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Title: They Will Meet My Teeth 

Pairing: SidLink

Rating: Teen and Up 

Tags: Graphic Violence, Angst, Hurt / Comfort, Feral / Protective Sidon

Summary:  He’s injured, losing blood quick but there is a murderous Centaur hot on his trail. However, the problem with going after the Champion of Hyrule with the intent to grind him into minced Link is that his boyfriend is a very large, very strong shark man who’s got no issue with using his teeth against those dumb enough to try.

A/N: Thank you for the request! I’m sorry it took so long. Anyway, I’m not so sure I got the “feral” aspect quite right but I hope it’s close enough. Regardless, I hope you like it! 

This has also been posted on AO3 so if you’d like to read it there! Comments, reblogs, kudos and reblogs are very much appreciated! Thank you! 


The fear in his mouth tasted like copper, though it was more likely just the flavor of the blood pooling under his tongue.

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Result after having my heart ripped out by Flowerfell 

Original flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas / @siviosanei

And based off the fanfic Overgrowth by @leviticusarts

 I’d just like to thank your beautiful sadistic souls for this… //weeps

Sketchy because it’s really late and I can’t sleep and this AU is hurting me so much OMG

fablehavenfantasy  asked:

Moar askè?? Can I get uhhhhh your favorite skele's sleepy headcanons?

Oh geez MY favorites?????

Undertale!Sans aka Snas
This boi is always sleepy. He always looks worn out and ready for a nap. And he’s already ready for that nap. He’s got pretty noticeable circles under his eyes. He’ll fall asleep anywhere; at work, at the dining room table, in the line at the store, in the tub… you’d better keep a close eye on him, and move him to the couch or a bed before he gets kinks in his bones from sleeping in weird positions. Cause he does that. He will fall asleep in weird positions. Fix him before he hurts himself.

Underfell!Sans aka Red
He’s really grumpy when he’s sleepy. Which is at least 80% of the time. You’d better learn how to put up with his complaining early. Like Snas, he can fall asleep in the strangest places in the weirdest positions, but he doesn’t let himself fall asleep as easily as he does. Coming from Underfell, he always had to be on his toes. It’s much harder for him to sleep. This poor skel is lowkey an insomniac, and needs help getting to sleep most of the time, or else he’ll stay up all through the night and only get rest through short bursts of naps for a while. Be sure to give him warm snacks and hot, sugar-free drinks before bed, with lots of cuddles included. He needs them. Oh yeah, and he snores. Get him a humidifier. 

Underfell!Papyrus aka Edge
When this edgelord is sleepy, the world will know it. He’s super cranky when he’s tired. He’s a lot snappier too, and will lash out at the little things, like a dripping water facet or a fan that’s a little too loud. The more tired he is, the louder he is. But when he finally crashes, he crashes hard. Like Pap, Edge refuses sleep a lot of the time, and only sleeps a little bit every once in a while. But sometimes, he’s too tired to carry on, and he can pass out for a good 12 hours. But don’t worry, sleeping next to this spiky boi is better than you think; he sleeps as stiff as a board; he doesn’t kick and fidget in his sleep at all, unlike the other Papyruses. He’s still makes a good pillow, though.

Underswap!Papyrus aka Stretch
Oh boy, does this man nod off. You can actually catch him bobbing his head as he tries to keep himself awake. He’s the master of falling asleep sitting up. Unlike the lazy Sanses, this Papyrus doesn’t lose sleep because of depression or nightmares (thought that’s still a factor), it’s mostly because this wacko stays up really late at night watching Adult Swim and YouTube while browsing Reddit or something. He’s a grade-A night owl. He makes chicken nuggets in the middle of the night. You’re gonna have to help him get his sleep schedule back on track. And when he sleeps, he’s going to wrap himself around you. You’re always the small spoon with him.

Fellswap!Papyrus aka Mutt
Poor Mutt has it the worst out of them all. He’s the worst insomniac out of all the skellies; he needs someone snuggling him as he sleeps for him to get a good rest. He probably also has the most noticeable rings under his eyes out of them all, too. You’re going to have to coax him into bed for a nap with comforting things, like a hot blanket fresh from the dryer, chamomile tea, a calm movie, and promise of endless snuggles. But when he’s finally asleep, he’s clingy. He’ll be attached to you all throughout the night, his face buried in your hair or neck. He won’t let go all night long. You’re his teddy bear. Here’s to hoping you don’t toss and turn too much.

