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could I request friends to lovers for yoongi 😩😩😩 I love this boy so much and I loVe ur writing thank u queen of everything

thank u omg!!!! also i had a really good idea for yoongi and this au bless u!!
find jimin (here) ~

  • how do i put this nicely,,,,,,,,you and yoongi,,,,,,are both,,,,what the rest of bangtan refer to as evil masterminds
  • because apparently you and yoongi have schemed jungkook out of his snacks so many times that jungkook assumed a ghost was haunting the dorm and stealing his brownie packs when No it was just you and yoongi ,,,,,,using video games to distract him while also taking whatever snacks jungkook holed up in the closet 
  • you actually met yoongi because you were both buying chicken skewers at a stand and you’d been short three bucks so you were trying to explain that your cat chewed up your money back home and you were just soOO hungry
  • and yoongi was trying not to laugh his ass off while he was waiting but in the end,,,,,,he’d paid for both your food and you’d been suspicious because why,,,,,,,,,was this random guy being nice to you
  • but yoongi was just like “i have respect for people who make up bizarre stories to get what they want.”
  • and you were like AHEM it’s true my cat,,,,,,did try to eat my money and yoongi had just lifted his eyebrow like really and you were like yeah,,,,,,,,,,,,ok maybe not but ,,,,,,,whatever
  • and since then,,,,,you guys would see each other in the street and for a while he called you ‘the one with the money eating cat’ but then you learned each others actual names and well,,,,,,a beautiful friendship formed
  • on mutual scheming and also,,,,,you guys just fit really well together because neither of you are high maintenance at ALL like you hang out once every two freakin weeks. yoongi is appreciative of that
  • but one day you text yoongi and you’re like “there’s a new catering place and they said that if you’re engaged you and your spouse can try all their samples for FREE. wanna be fake married with me for an hour?”
  • and yoongi, upon reading food + free was like yeah im in let’s go
  • when you meet you’re like yoongi, here i got these fake rings from a claw machine game put them on and he’s like oh my god you really prepared for this,,,,,, and you’re like yeah we have to be convincing ok????? we’re both good actors so let’s do this
  • and yoongi shrugs but suddenly takes your hand in his and you’re like ?? and he’s like “we’re married, remember?” and you’re like yeah, ofc!! right,,,,,
  • and as you walk inside one of the planners greets you but you’re just like,,,,,honestly my husband and i would just like to see your entrees,,,,,,and taste them i heard it’s ? Free?
  • and the lady is like yep!! right this way and,,,,,,oh my god it’s like food out of a restaurant and when you look up at yoongi you can see his eyes sparkling and you’re just like hONEY which one,,,,,,should we try first????
  • and yoongi clears his throat and is like oh,,,um,,,well,,,uh,,,,which one do you want the most ,,,,,,,baby?”
  • and you’re both looking at each other and trying not to laugh and the lady is like ???? um,,,,hello??
  • and you’re both like WELL WE MIGHT AS WELL TRY EVERYTHING
  • and you do,,,,,,,oh you guys do,,,,,,,,you’re in there for like a good hour and a half until you’re like “,,,,,,,this was all very good me and my husband need to speak about our decision ,,,,,,,outside give us a minute?”
  • and the lady is like !!!!!! sure,,,,,btw you two are such a sweet couple!!! you guys were feeding each other and everything ive never seen two more compatible people
  • and you and yoongi are looking at her like O__O ,,,,,,oh,,,,,,,thanks
  • but you tug yoongi away and as you’re outside you’re like ok let’s make a run for it till she figures out we’re fakes LOL
  • and yoongi is like true true,,,,but without letting go of your hand he pulls you down the street and toward the subway and once you’re safe ,,,on your way back home
  • your hands,,,,,,are still,,,,,,well you’re still holding onto each other,,,,
  • and you’re like “yoongi,,,,,” and he’s like “oh, do you want me to let go?” and you’re like NO that’s not it,,,,,,but,,,,,,,,are you thinking about what she said????
  • and yoongi’s like “oh that we’re compatible? she’s right, we are.”
  • you look up at him and you’re like ???? what??? you think so and he’s like yeah,,,,,,i mean who else but me and you would pretend to be fake married for food
  • to which you’re like hmmm true,,,,,,but also you’re like,,,,,,,yoongi,,,,,,i want you to keep the ring i know it’s fake but you can have it
  • and yoongi is like chuckling and he’s like “of course im keeping it. we’re married, i can’t take it off.” and you’re like YOONGI and he’s like ok ok married might be taking it too far but it’s our first couple item right?
  • and you’re like COUPLE??!?!?? but also,,,,,, you can’t help but smile and yoongi catches it and puts his hand near his mouth to hide his own grin
  • and the train gets to your stop and yoongi gets up with you and you’re like don’t you have three more to go and he’s like “im going to walk you home,,,,,,it’d be rude if your boyfriend didn’t make sure you got home safe.”
  • you: boyfriend?
  • yoongi: husband?


