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Dating Kim Namjoon...

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based on this post by the lovely @weaxedanger and some added on my own here and there as usual! ;)
►5781 words / scenario, w: mentions of sex
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Namjoon had always been a sweetheart to you; well, in general, he’s a ball of sweetness, sunshine and sugar himself but let’s just say with you, it seems to be twice as much. You still remember of all the little things he’s done and when you find yourself missing him, it’s inevitable. All these thoughts would conjure when you least expected them but it’s not a bad thing when dating Namjoon…

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Astray -Part 12-

We kissed, so what’s next?

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It was another Saturday night where there were raging parties and bars were filled with college students. You were invited to those parties, Jimin and Namjoon telling you to come but you refused. You knew Jeongguk wouldn’t like parties, staying true to his lone wolf complex. He opted for a movie night with you, watching movies you both wanted to watch.

You two were at the convenience store; looking snacks and you somehow lost him in the store.



“Jeong-” You gasped when you felt hands on your sides and you jumped, his laughter commencing soon after. He held you with one arm and reached his head on your shoulder, you almost wanting to pinch his nose. You could tell he has his grin on his face and you elbowed him in the abdomen, hearing a satisfying “ow”.

“Hey, Bambi, can we buy this?” He was joking, right. He has to be.

“Why are you holding a box of _condoms, _Jeongguk?”

“I thought we were buying whatever we needed.”

“We don’t need that.” You hissed under your breath when you saw a older woman looking at you two before smiling.

“Kill me please.”

“That was hilarious.”

“Put them back.” You slapped them out of his hand and walked back to the aisle with snacks. He put his arm around you, you covering your cheeks, which were fresh from the embarrassing moment you just had.

“Bambi, it wasn’t that bad.”

“They probably think we’re sex crazed university students. Oh my god.”

“You’re overreacting.”

“She _smiled _at us. I could have sworn she winked at me too.”

“She winked? I didn’t notice.”


“Let’s just buy the snacks, Bambi.” You made sure you bought a new tub of cookies and cream and other snacks, Jeongguk bringing your haul of food to the counter.

“Oh, a young couple. You guys look cute together.” You didn’t reply, Jeongguk hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend yet. Just sharing a few kisses and maybe a lingering touch but he never went further than that.

You didn’t want to lose whatever you two were but you didn’t even _know _what you two were. He didn’t give any indications but you enjoyed the skinship he had with you.

He simply held your hand as he paid for the snacks, using your distracted state to pay. You didn’t like when he paid for everything, you had enough to pay for at least half.

“Are you going to complain about it?”


“I should have bought earplugs too..” You elbowed his side while he chortled and you two walked into the apartment building. Sheila greeted you both, returning to the magazine she was reading at the front desk and you walked into his apartment.

“I’ll change in the bathroom.” He said, taking his clothes with him as you change into sweats and a sweater. It was cold in his apartment, you having to cuddle close to him – not that you mind – and you went into the living room to  organize the snacks. He came out in just a shirt and sweats and poked at your tied hair.

“What do girls do at sleepovers? Braid each other’s hair?”

“You want me to braid yours?”

“You can’t even if you tried.”

“I have a better idea.” You got up, getting a hair tie and seeing his beanie in the way.

“Jeongguk, we’re inside. Why are you wearing a beanie?”

“Ah-Don’t touch it. Just play with my fringe, okay?”

“You’re no fun.”

“Are you pouting?”

“Will that make you change your mind?”

“Nope.” You flicked his head and went to sit next to him when he pulled you into his lap.

“This is your seat, why are you sitting in a different spot?” He was browsing through Netflix, his arm around you and his head on your shoulder again. You could feel his hot breath against the skin  of your neck and your mind was flooded with thoughts of what his breath tastes like.

“It was this one, right? It was first on the list.”


“Let’s start, shall we?” You watched eagerly, not letting your eyes wander off the screen and miss any action. He was a huge superhero fanboy; his devotion to Iron Man amazed you although you liked DC comics more based on characters.

It was a fight scene between the two sides, the villain was just about to end the hero’s life and you were into the scene until you felt his hand press on your thigh.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, Bambi.” He brushed his lips against your neck and you knew he was up to something but you didn’t want to stop him. You were beginning to like the way his hand brushed against your thigh, his cherry red lips tempting you and you want to fulfill this lustful craving.


