a human wouldn’t change his/her body and grow teeth, claws or bigger ears in that kind of situation, that would take generations and generations of evolution). But Dreamworks, really… the more I look at Branch, the more he doesn’t seem a Rainbow Troll (as they confirmed in the movie and on the toys’ boxes) to me. XD

I think Branch could have been a little more “interesting” (no hate with this words, I love that little, hysterical and crazy-prepared dork the way he is) if he was a different type/species of Troll. So, what do you think? 

One Year Anniversary (Trolls fanfic)

This is my first fan fiction so I hope you enjoy it!

It’s been a year since the union between the Tolls and the Bergens was formed and princess Poppy was crowned queen. And with a brief adjustment period, the trolls were right at home, back in the troll tree.
Now that Branch got his colors back, he tries his best to fit in. He tries to sing, dance, and hug like everyone else, but after 20 years of solitude, he’s not quite accustomed to the day-to-day customs of a troll. He can be a little shy around others on his own, but is most confident and comfortable when he is with Poppy. After that night in the pot, Branch and Poppy have been investable. He loved her and she loved him back.

It was the day before the one year anniversary of peace union AND (more importantly) the anniversary of when Branch revealed his true feelings for Poppy. As soon as the warm light of the rising sun fell on Poppy’s face, she practically flew out of bed.

“ITS TOMORROW!” she squealed, “THE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY IS TOMORROW! I need to scrapbook this!”

Poppy got her crafting supplies together: paper and felt in all the colors of the rainbow, glue, her best pair of scissors, and all the glitter she could find.

“This needs to be absolutely perfect.” She said with a small giggle in her voice and a huge grin on her face.

She started to work on the biggest and most elaborate pice of scrapbook art she had ever made. She was so focused and attentive on her work that the day seem to fly by and soon enough the sun was setting.
Poppy finally emerged from her scrapbook and yawned with satisfaction as she took in her masterpiece. It was a beautiful depiction of Branch and herself holding each others hands, spinning in a circle on top of a blooming flower, surrounded by their friends (Cooper, Fuzzbert, Biggie, Smige, Guy diamond, DJ Suki, Satin and Chenille) and rainbows, with a glitter fountain that would shower the page with sparkles when you opened it.

Admiring the small blue, paper troll, it suddenly dawned on her that she hadn’t seen Branch all day. This was very odd. Branch always came to her pod in the mornings for a hug to start the day. And they would hang out together and sing duets under the shade of the tree in the afternoons. Hugging and cuddling until the sun set in the sky and the first stars would come out, twinkling in the distance.

Poppy thought to herself, maybe he was just really busy today, maybe he had important errands to run and didn’t have the time to see her because they were really important. Or maybe… he forgot about tomorrow, about her.
This could not be true,
“I’ll just go see him and ask.” She told her self.

She opened her pod door to the warm soft glow from the setting sun and started to head towards Branch’s pod. She reached the pod with one last swing of her hair and knocked on the door.

“Branch! HEY Branch are you home? I thought I would drop by to say hello.”

There was no answer. Poppy frowned. This was really weird. Even when Branch was gray he would still open the door when she knocked. He would respond with a sarcastic remark yes, but it was still a response.

“Ok maybe your not home.” She said in a slightly hushed voice.
“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow! Yeah?!”

Still nothing.

“Ok… bye Branch!”

Poppy solemnly made her way back to her pod. She didn’t understand it. Why was Branch ignoring her? Did he not like her anymore? Did she overwhelm him with unwanted happiness? Was he tiered of her? …Did he hate her?
All of these thoughts came swarming into her mind as she entered her own pod. When she got in side and saw her opened scrapbook on the floor, she broke down in tears. She cried so much at the thought of the troll she loved more than anything in the world hating her, that she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning came and and went and Poppy did not leave her pod. She didn’t feel like going outside right now she would rather be alone with her thoughts. Then suddenly there was a knock on her door.
“Branch?” She bolted for the door and opened it as fast as she could, but in stead of the aqua troll she was hoping to see, it was her friends Biggie, Guy Diamond and Smige.