  • every time Diana smiled angels sang
  • “I’m like a black hole…a snack hole…”
  • it had humor, heart, action, and every character had a moment to shine? amazing?
  • Barry visiting his dad in prison ohymyggo d d d d dd d dd d
  • Victor and Diana were everythi ng 
  • “Children…I’m working with children” 
  • there’s a fight scene at /a monument/ that was fucking in c re d ib  le 
  • there was a plot? and it made sense? wow
  • I have so much more to say but its all spoilers and I don’t wanna ruin this movie for anyone…
  • go see it as soon as you can. 
Someone That I [Wanna] Know Baekhyun Scenario

title’s on gotye’s song. that one where baekhyun falls for his ex’s roommate and kind of becomes a better person because of it. rated [m] for like the last four paragraphs but it’s not that graphic. 

“I’m not talking about having sex with her to get back at Taeyeon. I’m not even saying I’ll have sex with her at all.”

“Dude.” Minseok rolls his eyes as he finally puts his phone down and drags his engineering workbook over. “Just give it a while. If you want to be friends with her, fine. But just be friends for like, a month. You always rush into it and it ends up falling apart.”  

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Cold (J-Hope, You) Scenario

Inspired by the song: Back to December by Taylor Swift


That was the only word I could muster the moment I saw him. After months of not seeing each other nor getting in touch through calls or text, all I came up with was a single “hi” when I knew I should’ve said more.

I stood there on the balcony, away from the crowded room of my best friend’s house which has been turned into a celebrity pad. Musicians, singers, and producers were everywhere, celebrating Mina’s first award. Being the good friend that I am, I had to be there to support her. Even though I barely got any sleep from last night and barely had any rest since I had a packed schedule of recording and producing with two artists that morning which went on throughout the whole afternoon.

A loud yell followed by laughters sounded from inside and I figured more guests have arrived. It was late in the afternoon and I watched the sky turn from orange to light pink…to a dark shade of violet. Bringing the cup to my lips, I drank whatever’s left of my Coke. I needed all the sugar to keep me awake.


Licking my lips, I turned at the sound of my name then felt my heart stop when I saw who it was.

He was wearing a gray sweater over a white collared shirt; paired up with black knee length shorts and white sneaks. His hair color has changed to its natural state and has grown longer since the last time I’ve seen him.

Jung Hoseok, my mind processed and a thousand words were tied up with that name; each of them pushing at each other, fighting to be said first.

“Hi…” I croaked instead, losing my voice all of a sudden as I watched him go out of the balcony to stand beside me by the rail. I thought of how pathetic I was, not even having the courage to say his name.

“What are you doing out here?” He asked as he took a sip from his cup.

I gave him a small smile before turning towards to the side to grip the rail, forcing my racing heart to calm down. “It was a little too crowded for me.”

“That’s a funny excuse for someone who goes to concerts, award shows, and music festivals for a living.” He snickered and I sighed, not wanting to turn to him and see the smile I was sure was plastered on his beautiful face.

“I’ve been making a lot of lame excuses lately.” I murmured and the air suddenly grew still. I sneaked a glance at him and saw that he was staring out at the city, a hand in his left pocket.

“Yeah?” He muttered and I paused, wanting to say yes but too embarrassed to admit it.

For the truth was, everything had gone downhill the moment it became over between us. And as the awkwardness threatened to seep through our conversation, I knew for sure that nothing has ever been right the day I pushed Jung Hoseok out of my life.

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Sneaky Snacks Enrichment

I figured I would show everyone one of the many ways I stimulate Odin’s brain while I’m in class so he doesn’t get bored from just sitting in his enclosure all day. This is one of the easiest ways I have found to enrich Odin’s enclosure and it seems to be one of Odin’s favorites!