“Yes, Bambi?”

“Kiss me.” You shifted in his lap to face him, his lips pressing against you seconds later and he pressed his hand on your back to support you.

You kept one hand in his cheek and the other rested on his chest,  his arm pulling you in and his hand in your hair. His lips were masterful, easily drawing you into his emotions and you felt his hand run down your legs that we’re now propped up against the armrest of the couch.

“So beautiful, baby.” You never heard him call you that, only calling you by your nickname and you could feel your face burning.

He was about to kiss you again when there was a knock on the door. You both cussed, wondering who interrupted what you two were doing. He went to open the door when you hear Jimin’s voice and there he was, walking into the living room.


“So, I get a tad bit busy and you decide to move in with the guy next door?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then what is it?”

“If you bothered to check up on your best friend, you would know that she got robbed. And I, being a good neighbour, decided that she could stay here.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Jimin, I did get robbed.”

“But he decided that you could stay here. Why did you just come to me?”

“I was. Then, he managed to persuade me.”

“Persuade you? Did you sleep with him?”

Park Jimin.”

“You kept telling me how much of an asshole he was even though you liked him.”

“So you did like me then, too huh?”

“Shut up, you’re not helping.”

“Now, you’re acting like he’s some Saint that helped you when you were vulnerable.”

“He’s definitely no saint. Besides, I would have to explain to you why I was staying over and you would call me ridiculous.”

“Do you think I’m close-minded?”

“Okay. Let’s play this scenario. Oh, hey Jimin. I know; I have extra baggage. My apartment got robbed by a thief that only steals underwear, mind if I stay here?”

“Your underwear got stolen?”

“Yup, they cleared out most of my drawer.”

“That lucky bastard.”

“The point is, you wouldn’t believe me.”

“Well, you’re telling me that there’s a ‘pantie pirate’ gong around.”

“See, that was the better name.”

Jeongguk.” You hissed and he put his arm around you, pulling you into his chest and you looked at Jimin. He was visibly upset by this, his eyes glaring at Jeongguk and you knew they were going to butt heads.

“Look, orange peel. It doesn’t matter now; she’s staying with me now.”

“How long has it been?”

“A few weeks.”

“And you just weren’t going to tell me?”


“I get it. I always tease you about how you never make progress with your crushes but I didn’t expect you to just move in with him.”

“I know.”

“Sorry for interrupting.”

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” You pushed him off you, you couldn’t ignore the hurt look he gave you before leaving and Jeongguk’s insensitivity was just rubbing salt on the wound.


“What? He just ignored me and just talked you, referring to me as if I wasn’t there.”

“But that doesn’t give you the go ahead to say that.”

“He doesn’t trust me.”

“Put yourself in his shoes.”

“I doubt they would fit.”

“Can you be serious for once?”

“I seriously think his shoes won’t fit me.”

“You’re ridiculous.” You grabbed his coat from the rack, loving how soft it was and he grabbed your wrist.

“Where are you going?”

“To talk to Jimin.”

“You’ve talked plenty just now.”

“He has more to say. I know he does.”


“He’s my best friend, Jeongguk. I’m not going to just let him feel-”

“Feel what, hurt? He came here, demanding answers from you after going MIA for weeks and you’re going to him because he was hurt by your answers.”

“How could you be so insensitive?”

“How could you be so blind?”

“Excuse me.”

“He likes you. Not like a friend or a sister. He likes you the way I like you. And I’m not going to let you go there and jump into his arms.”



“I can’t leave him when he’s like that”

“What about me?”

“What about you? You never once told me where we are.”

“I like you and you like me. We need to label that?”

“Yes, we do.”

“So, I can be an accessory to you.”


“No, it’s fine. Just liking each other isn’t good enough for you. We have to be a stupid label before you’ll believe it.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Then, what do you mean?”

“I don’t want to be your ‘sometime’. Or your ‘whenever you need me’. I want to be more than that.”

“You are.”

“Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like I am.” You slipped on your shoes, running down the street. He didn’t stop you this time, hoping he really won’t let you go. Nonetheless, you ran towards Jimin. You managed to catch the bus, Jimin’s orange hair making him easy to spot on that bus and you used your pass.

“Y/N?” You sat next to him, slightly out of breath but you needed clarity. Jeongguk has to be wrong about Jimin, he never looked at you differently. He asked for advice on girls and you were often his wingwoman when you were both single. He couldn’t like you, right.

“Jimin, do you…like me?”

Sorry this is so late… I was writing it and fell asleep ㅠㅠ  

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Les Amis Movie Night
  • Les Amis all crowd into the Musain every Saturday night to watch a movie.
  • Beforehand, they all go on a snack haul at the nearest supermarket, each one of them picking something and filling the cart with it. The cashier is always a bit perplexed to see a large group of young men stocking up on somewhat suspicious foods, but Jehan always sweet-talks them as a distraction.
  • It’s Courfeyrac’s job to select the movie, so he chooses scarier and scarier ones every time (much to his friends’ disapproval – there was once a vote to remove the position from Courf, but it was denied by Combeferre’s loyal vote) in the hopes of finally cracking Feuilly’s stoic regard to horror films, but it never does, and Courfeyrac just ends up being terrified to the point where he can’t fall asleep and stays up all night researching if the movie they watched was based on a true story.
  • Combeferre, contrary to Courfeyrac, is quite the horror movie enthusiast, and quotes the lines as if he has some sort of ESP power.
  • Enjolras is the one who makes comments all throughout the movie, usually receiving a piece of popcorn flicked in his face by Bahorel, whose aim is surprisingly accurate.
  • Grantaire laughs at the most inappropriate parts, but he can’t help it, because the plot is so generic in every horror movie (”Horror movies should just be called ‘White People’s Bad Decisions: Version 273′.”) and really no one argues with that.
  • Les Amis can’t be that mad at Grantaire, though, as Marius is over there in the corner, screaming at least twice during every scene.
  • After every scary part, you can always find Joly pulling out his phone to confirm that this couldn’t happen in real life.
  • Bossuet is always sobbing by the end, regardless of whether or not it was a sad movie.
  • Gavroche, falling asleep at the halfway mark on most nights, often ends up buried under a pile of blankets.
  • Feel free to add!
Phil’s Livestream // 12.6.15

He’s wearing the fox jumper

They decorated for Christmas

They got a new bookshelf behind the door of the lounge

He facetimed his parents while they decorated their tree

He got a text from Domino’s

They’re having their part 2 Star Wars marathon tonight

He bought plain Doritos ??

“Snack haul”

He got his dad Jurassic World for his dad for Christmas

He got Martyn Ready Player One

He got his mum scented soap erasers ?

“It is coming from the guy who bought me a drill” talking about his dad’s Christmas presents

“I don’t think I need another one of those in the house” about the stress mushroom

He shook his computer to “release the lag”

It was really windy 

He really wants a white Christmas

“Dear snow gods please give us some snow on Christmas day”

He wants some DVDs for Christmas because he’s lost loads of them

“Look out the window. Tickle a giraffe. Don’t be watching me live on younow.”


He hasn’t washed his hair today

He read that once the storms get to P it’s name will be Phil and he’s very excited about it

He wants to commentate storm Phil

Rose and Rosie are really nice and they talked about reindeer

Dan and Phil Christmas Radio Show the 21st

Neko atsume 

“There’s no cats there. Dammit!”

He showed us his cat yard

“My watermelon ball brings all the cats to the yard and they’re like meow meow meow meow”

He didn’t know you could rename the cats

We renamed Sunny as Ravioli 

He’s been waking up at strange times in the nigth

Dan and Phil Games video coming soon

His candle advent calendar doesn’t have pictures 

“I’m sorry for the accidental crotch cam”

“’You are delighPHIL’ oooh that hurt”

He’s waiting for a car trip to listen to Blue Neighbourhood 

Earth Song guy reenactment 

He’s recording his voice for something next week??

