• Naruto: Sasuke, you're so hard to read.
  • Sasuke: actually if you'd just liste-
  • Naruto: so complicated.
  • Sasuke: all I want is-
  • Naruto: so mysterious.
Timetable for streaming/voting:

This is just a short overview of when streaming/voting opens/closes as I’ve got a few questions from uncertain BABYz concerning it.

  • Melon streaming is once every hour all day + night and all days of the week. It does not close, but remains open at all times, so please do NOT stop streaming on Melon.
  • Tudou streaming opens every Wednesday at 00:00AM KST and closes every Monday. International BABYz, please check your time zones. We’ll have to be prepared for streaming as soon as it’s Thursday in Korea. And please note that Tudou streaming is EVERY week.
  • SNS voting for The Show opens every Thursday. However, we have to wait for the announcement before we can start tweeting. SNS voting for The Show closes on Mondays, too, so you can tweet day/night within the set time frame.
  • Show Champion voting reopens every Tuesday, and then closes every Sunday. Every single week.
  • MCountdown voting opens every Thursday at 00:00AM KST (as soon as it’s Friday in Korea), and then closes every Monday. Every week.



Super Junior’s Kibum surprises fans with his first tweet in 10 months

Super Junior‘s Kim Kibum has finally shown a glimpse of himself through SNS to fans who have been long-awaiting for an update regarding the idle artist.
On July 17th, Kim Kibum of Super Junior posted a brand new tweet onto his official Twitter account with the short comment, “Hello,” which is the idol star’s first tweet in approximately 10 months.
In September 2014, Kibum returned to the SNS website after a two-year hiatus, tweeting, “Guess who’s back?”, which has since then been deleted along with all his other tweets. He first created his account in January 2011.
Though many fans recall Kibum having made several tweets towards his fellow Super Junior members and other Korean celebrities on the day he created his new Twitter account over four years ago, the profile currently states that he only has two tweets in total—one of which is the recent, “Hello,” tweet from the 17th.

Some netizens have been wondering what might have prompted the star to finally tweet something at such a random moment while other netizens have been speculating that it may have been due to the fact that the other Super Junior members mentioned his whereabouts on the most recent broadcast of MBC‘s Golden Fishery – Radio Star on July 15th.
During the episode, MC Kim Gura asked the members, “So what happened to our friend, Kibum?” in which leader Leeteuk answered, “He is currently working on a drama and he is also on a long-term leave from Super Junior.”

When MC Kim Gook Jin continued to ask the members, “So does that mean he is still part of the group or not?” Eunhyuk responded, “Kibum is of course still a member of Super Junior, however, he has been focusing on his aspirations of becoming an actor and is no longer promoting as a singer with the rest of us Super Junior members.”
Kim Gura then firmly asked, “If he [Kibum] says he wants to come back, would you let him [promote with Super Junior]?” in which Eunhyuk nodded his head and said, “Of course.”
Many fans have responded in a positive light toward Kibum’s sudden SNS comeback, leaving tweets and comments such as, “Oppa, we’ve missed you so much!” “Is this really you, Kibum?” and, “Hi! You’ve been gone for so long. How are you doing, oppa?” However, no responses have been made by the star yet.


About MTV The Show Voting (no matter who you’re voting for/voted for)

Here is the breakdown of how votes count:

Pre-score (before The Show is on air): 

  • Album sales + Digital Sales + SNS (tweets, views on Youtube, etc.) = 35%
  • Views on Tudou + Paid vote items (China) = 35% (many people are assuming that BTS won this based on the Tudou website ranking)(this is what we all just did)

Live Voting

  • Text votes during The Show – 15%
  • Tudou Votes – 15%

We really won’t know who won until it’s announced, tbh. But I think I know one thing for sure: a lot of us love both Bangtan Boys and UNIQ <3

[SNS] 150410 Tweets from Yoseob - a trip to Saipan

all4b2uty: 안녕!!!!!!! 다들 안녕!!!!!! 요소푸가 왔어요!!!!!!!!

trans: Hello!!!!!! Everyone, hello!!!!!! Yosopu is here (came)!!!!!!!!

all4b2uty: 이름만 들어도 떨리는 사이판을 혼자서 여행 다녀왔어요!!!!!!! 혼자서 참 잘 놀다왔네요!!!!!!! 사진 보여줄까요!?!?!?