Echotale!Sans aka G
G is subtle about his sleepiness. He’s got it about the same as classic Snas, but he’s way better at hiding it. However, if you’ve got a keen eye, you can see his eyelids flicker a bit and his lean on the wall a bit more slumped. He’ll deny any sleepiness he’s got, but you can tell from the slightly lower, more rumbly pitch of his voice that he’s starting to nod off. You’ll have to guide him to his bed or else he’ll fall asleep leaned on the wall. He’s a careful cuddler in his sleep too, he likes to have his arm around you in his sleep. Though he does have a minor case of light snoring. Smoking does that.

skelliesforusall  asked:

How about UT!Sans, the Fell Bros, and US!Pap (my boys <3) with an S/O that sings a lot, and is really into music? Like, they're caught humming along to melodies in movies, singing in the shower, murmuring song lyrics while getting work done a lot? They have headphones in a lot of the time, too.

ok this sounds fun to write! because its so me

UT snas

he loves your voice and will follow you around the house listening to you sing and hum to songs you like, if your singing a song that he knows he’ll quietly hum along with you. Your singing lets him know your still here, it kinda keeps him grounded. that as long as your singing he’s still here, and still happy, with you, and not in the underground with that kid and being banned from seeing the stars or you, he’ll never record you though, because he likes it better when he hears you for real, your voice reassures him that he’s still here and still loves you, and you still love him. and he’ll keep it that way for as long as he can. keep singing s/o! you help him out!

UF snas (Red)

your singing is the best thing in the world for him. he’ll often ask you to sing a certain song or tune. you always hold him and hum if he’s ever having an anxiety attack, you really help calm him down if he’s stressed, and like sans you let red know that you’re still here on the surface with him. and that he loves you, he’ll often record you when you’re unaware of it and listen to it on a regular basis and just stroll around the house humming along quietly. he loves your voice! 

UF papyro (Edge)

WELL THERE FRIENDO PREPARE FOR DUETS GALORE! this skelebean will sing with you all the time as long as your in a confided area where no one else hears you two. he wont record you singing, the damn receiver makes you sound different than the real thing, but please teach him to sing a little, hun he’s kinda tone deaf.. KEEP TEACHING BUDDY!

US papyro (stretch)

he loves your voice, it gets stuck in his head all day and he always thinks of how happy you are when you sing or hum, but when you’re not looking hell take one headphone off and wrap his arms loosely around your waist and quietly sing along to the song with you while rocking side to side gently. he’ll record you and listen to you to help him sleep at night. your voice relaxes him a lot and he loves it when your genuinely happy about something. KEEP SINGING HE LOVES IT!

hey i hope you like it!! i actually loved writing this once it was really fun! please come again and ask sometime soon!

Guess who made the ultimate mistake of reading Overgrowth while they were in class? The idiot op, right here. 

I just found out about the Flowerfell AU by @underfart-snas​/@siviosanei and I think I now know what it feels like to get impaled in the heart by a bone. 

anonymous asked:

have you played portal 2? if you have, can you write the ut/uf/us skelebros' reaction to wheatley's betrayal halfway through the game?



I’m sorry anon, but since this one is so long, I dropped the Underswap bros from this one, just because this one took a long time to write :/

“Don’t think I’m not onto you too, lady. You know what you are? Selfish. I’ve done nothing but sacrifice to get us here, and what have you sacrificed? Nothing. Zero. All you’ve done is boss me around. Well, now who’s the boss? Who’s the boss? It’s me.”

Undertale!Sans aka Snas
He wasn’t the most enthusiastic going into the game, but he had to admit the puzzle elements reminded him of his brother, and the sciency atmosphere of the game was really cool. So he rolled with it. He really liked this Wheatley character, too. Funny, and kinda cute. His antics got a chuckle out of him from time to time. The game wasn’t difficult for him, either. But as soon as the “boss battle” with GLaDOS came up in Chapter 5, he already was picking up on some fishy vibes, but didn’t think much of it. He braces himself for a tight battle, but feels uneasy as he realizes there’s no threat… this is it, right? The ending? Where’s the ending?… A core transfer? Alright, okay, he can roll with this. He goes along with it. And as Wheatley starts acting amiss, he shifts in his seat. His smile becomes more strained. Then the laughter… the sick laughter… Snas nearly drops the controller. His eyelights go out completely. He starts tuning out the dialogue. He doesn’t like it. He’s completely still and silent, not even breathing, as Wheatley banishes him and PotatOS to Old Aperture. He acts completely different around Wheatley after that. He’s cold, almost ignoring him. He completes the game with the same cold attitude that he has during a genocide battle. But he can’t help the pang of pity and regret he feels every time he thinks of the little Intelligence Dampening Sphere.

