snack for noah

“Daddy!” Luke’s son, Noah, shouted. 

Luke didn’t have time to brace himself, his six year old son barreling towards him knocking the both of them over in the process. They hit the ground with a thud, Luke breaking the fall for Noah who sat on his chest laughing. 

“Sorry, daddy,” Noah laughed, climbing off his father. 

“What’s up buddy?” Luke asked, ruffling his son’s hair once he was off the floor. 

“Will you take me to the store?” his son asked, eyes wide and lip jutted out ready to beg. “I need to get Carly a Valentine.” 

“Who’s Carly?” Luke asked. 

“Carly is Noah’s girlfriend,” you interrupted, joining the conversation. You set the baby monitor on the kitchen counter before walking over to your two boys. “I can take you to the store if you want.” 

“No,” Noah said, shaking his head in protest. “Daddy has to go with me. This is a boy’s job!” 

Slightly offended, you tried to play it off. You helped Noah get ready while chatting about some ideas he could use. Hopefully, with your ideas planted in his brain Luke wouldn’t have too much impact. Heaven knows Luke wasn’t the most romantic person ever – you often has flashbacks to the first Valentine’s Day when he got you two roses one of which had been dead for at least two days. 

With his son’s hand in his, Luke lead the two of them into the store. Figuring Noah just wanted to get Carly a card, he escorted his son towards the card aisle. Noah followed behind, only objecting when he realized where Luke was leading him. 

“Daddy,” Noah whined. “I already have a card! Mommy got me this super cool penguin themed ones for my whole class last week.” 

“You’ll have to show them to me,” he said, smiling at his son. His face falling only when he realized this outing wasn’t going to be as simple as he previously thought. “If you already have a card, what else do you need?” 

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “That’s wy I brought you. You always get mommy something nice so you can help me!” 

For the next hour, Luke and Noah wandered aimlessly throughout the store. They tried looking for a cute shirt but Noah didn’t know Carly’s size. Then they went to the book section but Noah claimed Carly had all the books, “she reads a lot daddy.” Luke even took Noah into the snack aisle but Noah couldn’t find anything he thought she’d like there either. Finally, Noah wandered into the toy section of the store, an exhausted Luke following closely behind. 

“Noah, we’re not here to shop for you,” Luke said, reminding his son as he wandered into the lego aisle of the store. 

“I know daddy,” Noah said, brushing his father’s comment off his shoulders. “Carly likes legos!” 

“Oh yeah?” Luke said, massaging his temples in the hopes of warding off his migraine. 

“Yeah! We play with them all the time during sharing centers! But they don’t have cool ones like these at school,” he pouted, walking farther down the aisle. Noah scanned the aisle for a few minutes before he landed on a Star Wars: The Force Awakens set. “This one’s perfect!” he shouted, grabbing it off the shelf to show Luke. 

“That’s super cool Noah,” Luke smiled. “Is that what you want to get her?” 

Noah deliberated for a few seconds before he shakes his head in approval. “I think she’ll like it,” he said, the two of them making their way towards the register. 

“I’m sure she’ll love it, buddy,” Luke assured him. 

“I hope so,” he said. 

It was later that week, that Noah came rushing into the house, a red headed little girl chasing after him, the lego set bouncing in her hands. The two of them threw their backpacks at the door before tearing open the set and letting the legos fall onto the rug in the living room. 

Luke couldn’t help but smile at the sight in front of him, but his smile didn’t last long. He had forgotten to get you a Valentine’s day gift, again

“Fuck,” he cursed, earning a glare from Noah. 

“You forgot again didn’t you,” you sighed, wrapping your arms around your husband’s middle. Standing on your tip toes, you rested your chin on his shoulder so you could see your son. “It’s okay,” you said, kissing his shoulders. “You made Noah’s Valentine’s day perfect and that’s all that matters to me.” 

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3 years ago:

Y/N P.O.V.

No this can’t be happening. Why would he do this to me, to us? Jack just broke up with me because he said he fell in love with someone else and he wanted me out of the house. I was suppose to tell him he was going to be a dad. I have to be strong for my baby and be the best mother to him/her.

Present time:

During my pregnancy I found out that I was expecting twins. Today is the day I will be seeing some friends again and I couldn’t be happier.

