snack island

The Units at the Mall
  • Hip hop team: Racing each other through the mall, going into every store to play hide and seek, as well as ordering food from every island snack bar.
  • Vocal team: Fashion show in the dressing rooms!!!! They make a competition to see who can make the best outfit with the articles of clothing in that store.
  • Performance team: smelling every scent at every candle store, lotion and perfume and bath bomb they can, getting food samples from the food court and dancing way too hard to the music that plays throughout the mall

Ellen DeGeneres Sells Los Angeles Condo at Substantial Loss
A private elevator vestibule opens to a loft-like, open-concept living, dining and kitchen with high ceilings, art-friendly white walls, imported hand-cut flannel grey stone floor tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows fitted with iPad controlled automated shades. The kitchen, with over-sized center island and snack counter, anchors one end of the generously proportioned rectilinear room and is expensively outfitted imported black lacquer cabinets, dollar bill green stone countertops and all the high-end name-brand appliances money can buy including a built-in coffee maker.

Both bedrooms have custom fitted walk-in closets and sleekly luxurious en suite bathrooms, one of which features a free-standing soaking tub daringly positioned next to floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a panoramic view all the way to and beyond the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Hills.

Sad-Cat-Anon is no longer alone! [or sad ,we hope! ]

blackraven2539fanfiction is bringing the fics, and soda. 

historical-bisexual is on their way with the cupcakes. 

rose-de-noire is Drink Master. 

glitterdresses has these ‘Diabetes in a bowl’ brownies. 

scyllaya is here for the drinks. 

that-one-girl-behind-you is writing. 

Anon 1 is bringing the chips. And eating them. Anon 2 has the strawberries. Anon 3 is swimming in with sushi. Anon 3 is doing the doggy paddle. 

Kayangan Lake (Hall of fame of one of Asia's cleanest lake)

We got up early in the morning to pack up and prepare our stuff for the island hopping. No. 1 tip for you: Don’t forget to eat breakfast! It is always important to bring with you a full stomach that would never miss out the fun! It is advisable to start your boat trip to Coron Island a few hours early to make sure you have ample time. Apart from sunscreen protection, be sure to bring mosquito repellent. 

Our mode of transportation on our way to the pier was a tricycle. We arrived in our destination for only 3-5 minutes and hopped into our boat in no time. 

If you have problems about what food to eat the whole day, you need not to worry because the people in the boat has a cook and they are the ones who will cook food for you. You just have to settle with the boatman before the trip. But just in case you feel the need to eat snacks in between islands then you could bring foods to eat! :)

Meet my relatives from my father’s side! So sad my other cousins and sisters weren’t able to witness the beautiful view of Coron Palawan!

First stop: Kayangan Lake

Took a photo of the sea while we where on our way to our first destination. Love this photo! Not only because of its beautiful view but because it reminds of me of the movie, Life of Pi. Hahaha!

Smiling for the camera before we start climbing to the top to get the best view of the bay… :)

From the dock area, there’s a short 10-minute uphill hike to a small cave and an ideal viewing point of the Kayangan Bay.

The trail to the top was not that safe because the stairs weren’t concreted. However, if you are up to a real adventure, you would really find this adventurous because you would be climbing to the top with wooden handrails and stepping huge rocks. Watch your footing here as I found the stone steps to be a bit tricky and dangerous in spots and be prepared to sweat a bit on the way up as well. 

Not to worry with climbing all the way to the top though, because once you arrive, the panoramic view will sweep you off your feet! Nice view, right? Wait ‘til you see the Kayangan Lake! :D

Another few more minutes descending to the open lake. This time you have to be double cautious and careful because the footing might be slippery.

Here’s a peak of the lake while I was climbing down. No joke but upon seeing that very clean water, I was so excited that I was climbing down so swiftly and forgetting how dangerous it was. Please, Please, do not do this. You don’t want to spend your vacation at a hospital, don’t you? 

TADAAAAAA! Isn’t it a paradise? I bet seeing this picture at the back of your monitors right now made you say “WOW! I wanna go there!”

Very very very nice place. It’s all I expected to be. A Paradise. I could just stay here and do nothing but stare at the scenery. 

Moreover, Kayangan Lake which is often times declared to be one of the cleanest lake in the Asia. And I can tell by the look of its lake. LIKE REALLY. 

If you want to spend several hours here exploring all corners of the lake, you may utilize the two available Bamboo Raft in the lake. On the other hand, what we did to explore all the corner of the lake was swimming while our tour guide was leading us. We even went to the back of the mountains, snorkeling and witnessing beautiful rock formations underwater. It sure was a long swim! 

Oh, I almost forgot! If you don’t know how to swim then you would be needing a life jacket. In my case, I know how to swim but I brought with me a life jacket because it lessens me from getting too tired swimming for long hours. So, I’d ride or hold on to the jacket when I catch up for breath to make me float.

Forgive me for the struggling underwater pose. Hahaha

Please don’t do this if you do not know how to swim. I tell you, it is really really deep. I barely see the ground. 

So yeah, the guy in black is our tour guide. As you can see, he was dragging all of them together with the use of a long rope. Hahaha! Poor tour guide but don’t worry, he was trained to do this. :) 

Surrounded by rocky mountains covered by green trees and plants, it certainly evokes an image of a lagoon seen from postcards and movies. So, if you are expecting paradise, it can’t be any more head on, as the way towards Kayangan lake itself as it serves as a prelude of sights to see! :D

Take note: You should come during the dry season! Make sure you come early and plan for a lengthy swim.