Disclaimer: This post has a picture of bugs below the cut.

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Arbor Breakfast Stout and Oyster Stout

Bristol’s Arbor are one of the wealth of new breweries that have sprung up around England in the last decade or so. Equally happy brewing traditional English styles as they are brewing American craft beer styles (or English styles with an American craft inspired twist), their output is mostly cask supported by kegs and bottles here and there. I have two of their brews to share with you awesome and sexyfull Tumblroo’s this fine, breezy, and sun dappled evening, and both are stouts. No need to thank me, I can feel the adoration radiation from my laptop screen. 

First up, Arbor Breakfast Stout, 7.4% abv. Based on an imperial stout, it’s loaded with oats, has a small amount of smoked malt and speciality German grains, and has locally roasted Brazilian Santos coffee beans and organic cacao nibs added to the boil. This particular beer also has a little drool added after the pour… *ahem

The burned caramel coloured head hides a hypnotising, void like darkness. Aromas of intense espresso and burned malts invade my nose holes and do terrible, unspeakable things to the roots of my braintree. I may have begun dancing. I brave the drool drizzled head and take a glug, it seems the nasal abuse was but the first stage in a pincer movement. Minions sculpted from dark roast coffee, cocoa, caramel, fig, and licorice are now swinging from my braintree’s branches, hootin’ an’ hollerin’ and waving burning torches. My dancing has now reached fever pitch, my feet whirligigging round the room full-on Northern Soul style. My surrender is unconditional to this full, rich, roasty, smooth as you like beer with a dry, bitter finish. Jeepers creepers, this is good.

Once I’ve recovered it’s time to attempt the next one, Arbor Oyster Stout, 4.6% abv. Back in the olden days of merry ol’ England, when vision worked in black and white and men dueled with their razor sharp waxed moustaches for the right to wear the tallest top hat, stout was consumed by the gallon in pubs across the land. Oysters were a favoured snack at these watering holes, and their briny goodness was a perfect pairing with the roasty black liquid. Some point later on a bonafide genius decided to put actual oysters in the brew itself, they were rewarded with a lovely new bright red bicycle (colour vision had been invented by now) by powers unknown and a sub-style was born. After falling out of favour in the latter part of the last century the oyster stout is back, and Arbour chuck loads of the delicious little things into the boil of their oatmeal stout. Just to watch them die. Or maybe ‘cause they they taste good. Nine different grains and Fuggles hops also feature, sounds good.

The pour is black, the head latte, and this time drool free. Masses of cocoa and heavily roasted malty aromas waft up from my weirdly jug like glass. A sip. Suddenly I’m a deep sea diver from times past sitting in my open bottom diving bell. Before a dive I like to relax with a nice stout, most of us daring divers do, dontcha know. The smooth, roasty ale’s chocolate and coffee flavours are there as you’d expect, but the lightless salt water below infuses the senses with a brininess that blends into the stouts initial taste. The roast soon begins to overpower this and is joined by slightly spicy, earthy notes before the moderately bitter finish brings the brine back. Damn good stuff.

I gotta say, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these West Country stouts. The Oyster Stout is a really good example of the style, slightly briny at the beginning and end, luscious, roasty stout goodness throughout. It is, however, the Breakfast Stout that’s won my heart. Intense, rich, decadent, bittersweet, and downright delicious. Now if you’ll excuse me, my dancin’ shoes are callin. Cheers!

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blue and gansey headcanons!