“Hi Poppy!” Exclaimed the three in unison.

“Oh, hi guys…What’s up?” With a slight look of disappointment.

“It’s time for the paarrrtey.” Sang GD with his audio tune voice.

“The what?!” Shrieked Poppy.

“The party! Remember? We are all celebrating the one year anniversary of peace between the Trolls and the Bergens.” Replied Biggie.

“Oh yeah, that’s right.”
How could she forget about the big celebration tonight. She was queen after all, what was she doing. Her head was too full of Branch to think of anything else and it totally slipped her mind.

“Come on Poppy we are all waiting for you!” Cheered Biggie

“Right… ok, I’m coming!” Said Poppy, putting on a brave face to hide how she was really feeling inside.
She can’t let people see she was sad. This is a party celebrating happiness, she wasn’t going to ruin it for anyone.
And yet, as Biggie, GD and Smige lead the way to the Troll tree party center, her mind couldn’t stop drifting back to Branch. Where could he be? Is he coming to the party? Will he ever talk to her again?

When they turned the corner, Poppy was blinded by the biggest party her eyes had ever seen. The lights, decorations, glitter and the music! She looked up at the main stage and saw her friend DJ Suki with her turn tables starting to drop a beat. But DJ did something next that Poppy did not expect, DJ took the mic and started to sing LIVE! Usually it’s all prerecorded so she could remix on the fly. But this time Poppy watched as her friend start to sing:
The way you walk in my hood,
Like we’re feeling so good
Here I am saying my, my, my
Walking over so fresh
Walking over so fly
All shine, all time
Just talking that truth
No fake,
Easy when you walk this way
I’m talking that truth
Okay, hold up!
But enough about me,
Let’s talk about you
Head down, all blue
You should be signing like these
Yeah, something like me
Make ’em go ooh, ooh, ooh
Just talking that truth
No fake,
I truly wouldn’t walk that way
Now we’re talking that truth
This is the moment when everybody’s in the light
So what u working with?🎵

The beat drops and out of no where and to the complete surprise of everyone including Poppy, Branch walks on stage looking super sharp in a bright white collared button down shirt and slick black suit (obviously made by Satin and Chenille).
He starts to sing:

🎵Drop that body like you’re trying to let them know
Twist that high,
You know the bass is on the low
Take that feeling like it’s something that you stole

Both: It ain’t about, ain’t about, it ain’t about what you not
So what u working with?
Ooh, whoa!
Show me, show me,
What u working with?
What u working with?🎵
(Work! Uh!)

The music slowed and Branch took center stage now looking directly at Poppy.

🎵Branch: Drop that body like you’re trying to let them know
Twist that high,
You know the bass is on the low
Take that feeling like it’s something that you stole🎵

Branch whipped his hair catching Poppy by the waist, pulling her from the audience onto the stage besides him.

🎵Both:It ain’t about, ain’t about, it ain’t about what you not
It ain’t about, ain’t about, it ain’t about what you not
It ain’t about, ain’t about, it ain’t about what you not
So what u working with?!🎵

Applause erupted from the crowd! Poppy stared at Branch in aspiration, her heart full of love. All of her fears and doubts from earlier now faded from her mind like sand through a sieve.
Branch turned to look at her but before his eyes could focus, they were obscured by vibrant, pink hair. Poppy was so happy that she had to share a hug. Branch returned the hug and they shared each other’s warm embrace until a firefly swooped in and carried Poppy away from Branch to a near by chair on stage.