trans: I came back from an alone trip to Saipan, which makes your heart flutter even just by hearing its name. I had really good fun alone!!!!!! Should I show you the photos!?!?!?

all4b2uty: 혼자서 밥도 먹고 혼자서 파라세일링, 체험다이빙, 제트스키, 스노클링, 마나가하섬 투어.. 등등 혼자서 못할것만 같았던 일들을 혼자 해내고 와서 참 기분좋아요!!

trans: Eating alone, parasailing alone, diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, a tour to Managaha Island…and more, those things that seemed like they couldn’t be done alone, I did them alone and came back feeling really good!!

all4b2uty: 가장 큰 도전은 아마도 썬글라스 써보기 였어요!ㅋㅋㅋ 제겐 잘 안어울리지만 사이판과 참 잘어울리는 썬글라스를 써봤어요! 재밌었어요ㅋㅋㅋ 

trans: The biggest challenge was probably wearing sunglasses! kekeke Although they don’t suit me well, I wore them because they suit really well in Saipan! It was fun kekeke 

More photos:


all4b2uty: 여러분의 일코를 도와줄 일코짤..푸힛 사진끝

(…)* ..Puhii, end of photos

*I’m not sure how to translate it so I’ll leave it for now untranslated.

all4b2uty: 조금남았어요!

trans: There‘re few left!

Trans: jolly-bee-89


[CHARTS] FXXK IT and LAST DANCE gathered a combination of 10 million views in a day!

How to increase views

  • Only watch the music videos on the official channel only, not copies of it.
  • Watch these videos in at least 720p or higher and at 50% volume in order for the view to count. You also need to watch the entire thing. 
  • Refreshing the page, and replaying the video again will not increase videos.
  • You can put the MVs on a playlist, but you have to delete your history after a few plays. Be sure to also add other songs in between (i.e., other BIGBANG music videos) in your playlist
  • Stream the MVs on multiple devices, such as your smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc. Streaming it on multiple devices also help as well.

NOTE: YouTube has also made it harder to increase video count in order to stop bots. Please don’t be discouraged if you’re not seeing the views being updated; just keep streaming the music videos throughout the day.

Please keep in mind that music video views account a small portion of music show broadcast points. You can also contribute by hashtagging and replying to their SNS tweets, streaming the songs on Melon or other Korean streaming services or buying the physical copy of MADE. You can find all of this information by going to our comprehensive guide!

anonymous asked:

what's the best way to help u-kiss on the show???????

A very good question! Here are the breakdowns for SBS The Show: 

35% Album sales + Digital sales + SNS (Korea)
35% Tudou music video views + paid votes (China)
15% Text votes (Korea)
15% Tudou votes (China)

  • To help with album sales, purchase from any site that counts towards Hanteo or Gaon charts. I’ve created a small list in this post.
  • For digital sales, while we are unable to stream, we are able to download the title track on the English Soribada website
  • On SNS, you can tweet @SBS_MTV with the hashtags #더쇼 #유키스.
  • To raise their ranking on Tudou, you need to play this video. Opening multiple tabs can help as well.
  • ONLY if they are in the top 5, we can then send text votes. Text “유키스” or “3번” to #1119. Votes can also be bought through Tudou.

I highly recommend following @ukissbar on Twitter for updates on how to help U-KISS specifically for The Show. They were a huge help to us this week!

[INFO] For M!Countdown and Inkigayo, all tweets with #블락비바스타즈 and #품행제로 will count as a point. 10RT of that tweet is an additional SNS point!

A tweet with #블락비바스타즈 and #품행제로 with more than 10 RTs cannot gain any more SNS points so please RT the ones that have less than 10!!

[SNS] 150401 Tweets from Yoseob

Yoseob changed his profile photo & bio and started tweeting in dog language as an April Fool’s Day joke (lol):

trans:  Yanggaeng (1 year old, long-haired chihuahua)

all4b2uty: 멍멍

trans: Woof woof

all4b2uty: 멍멍멍

trans: Woof woof woof

all4b2uty: 멍멍멍멍

trans: Woof woof woof woof

all4b2uty: 멍멍멍멍멍

trans: woof woof woof woof woof

all4b2uty: 멍멍멍멍멍멍

trans: Woof woof woof woof woof woof

all4b2uty: 멍멍멍멍멍멍

trans: Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

all4b2uty: 멍멍멍멍멍멍멍

trans: Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

all4b2uty: 멍멍멍멍멍멍멍멍

trans: Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

trans: jolly-bee-89