Prepare to regret asking this anon

  • They match accidentally and blue throws a fkn fit
  • Gansey thinks its cute when they wear the same shade of orange
  • “well I’m not gna change”
  • “neither am I”
  • “so then we are that couple”
  • Ronan is snickering in the background
  • Blue always doodles on gansey like they’ll just be sitting in the pig and blue whips out a pen and starts drawing lil flowers and bees (bc shes a shit) and dogs
  • Gansey thinks its adorable (he thinks everything she does is adorable let’s get real)
  • Gansey moves his lips while he reads and Blue tries to read his lips and guess what the sentence is
  • “the duck quacked’
  • “no, the boy snacked”
  • “the ass hole”
  • They have Disney marathons and gansey always points out the historical inaccuracies
  •  “pre-islamic Saudi arabia was a conservative society why is jasmine’s midriff showing?”
  • “gansey there are talking animals and genies, relax”
  • Theyre hella competitive but it’s rly dumb stuff like
  • Who can fit more grapes in their mouth (blue)
  • Who can piss off ronan faster (gansey, he has more practice)
  • Who can wear the most clothes at one time (blue)
  • Blue’s socks never match and most of their fights are abt this
  • “you look disheveled”
  • “your mom looks disheveled”
  • “Honestly Blue, you’re so immature”
  • “your mom’s so immature”
  • Blue always imitates gansey in the most ridiculous ways like one time she put apple juice in a wine glass and drank it trying to look superior
  • “blue wat r u doin”-ronan probs
  • “Contemplating”
  • Im sorry I have a lot to say abt bluesey
  • Send me a character or ship nd ill make headcanons

Niall: It was his idea to dance in the rain. He was the one who dumped his wallet and phone on the counter and tugged you out the back door and into the puddles. The rain was freezing as it kissed your faces, but neither of you minded as he spun you in circles, his blue eyes bright. When he was done and soaked to the bone, jeans clinging to his legs and shirt transparent, he tugged you back inside. You shivered as soon as you stepped into the room, wrapping your arms around your soaking wet body. Your shoes squeaked and you toed them off, the kitchen floor cool under your wet socks. “We’re a mess,” he laughed, brushing your wet hair out of your face. Thunder boomed over head, shaking the windows. “I don’t know, I think I look pretty cute,” you teased. He grinned,scooping you up over his shoulder and swatting your bum. “Let’s get you dry,” he carried you upstairs and into your shared bedroom. He sat you down, hands skimming down your shoulders. The light was muted, the heavy curtains blocking out the grayish sky outside. You lifted your arms above your head and he grinned, pulling the soaking shirt over your head. Immediately, his mouth dropped to your shoulder, the smell of rain and flowers mixing in the air. Your eyes closed as his fingers stripped away the rest of your clothing, his mouth still on your skin, “So beautiful,” he whispered softly. You grinned, tugging his wet clothes off as you fell back onto the mattress, his hands still tracing each inch of your skin. “Let’s stay here forever, okay? I just want to listen to the rain with you for the rest of my life.”

Harry: The power went out. Harry scrambled for candles and you grabbed flashlights and you met back up in the living room. Thunder roared again, the house shaking until the force. The storm wasn’t supposed to be this bad, but luckily enough you were with Harry. “This is insane,” he muttered, lighting the candles he brought. The room glowed gold, shadows dancing across the wall and across his jaw. “Wasn’t supposed to be this bad. Hey, maybe you’ll get stuck with me for a few days,” he wiggled his eyebrows and you laughed, settling back into the couch. You were supposed to make dinner tonight, but obviously that wasn’t happening now. “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” You asked cheekily. His eyes darkened, tongue darting out to lick his lips. “You have,” he said slowly, “no idea.” You gulped, the huskiness of his voice making you shiver. Rain slammed into the windows and you both hunkered down, curling up under blankets and watching the shadows move around the room. “Tell me a secret,” he said suddenly, the boyish gleam back in his eye. “I’m an open book,” you scoffed with a wave of your hand. “Hardly,” Harry grumbled. “Okay, a secret…” you thought for a moment, finger tapping against your lips. “You’re the only man whose ever loved me,” you confessed, eyes to the blanket. He froze, eyes blinking in surprise. “What? That can’t be true,” he took your hand, thumb tracing your palm. “It is,” you shrugged. “But I’m glad it’s you,” you admitted. He grinned, pressing a kiss to your fingers. “I’ll be the first, and I’ll be the last. There’s no way I’m ever letting you go.”

