senator kylo ren, human disaster, part 1/3

Because @valinwhore​ won’t stop doing illustrations that are driving me out of my mind, I’m posting the fic in installments so people can understand why on earth we are doing these things. Oh, and @cy-lindric has not refrained from contributing from this ecstasy of group production. 

Note: you may have read this in snips and snabs before as I cut juicy tidbits out, but this is the Real Deal. Content warning for some references to homophobia in the First Order, anvillicious foreshadowing, and for Kylo trying to bump heads with Palpatine for ‘worst most evil senator’ ever. He’s young, but plucky!

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I'm a happy girl ;)

1) confirmed news that emmerdale won best soap at an award show they are notoriously overlooked at.

2) danny miller won best actor out of a pool of fierce competition (I was scared danny dyer would have snabbed it)

3) best dramatic male performance basically sums up danny’s entire acting style for me - so damn dramatic and beautiful.

4) val got scene of the year which I am just over the moon with because damn that scene was soooo perfectly her and spectacular.

5) ian confirming that aaron and robert will not only be together still in october but they will be a power couple strong enough to have a big story for in the week he keeps talking about…

6) …in said week robron will have a funny and romantic storyline, i don’t know about anyone else but for me I feel like amongst maybe the more dramatic events of the week, robert and aaron will provide a bit of light relief, maybe like a romantic date gone wrong or something like that. I can see it now…

7) …but then of course the heart stopping and edge of your seat stuff will be them getting caught up in the madness somehow and maybe guys we might get a threat to someone’s life like in august and this time the sort of reaction moira gave when she thought cain was dead (that shit was epic)

8) news that although chas will have the whole PTSD storyline, aaron will still have his own lil family with robert and liv who he will also be focusing on.

9) next week we have a whole week of robron, robert and liv bonding, robert talking about jack, aaron possibly freaking out about robert going to prison which may lead to….

10) touching each other intimately guys, another aaron initiated hug, a kiss or even guys…brace yourself…an ‘I love you’

we are very lucky right about now ;) emmerdale recognition at awards finally ;) robron have a future with big storylines for them in october ;) and all next week’s drama too ;)

Having a bad day? Here’s a gif of a freshly home-cooked, easy baked cinnamon roll laughing bubbly to help brighten your day.

He’s so precious when he laughs *A* If I didn’t love him before (which I already did even before the show premiered) then I love him even more now. What is higher than love?

Look at him! Look at this adorable home-cooked, easy baked cinnamon roll of a fashion prince with a contagious laugh so warm and delightful, it’ll make your heart melt like butter on frying pan *A*
Seriously, if this moment didn’t melt you then…don’t worry, I’m sure this cutiepie will bring more precious scenes in future episodes to come. 
YESSSSSS! I was waiting patiently for someone to gif this so that I can snab it for myself. This moment solidified my eternal adoration for the character of Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir.
He is too perfect. Too precious for words. Not only is this an adorable moment from a great character but it is also a gorgeous and very impressive piece of animation.

Look at those gorgeous expressions both before and after he bursts out laughing. It’s so real! Everything about is so perfect. Aaah! The eyes! So full of life. The eyes are my favourite part about this! *U*

I think…is it just me or was this the first time we’ve actually seen Adrien laugh without it being sarcastic (when Ladybug makes a wry jab as him as Chat Noir) or uncomfortable (like when he’s with Chloe). I think this is the first time we’ve actually seen him laugh in the series and it’s so signficant because…it was shared with Marinette…

His first friend (yeah, yeah I know Chloe was his first childhood friend and that Nino was the first person he chummed up to when he started school but…Marinette is the first person Adrien actually felt proud enough to call his friend. He was so happy about it that for a split second I actually think I saw the hint of a light blush on those rosy cheeks of his. 

Aaah yes, I can hear a miraculous rendition of “Thank You For Being a Friend” from the Gold Girls’ soundtrack playing right now.

Marinette was his first. His first friend (among other thangs *wink**wonk*)  Aahhhhh *melts into puddle of Ladynoir shipping goo*

I love him. I love this pairing and I love this show! Miraculous, simple the BEST!

Sorry, I had to show it twice cause I just love this moment so much *U* I’m gonna finds lots of ways to use this gif cause I heart it so much. 
Darling baby boy too perfect for this world~

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)


“In this world, nothing is more changeable than a man’s heart. No man can avoid being snabbed in its web and no man can suppress his own heart. Man realizes his capacity for joy through his experiences of love and his capacity for ruin. Could it be even ruin holds an irresistible fascination for man?”