Human Garden

If you give them enough LOVE, they’ll bloom.

Secret secret~~~

This is super inspired by Secret base by Zone (yeah the ED of Anohana The flower we saw that day cry with me)

“Don’t go Sweetheart”

“Please Smile for me Sans”


Why am I doing this to myself!

They are worth of 2 pages on my notebook and probably all of the pages. XD

Still this is such a beautiful AU and fanfic 

Flowerfell by @siviosanei​ or @underfart-snas

Overgrowth by @leviticusarts

Art by me~

Undertale©Toby Fox

anonymous asked:

Hey, Sans! You remind me of a certain other Sans I know.. Do you have any special attacks?

* uh, yeah. strings.

* never met one who used string magic, though.


“I’m a sight for sore eyes sweetheart.”


“you don’t need treats, you don’t need tricks, you don’t need me.”


So I read overgrowth and-

I couldn’t resist

I’d love to watercolor but since I don’t have the materials I did it digitally in paint tool sai and photoshop.

I loved drawing these and coloring them it was so pleasing.

Flowerfell AU-   @siviosanei​ and  @underfart-snas

Overgrowth-  @leviticusarts

If you’ve got an hour to spare I’d recommend reading it

  • Chara:dunk me again snas... Dunk me...
  • Sans:pls I am tired pls stop
  • Chara:[loads save]
  • Chara:DUNK ME
  • Sans:all my friends are dead

turtletotem asked:

For you and SNA's thoughts re: Erik not liking you -- if it helps any, with gay rights and mutant rights being such close parallels, any gay fan might "translate" into the X-Men universe as a mutant! (Alas that I am straight, but I don't think I'm Brotherhood material anyway.)

Oh, good point! I mean, that “coming out” scene in X2 with Bobby’s parents was perhaps the least subtle metaphor I’ve ever seen lol. 

(I’m straight too, so he’d kill me anyway, but you’re a turtle, so I think he’d spare you :) (Though now I’m thinking about Erik having a pet turtle and it’s making me giggle XD He keeps it with him in his super secret Brotherhood base and dotes on it when no one is looking. One time, a new recruit makes fun of his turtle and learns very swiftly that there are stiff consequences for doing so because Erik’s turtle is the best goddamn turtle in the entire world, thank you very much.))

therealbillcipheruniverse asked:

Hey sans, have you ever met swaptale papyrus? I feel like it could get awkward.

* he’s pretty chill.
* it was kinda weird seeing a papyrus that acts like me though.

((i assumed you meant underswap?? cause i know of a comic called swaptale but it’s been discontinued for a while now so i dunno. also i love underswap so,,, sorry if i was wrong ;;;  -mod snas))