Zayn: He loved a good thunderstorm. There was nothing like it for him. He loved knowing that he didn’t have to do anything or go anywhere, he could stay huddled up inside and draw. But tonight he had you with him, and you did not like thunderstorms. You didn’t like the way the house shook, or the way lightening looked as it pierced the sky. You’d called him more than once when a storm hit, but luckily enough this time, Zayn had been prepared. He knew the storm was supposed to be bad and he came to get you, grabbing snacks and holing up in his house. You seemed more relaxed this way. “What are you doing?” You asked from your spot on the couch. He was turning the lights off one by one, lighting candles in their place. “The power is fine.” He grinned, shaking his head as he lit the last of them. The roof shook again and you shrank down, pulling the blanket to your chin. “I’m making the best of a situation,” he said coyly, his hand out for yours. “Um,” you blinked at him as he tugged you to your feet. He pressed a button on the stereo, the soft hums of music filling the room. “I want to dance with you, and I don’t like to dance. But since I met you, I wanted a moment like this. Wanted this memory,” he spun you once under his arm and brought you back into his chest, his cheek pressed against yours. Thunder rumbled again and you gripped him tighter, fingers digging into his back. “Shhh,” he hushed you, lips by your ear, “you’re safe with me, nothing will ever happen to you as long as I’m here. I promise. I’ll protect you for the rest of my life.”

Liam: “Look, I don’t know how to play poker,” you said for the eighteenth time. He grinned, shuffling the deck with expert grace. “You might not, but I do,” he winked, dealing you out your cards. “I don’t know why we have to play this, you know you’re going to win,” you growled, picking up your cards. It’d been raining all day and hadn’t stopped once. Not that you minded; you could think of worse things than dealing with a thunderstorm and being stuck in Liam’s flat. “But seriously, does it have to be strip poker?” You blushed, cheeks flaming red. “Yes,” he grinned wickedly, eyes glinting in the light. He explained the rules as best he could, showing you how to draw and what to look for. You had no idea. You sipped your drink while he made his move, eyes skimming his shoulders. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t get through the first game,” he said without lifting his eyes from his hand. You grinned saying, “you don’t need to play strip poker to get me to take my clothes off,” you said breathily. His eyes flicked to yours, his lips parted as he took a shaky breath. “No, but it creates tension, can’t you feel it?” He whispered. Thunder rumbled, lighting flashed and the rain beat harder against the windows. The air turned thicker making it harder to breathe as you looked at each other. “Yes,” you said huskily. He laid down his hand and you laid down yours. He won, of course. “Shirt, off,” he commanded, watching you tug the material away. You were left in your black bra, the one he loved so much and he growled. “You wanted tension, right?” you asked coyly, “so let’s play.”

Louis: He’s like a toddler. He doesn’t like being confined in small spaces for long periods of time. He needs to move, needs to stay active or else he’s horrid to be around. He was laying upside down on the couch, feet in the air. “I’m so bored,” he growled again. You laughed, looking over the top of your book at him. “So do something,” you suggestion dryly. He glared at you, blue eyes full of mischief. “Like what? It’s going to rain forever. Might as well build another arc,” he groaned, rolling to stand up. His head spun as he looked at you, utterly content with tea and your book. “What are you reading?” He asked, standing behind you. He rested his hands on your shoulder as he squinted at the text. “New book,” you said, flipping the page. “Want to read it to me?” he asked. You blinked up at him in surprise. “Um, sure.” He grabbed your tea and your hand and dragged you up and into his bedroom. He flopped down on the bed and patted the space beside him. He didn’t like being still, but if he was going to lay around, he was glad it was with you. You lay beside him and immediately he put his head on your shoulder, one arm slung across your tummy. There was nothing quite as relaxing as your voice, nothing that soothed him in the same way. He closed his eyes as your voice filled the room and every once in a while, he’d press a kiss to your shoulder or neck, wherever his lips could reach. “I love you,” he whispered as you read. You paused, turning your head to look at your half sleeping boyfriend. He nuzzled up into you, and you closed your book, rolling to your side and wrapping your arms around him. “I love you too.”

The sleeping giant NGC 4889 harbors a dark secret

The placid appearance of NGC 4889 can fool the unsuspecting observer. But the elliptical galaxy, pictured in this new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, harbours a dark secret. At its heart lurks one of the most massive black holes ever discovered.

Located about 300 million light-years away in the Coma Cluster, the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 4889, the brightest and largest galaxy in this image, is home to a record-breaking supermassive black hole. Twenty-one billion times the mass of the Sun, this black hole has an event horizon – the surface at which even light cannot escape its gravitational grasp – with a diameter of approximately 130 billion kilometres. This is about 15 times the diameter of Neptune’s orbit from the Sun. By comparison, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way, is believed to have a mass about four million times that of the Sun and an event horizon just one fifth the orbit of Mercury.

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