Undertale!Papyrus aka Pap
Good old Pap was having a blast up until this point in the game. Puzzles and mind games? This was right up his alley! He got very attached to the lovable Wheatley too, with his cute, silly antics and funny dialog. And when the “boss fight” with GLaDOS came up, he was excited as all hell, he was ready to put his skills to the test! Oh… a core transfer? Alright, alright, this wasn’t exactly what he was hoping for, but he was still optimistic. Perhaps GLaDOS would put up more of a fight! No?… No, she went out so easily… But Pap was happy to see his old pal Wheatley so happy. But as Wheatley started laughing, laughing more and more, Pap’s bones run cold. What happened to his friend? Why was he acting like that?? Was he okay?? Then Wheatley got up in his face, saying all those bad things… Pap was deeply disturbed by the sudden change in pace in Wheatley’s character. The potato battery? The insults?? That wasn’t his friend anymore. He’s flinching as Wheatley punches the lift into the pit. He’s hurt, he actually feels the betrayal in his SOUL. He turns off the game at the next save point and doesn’t touch it for a week. But he figures out quicker than most that it was the programming in the core system that messed up his brain, and not just Wheatley going mad with power, and gives Wheatley the benefit of the doubt throughout the rest of the game. He cries at the ending, and will often remissness about how he wishes he could have saved him.

Underfell!Sans aka Red
This dude loves video games. More than he probably should. So, hearing about this game got him pumped. He started the game excited and eager, and the second he met Wheatley, he knew he liked him. Who wouldn’t love this goofball? This literal goofball? Wheatley’s got him laughing a good portion of the time. He really likes him, for comedy reasons alone. So the second he charged in to take down GLaDOS, he was ready to end the game escaping with his little buddy. He gets a little upset when he first hears about the core transfer. He didn’t get to escape with his bud? Alright, fine, okay, whatever. At least he’ll be happy, being in control of the facility and what not. He’s salty about it, but he hops into the lift ready to end the game. But then it stops. He’s confused. Worried. Why is he laughing? Why is he laughing like that?? His eye flashes with shock and anger hearing his little buddy’s little speech. It takes all his strength to not shatter the controller in his grip. What, so the one thing he got attached to in this robotic hellhole just fucking betrays him, like that?? Like he’s nothing?? He’s pissed, and he’s hurt. He storms through the rest of the game, ready to get his vengeance against Wheatley. He even earns Smash TV achievement out of pure spite. Red finishes the game and shoves it away. His favorite character isn’t Wheatley anymore. It’s Rick. He doesn’t touch the game again after finishing it.

Underfell!Papyrus aka Edge
It took a lot of convincing to get Edge to pick up a video game. The only reason he gave in at all was the promise of dangerous, challenging puzzles. He begrudgingly starts the game and makes sarcastic comments throughout the whole thing, claiming that nothing the game did was a surprise, and that it was the easiest game he’s ever played. His multiple deaths in the game say otherwise. He actually claims Wheatley was annoying as a character, and groaned loudly at whatever he did that could be considered slightly bothering. But as he gets to the GLaDOS boss battle, he’s itching in anticipation. “FINALLY, A REAL CHALLENGE!” he claims. He complains endlessly about the core transfer, demanding a real battle and not this “dramatic” nonsense! He sits back in his seat as he enters the lift, disappointed and bored. But oh? What’s this? Wheatley… betraying him? He’s offended. He’s proud. He’s pissed. He’s excited. This is everything he wanted; something interesting! New! He claims later “OF COURSE THE ANNOYING SPHERE WAS GOING TO BETRAY US! WHO WOULDN’T, GIVEN SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY?” He finishes the game after a while, not phased at all emotionally by the true boss battle. But you can see a slight twitch in his eye socket at Wheatley’s ending dialog. He sits up and leaves, thanking you for the experience, and never brings it up again.

anonymous asked:

Um I’m just curious why are you making the comic? Sorry if it um is a bad question it is just out of curiosity the original was underfart-snas so. Um it if fine if you don’t answered this I was just curious.

Guess whos been listening to Drop Pop Candy nonstop forever