He’s going to a cake cutting in the north next week and having fake Christmas because he won’t be seeing them on actual Christmas 

“’Scare Dan’ okay I’ll just fill his room with spiders”

They’re restocking the Christmas jumpers soon

Itchy nose

He’s having Christmas with friends up north, then at home, and then actual Christmas with his family

Their publisher game them a giant ampersand for Dan “and” Phil

“Look I’m like an interior designer guys”

He doesn’t know how he feels about AHS this season

He’s looking forward to make the phan art video

He looked up “cooties” and apparently it means body lice 

“What is with you guys at strange places today?”

Big Hero 6 handshake

He did mouth exercises 

“I never know what’s happening”

He’s loving Haikyuu 

He tried to give himself 50 thumbs ups

Tips for getting over a cold

He did loads of tongue twisters

“I could do a 24 hour younow where I’m just like YOU CAN DO IT like Shia Lebeouf”

“I’ve got dogs” *shows the stuffed shibes*

“I’ve got a soft spot for Ewoks”

“It would be like a… squish”

He got overwhelmed by all of the compliments 

“You don’t need to wear something new every single day” *coughcough*

“It’s so silly to buy something you like and never wear it again”

In 6th form they weren’t allowed to wear jeans or fcuk hoodies

He got cats (Socks and Tabitha)

He renamed Socks to Dilcat

He had to leave because his friends are about to arrive


Mentions of Dan: ||||


Snack Haul!!

1. These are えび(ebi)せんべい( senbei). Ebi means shrimp and senbei are rice crackers. So shrimp flavored senbei and they are so delicious! These are mini ones, which I like better than the bigger senbei. The best part about them is that they’re not salty, like at all. You get the salt from the shrimp so it tastes more like shrimp than salt like a lot of American chips or crackers.

2. りんご(Ringo)means apple, but I’m not sure what type of apple because they’re smaller and fatter than the other dried apples they had there. Maybe its just the way they dried them, but these are also quite good. Each of them is also individually wrapped in handy wrap.

3. This is an assortment of bean Japanese sweets. There are ones that have an ice cream cone on the outside and on the inside could be red, white, or green bean. There are also little cakes of white bean, which are my ultimate favorite, that have a very slight flavor. There is also mochi in this too, which is super good. If I can I’m definitely bringing this back to the States with me.

4 and 5. These are the two flavored kitkats that I picked up. The first one is pumpkin pudding flavored and the second is cheesecake flavored. Now, let me tell you a little something about these. You bake them! They are not meant to be eaten raw but to be strictly baked! So, today Monica and I baked three of each in the toaster oven. I do not want to eat another raw kitkat again. They were amazing! All of the sugar caramelizes and then hardens after it cools. Soooo yummy!

6. This is what the kitkats looked like after we finished baking them.

AU where Bad Bob is a famous NFL quarterback, Jack is a Football!Robot and Bitty is a soccer player from small town Georgia.
  • After the pewee football incident, Suzanne starts looking for other sports that involve less contact than football, and she sees a local park’s sign for rec soccer. She signs bitty up immediately.
  • Bitty loves soccer, because he’s able to run fast and avoid being hit by passing the ball off to another player, or outright dodging any physicality with a maradona or a scissor.
  • When coach complains about Eric’s new sport, Suzanne always retorts with “well he technically is still playing football, now isn’t he”
  • Momma Bittle by far is the best soccer mom ever TM, she has all the snacks, hauls Eric’s ass all around Georgia and South Carolina when he starts playing for a club and can get into a mean shout out with the referee when needed.
  • When Eric gets into high school he joins the football team as a kicker in order to make Coach proud.
  • The football guys aren’t the best and Eric would much rather play with his club soccer team he’s grown up with, but he wants to make coach proud so he endures the horrors of High School football in the fall and plays Soccer in the spring and summer.
  • Come Senior year Eric has come to terms with his sexuality and wants to get out of GA ASAP, so he applies for sports scholarships playing football and soccer and ends up with a full ride as a Kicker for the Samwell Football team.  
  • Eric ignores coach’s complaints of Samwell not being in the SEC and goes anyway.
  • Jack is the Quarterback and current captain of the Samwell football team who is trying to live up to his father’s super bowl legacy.
  • It becomes a problem when Eric cannot take a hit, or messes up his kick whenever the opposing defender gets too close.
  • Jack helps Bittle in getting used to being rushed with oh! You guessed it! Morning practice!