On my way to my friends house I decided to stop by the store and grab a few snacks for Noah and Sophia. We were walking down the aisle when I heard someone call my name. There he was, the one that broke my heart but I still loved him.

“Jack” I said. He just stood there staring at his children even though he didn’t know it.

“You’re married?"he asked while looking broken hearted. Jack was devastated thinking that you moved on and started your own family.

"No, I’m not married. I never wanted you to find out this way Jack but they are your children.” You responded. He got really pale and started crying.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me? They’re my children too.” He asked you. He went up to them and looked at them and he saw that they had his eyes and his blonde hair.

“You broke up with me and told me you loved someone else!” By now you both were crying. He put your children back in the cart and went up to you. He pulled you to him and he kissed you with all he had and you kissed him back because you never got over him.

“Yes, I told you that but I have never loved anyone the way I love you. And now you have given me the best thing in the world and that is our children. I still love you, I never got over you. I was waiting everyday for you to come back to me but you never did until today and I will never let you go.” He said.

“This doesn’t mean we are together again. You have to prove that you really want to be with us.” You told him.

2 years later:

That day after you saw Jack again he proved to you that he really wanted you back. You were glad you gave him a second chance because you had a happy family and another would join the Johnson family in eight months.

how i think the boys would be as parents

magcon addition. if you feel like the term “don’t tell your momma” is being repeated its bc it is. this is my first preference thingy so bare with me here.

includes: Cameron, Nash, Matt, Carter, Taylor, and the Jacks


Cameron: I feel like he would extra caring. You’d be on bed rest as your pregnancy got further and further along. You felt so bad for Cam like he’d have to chase after your 4 year old all day and somehow manage to cook and clean for them both. All you could hear was your little boy, Casen, yelling and his little footsteps echoing in the hall. “Casen Evan! Your mom doesn’t like it when you run! Please don’t!” Cam screamed after him. You laughed and got up, waddling your way to the door. You opened it and looked out slowly. Casen was naked and food was all over everywhere. You came out and picked up everything real quick, “Cameron, baby,” “YN! Get your cute little ass back in that bed! I got this!” he ran up the stairs and swooped you up and laid you down kissing you softly. “I can do this babe.” he smiled. “I believe in you, baby, but Casen doesn’t, and if i’m not mistaken thats the back door opening.” you laughed as Cameron ran out “Casen Evan Dallas!! Get back in here!”

Nash: He’d be that cool dad that everyone would want. Your little 7 year old was having his very first sleepover party with his friends from school. “No girls allowed, mommy! Girls are nasty.” he said pushing you out of the way when you answered the door for his friends. His friends moms laughed as you introduced everyone. Nash took Noah and his friends to the backyard where laughter and failed tent attempts was all that could have been heard. “Snacks, anyone??” you came out leaning against the door. Nash hurried and jumped up retrieved the snacks and gave you a quick kiss before shutting you back in the house. You shook your head with a laugh. Eventually, you headed off to sleep with Nash watching over the boys. You got up around 6 to head off for work when you see Nash and a huddle of 7 year olds playing violent video games surrended by sugary snacks and red bulls. “Noah, whatever you do, don’t tell your mother about this, she’d kick my ass.” they all laughed. “Consider it done, Hamilton.” you glared at him walking over to the door. “Ooohhh!!” Noah and his friends laughed.

Matt: He’d be so caring omfg and  he’d just love you while you’re in your mother mode. You would be cleaning up the kitchen after cooking dinner while Matt puts your baby girl to sleep. He’d sneak by down the stairs watching you with a smile on his face. “What are you smiling at, Matthew?” you look at him confused. “My beautiful wife.” he said sweetly and walked to you and kissed you sweetly. You smiled. “Aw, i love you babe” he sat you up on your newly washed counters and kissed you hands on your thighs. “Mm, Matthew Lee what do you think you’re doing??” you hummed playing with the back of his hair. He smirked against your neck “Fucking my beautiful wife on the counters she’d just cleaned.” a blush crept onto your cheeks “Matthew! Isabel will wake up… No..” he kissed you again “Too late, it’s happening now, deal with it.” he kissed you again, just as he hands slid up your shirt Isabel started crying. You smiled as did he “Get used to it, Espinosa, this is our life for a couple years.” “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he smiled big and headed up to Isabel’s room.