The rest of the snack pack then joined DJ and Branch. Poppy looked confused watching DJ dropped the next track while Branch and Cooper took center stage.
[() means Singh by snack pack]

🎵(My love)
Cooper: hey
(my love)
Branch: hey
(My love)
(My love)

Cooper: I love the way you’re standing
Lips look so sweet, like cotton candy (My love)

Branch: That don’t mean you gotta stop dancing
‘Cause the way that you move is so demanding
(My love)

Cooper: Let’s put it on cruise control
Let me take you to the crib, let me ease your soul
(My love)

Branch: I gonna take it really nice and slow
Both:But first let me, let me, let me talk to

(My love)
(My love)

Branch: Ain’t no other woman that could take your spot my…🎵

The beat shifts and slows down as the lights dim and spot light falls on Branch. He turns to sing directly to Poppy.

🎵Branch: If I wrote you a symphony
Just to say how much you mean to me (what would you do)

If I told you you are beautiful
Would you date me on the regular
(tell me would you?)

Baby, I’ve been around the world
But I ain’t seen myself another girl
(like you)


I can see us holding hands
Walkin on the beach, our toes in the sand
I can see us on the countryside
Sittin on the grass lying side by side
You can be my baby
Let me make you my lady
Girl, you amaze me
Ain’t gotta do nothin crazy
All I want you to do is be

My love (so don’t get away)
My love (so don’t get away)
My love (so don’t get away)
Ain’t no other woman that can take your spot

My looooooove
My looooooove
My looooooove
My looooooove

Now if I wrote you a love note
And made you smile with every word I wrote
(what would u do?)

Would that make you wanna change your scene
And wanna be the one on my team (tell me would you?)

See, what’s the point in waiting anymore
Cuz Girl, I never been more sure
(that baby, it’s you)🎵

Branch walks over to Poppy’s, looking deep into her brilliant pink eyes. The tempo slows down.

🎵This ring here represents my heart
And everything that you’ve been waiting for
(just saying I do)🎵

The crowd falls silent. Branch kneels down on one knee and from his pocket, presents and small velvet box. He opens it revealing a sparking diamond ring, a simple band with a single glittering gem set in the center.
Poppy’s heart skipped 1,000 beats. She was paralyzed with complete and utter joy. She then found herself nodding furiously and finally the words came.

“yes… oh my God Yes!… YES! YES! YES!”

She couldn’t take it anymore, she jumped out of the chair and flew into his arms and hugged him with such force that he almost was pushed to the ground. As they pulled away to look at each other, Branch with worried eye brows:

“So… you’ll marry me?”

Poppy gently placed her hand on Branch’s blushing, blue face and responded, “Yes, of course.”

She then pulled Branch into a passionate kiss that, at first made Branch’s eyes go wide, then slowly closed as he gladly returned the kiss.

The crowd explodes with excited screams and cheers. Poppy pulled away to look at Branch,

“You did all this for me?”

“Well yeah.” Looking down at his feet, “I’m really sorry I kept my distance from you Poppy. I just wanted this to be the perfect surprise.”
Branch looked up to look at Poppy’s face, taking in every detail as if it was the last time he would ever see her again,
“You mean the world to me Poppy… and I will try to make you the happiest troll alive.”

“Oh Branch, you’ve already made me the happiest troll alive.” Poppy said cupping both hands on ether side of Branch’s soft face, taking in every little thing as too never forget this moment.

From the cheers and shouts of celebration from the crowd of happy trolls and bergens, Cooper yells,

“This is going to be the CRAAZZIEST WEDDIN’ EVER!!!”

i start school in a week exactly, and as much as i love to try to prepare myself with supplies and masterposts, i’m still anxious af. so i decided to put together this list of non-academic advice things to help you guys out during the school year. also yes, i know it gets cheesy at the end.

  • i know everyone always says this, but bring some darn water with you!
  • don’t like that taste of water? try adding fruit, not “flavoring.” those are basically just packets of sugar, and if you do drink those, you should also be drinking the same amount of plain water to balance out your sugar intake.
  • if you happen to have boobs, check out some non-bra options like bralettes, pasties, or just going completely braless. trust me, everyone has those days.
  • keep some extra snacks in your pack or locker (almonds, dried fruit, and hard candy are great options.)
  • find a classroom/other space to go when you need to just be quiet and either regroup or get work done.
  • if you get anxious, check out worry stones or worry dolls. they’re small and you can find them completely unique to your own needs. keep it in your pocket during tests or other stressful times.
  • if you wear glasses, i know from experience that they can either start to hurt your eyes or behind your ears and lead to migraines. keep a glasses case in your bag/pack if you need to take them off (and don’t be afraid to, either. if you can’t see because you’ve taken them off, let your teacher know what’s going on.)
  • on sleeping: try not to watch high intensity shows (like crime shows for example) before bed. they give you an adrenaline boost, which obviously is not helpful when trying to sleep. look for a sitcom or a late night comedy show to watch instead. (most late night comedies have clips on youtube for free. i loooove seth meyers)
  • it’s okay if you’re not someone who can come home and immediately start working on your homework. choose a time a little later on to start working at and stick to it. you can also try going to a cafe or library after school to work if it’s not working out at home.
  • try to find some way to exercise that you actually enjoy. i walk home, but i also enjoy yoga and sometimes biking. even better, do it during your study breaks
  • if you get stressed easily, surround yourself with items that calm you (by this i mean decor and supplies. i personally love blankets, sweaters and stuffed animals, so i keep them in my room piled on my bed in case i need a moment to regroup.
  • always bring a jacket. always.
  • and an extra pair of socks.
  • pro tip: if you use (and constantly lose) hair ties, hook a carabiner somewhere on/in your bag and loop your hair ties through it.
  • read for pleasure. just do it. i don’t care what it is, magazines, novels, the newspaper. just read something outside of class.
  • it’s okay if you don’t make it to every single club meeting
  • it’s also okay if you’re not really in any extra curriculars. it’s great if you are, but they aren’t for everyone.
  • start changing your wardrobe into something completely you. make sure you are always wearing something that you feel comfortable in (emotionally and physically).
  • it’s okay to glance at the cute person sitting next to you in class.
  • it’s also okay to not think anyone is particularly cute.
  • paint your nails when you’re stressed, no matter your gender (even if you’re terrible at them, like me)
  • keep chapstick on hand at all times
  • and lastly, do things for yourself. get an education and do well for yourself. dress for yourself. sleep for yourself. make art for yourself. sit at lunch alone for yourself. be yourself for yourself.

xo annie

Fic prompt: at one point or another all members of the snack pack had fallen a little bit in love with branch. I mean imagine a recolored branch actually socialising and calling them their or his friends and the snack pack realizing just how amazing he is.

He could be helping DJ Suki with her music by creating new objects and machines for her (he did build his bunker) to DJ to, The twins he could actually discuss clothes making and fabrics with (I imagine he made his own vest and shorts as well plus probably new how and where to collect materials from making his bunker).

He could become a work out partner to smidge and even share the equipment in his gym with her, Cooper and him could come up with new dance moves together and even have the occasional dance off. Now this is kinda a stretch but I remember someone saying that in some concept art and toys branch has a little glowing bug thing, well about if him and biggie bond over this and meet up with their pets regularly together.

And finally guy diamond actually really enjoying branch’s poetry since its all about showing and expressing yourself, something that he regularly strives to do. Then one by one much to poppy’s confusion they walk up to her and simply say “I get it” before walking off :)

Getting a firm handle on the geography of Ancient Greece both answers and raises questions.

On the one hand, the logistics of all those huge military campaigns make a lot more sense once you realise that many of the great city-states were basically within walking distance of each other. In many cases, those logistics boil down to less “establish a supply train” and more “well, make sure you pack a snack”.

On the other hand, all those episodes where great heroes spend years lost in the wilderness or adrift at sea become more difficult to reconcile. It’s like… how can you possibly get that lost for that long? If you found a good-size hill to climb, you can practically see your destination from your starting point!

It is a puzzlement.