Taylor:  He would be a little careless, he wanted his children to have a fun life. He’d be their best friend, because he knew how hard life could be“Don’t tell your mother about this, Michael, or so help us god..” Taylor spoke down to your 12 year old son. “Don’t tell me what??” you spoke rounding the corner. “Oh shit.. Nothing babe.” he smiled. “Yeah, mom, i’m a good kid, you know this.” Michael smiled at you, looking just like his dad. “No you aren’t, you’re Taylor Caniff’s son, now what did you two do??” you looked between them both. Michael looked up to Taylor and he shook his head no. You glared at Michael, “Tell me or you’re grounded for a week with no electronics.” “Mom! Dad!” he looked up at Taylor. “1..2..” you started “Okay! Dad let me drive the Corvette around! He even let me push 90!” Michael confessed in a hurry. You raised an eyebrow. “You’re fucking dead, Caniff.” you said glaring at them both. “Which one?” questioned Michael looking between you and Taylor, “Both.” you gave them both the best evil mom glare you could. “Son, run.” Taylor said as they both took off running.

Carter:  He’d get anything and everything his little princess could ever want. Matching outfits, shoes, beanies, everything. It’s not like she needed it, they were twins already. “Babe! Look what Elowyn did today!” he brought her in there and laid her flat on the ground, she grunted a few times and eventually rolled over. “Awwww! My little baby is growing up so fast!” you cooed and scooped her up and hugged her tight. She pulled on your hair and turned around to her dad and smiled at him blowing spit bubbles. “She’s such a daddy’s girl. Its not fair.” you laughed and pouted handing her over to Carter. “Yeah, just like her momma, daddy’s girl.” he smirked and slapped your ass. You gasped “Carter!” he laughed and smirked. 

Jack J:  His little princess would be just like him. In every way. And god, did Johnson love it. “Momma! I made a friend today! Her name is Grace too!!” your little girl, Grace ran up to you and hugged you after coming home from school. “Hm, sounds like her dad huh? Making friends with her same name..” Jack spoke up hanging her bookbag in the door way. “Shut it, Jack. Tell me all about her, hon.” you picked her up and took her to the kitchen fixing her lunch. Johnson walked up and took her, “I love my girls, you two mean the world to me.” he smiled ad kissed Grace’s forehead and your lips, he whispered in your ear “Since Grace is my mini-me, after she’s asleep we can start working on making you a mini-me.” he kissed your ear and then walked off with Grace, “Hey, lets call uncle Jack and he can come and get you and you can tell him all about your new friend Grace!” they both cheered and you bit your lip excited for what will come.

Jack G: He’d be that dad that would be overprotective yet melt when its just him and his princess around. His little girl, Finnley, had him wrapped around her little finger and she knows it. You had sent him out to pick up some basic milk and eggs and he came back with 4 new dresses and 3 bags of candy with a giggling Finnley on his back. “Jack! What’s all this?” he sighed “I just can’t say no to her, babe.. She’s my little Princess.” he smiles sweetly and sets all the stuff down, including Finnley. “If she’s your princess, does that make me your queen?” you said biting your lip a little. “Of course, baby.” he walked over to you and kissed your neck and whispered seductively in your ear “My sexy ass queen that i’m gonna make scream later.” you gasped a little. “Hey, Fin, you wanna go have a play date with Uncle Jack and little Gracie??” you called out while Jack kissed your neck one last time “YEAAHH!” she yelled. “I even got new princess dresses!” she screamed throwing the bags around looking for them. 


hope you enjoyed, i tried really hard on these. 

Dungeons and Demons

Prompt: Now I really want a trancendence au fic about people playing dd&d and accidentally summoning Alcor through some very accurate world building maps on the dm’s part. And initially their all like ‘plz don’t kill us!’ And Alcor like ‘only if I can join u’ and then they become part of a weekly game group or somethign idk

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“You enter the darkened room. It’s lit by flickering candles,” Mark said, clapping the lights off in his living room so the game was lit by the candles he’d set around for atmosphere.

“Using the clapper really ruins the mood,” Adam commented, deliberately ignored by Mark as he continued setting the scene.

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