• Naruto: Sasuke, you're so hard to read.
  • Sasuke: actually if you'd just liste-
  • Naruto: so complicated.
  • Sasuke: all I want is-
  • Naruto: so mysterious.
[☆] VIXX #Error Support!

Are you ready for VIXX’s comeback? It’s almost time!

VIXX’s live stream event will begin at 9PM KST today, October 13th, 2014 (you can view it here X), and the MV release will follow a few hours later!

In anticipation of VIXX’s comeback, we have updated our Support information, which you can see here. By following the steps listed there, us Starlights can help VIXX win during this era!! 

Check out the guide for instructions about:

  • Voting for Music Shows
  • Buying the album from a source that counts towards music charts
  • Voting for other awards (such as Fandom School, which is going on now for Leo!)
  • SNS Instructions for Tweets
  • Helping their MV get views (which will be great for their MV count event!)
  • …and much much more!

We will be continually updating this support document as we find any mistakes or improvements, so please be patient with us.

Are you ready to help #VIXX win during the #ERROR era? It’s time for Starlights everywhere to show their support! Let’s show VIXX much we can shine :)

[TUTORIAL] Helping Bangtan win on music shows!

▶ SBS Inkigayo
Ranking System

  • Digital Rankings: 60% 
  • SNS Points: 35%
  • Voting: 5%
  • Real Time Voting: 10% (for top 3 only!)

*If they’re in the top 3, during Inkigayo, using the hashtag #방탄소년단 (alternatively #songtitle - ex: #상남자 or #하루만) on Twitter at the end of your tweets helps raise SNS points! Only pure tweets count! Please use only one hashtag!

 Mnet M! Countdown
Ranking System

  • Digital Sales: 50%
  • Album Sales: 10%
  • Social Media Points (Youtube MV views+SNS buzz): 10%
  • Preference Points (global fan votes + age range preference): 10%
  • Broadcast Points: 10%
  • SMS Votes: 10%

 MBC Music Core
Ranking System

  • Physical & Digital Sales: 70%
  • YouTube MV views: 10%
  • Viewer Committee Voting: 10%
  • Live Voting: 10%

 MBC Show Champion
Ranking System

  • Digital sales: 45%
  • Physical sales: 10%
  • Netizen Ranking: 15%
  • Professional Ranking: 15%
  • Points on broadcast: 15%

 KBS Music Bank
Ranking System

  • Digital Sales: 65%
  • Physical Sales: 5%
  • Broadcast Time: 20%
  • Viewer’s Choice: 10%

Watching the MV of the song that they are promoting (ex: 상남자/Boy in Luv MV) from BigHit’s YouTube channel (ibighit) helps! Make sure to like the video, comment, and keep re-watching it to raise the views! Simply refreshing the page won’t help raise the views, though - so you need to search for the MV each time you go to rewatch it! 

Sharing Bangtan/BigHit’s tweets (as well as retweeting or faving them) and sharing (+ liking/commenting) their official Facebook posts is helpful too! 

In addition to this, you can help by searching 방탄소년단 or 방탄소년단 + song title (ex: 방탄소년단 상남자) on Korean search engines such as Nate or Naver! The best time to search would be after news about Bangtan is released, MV/teasers are released, after music shows, etc.

Most importantly, please stream the song they are currently promoting (ex: 상남자/Boy in Luv) from Korean websites (ex: MelOn)! We seem to lack quite a bit of online streaming, so please do that if you can! You’ll need a MelOn account for this - so if you don’t have one, you can view a tutorial here!

As always, make sure that if you purchase albums they count towards Hanteo Chart! (sites like Kpoptown, YesAsia, etc.) That is the chart that Korean music shows look at.
* iTunes purchases will not affect Korean charts but help financially as well as give them recognition internationally the higher they are on iTunes charts!

Please support Bangtan the best that you can!

About MTV The Show Voting (no matter who you’re voting for/voted for)

Here is the breakdown of how votes count:

Pre-score (before The Show is on air): 

  • Album sales + Digital Sales + SNS (tweets, views on Youtube, etc.) = 35%
  • Views on Tudou + Paid vote items (China) = 35% (many people are assuming that BTS won this based on the Tudou website ranking)(this is what we all just did)

Live Voting

  • Text votes during The Show – 15%
  • Tudou Votes – 15%

We really won’t know who won until it’s announced, tbh. But I think I know one thing for sure: a lot of us love both Bangtan Boys and UNIQ <3

[SNS] 150410 Tweets from Yoseob - a trip to Saipan

all4b2uty: 안녕!!!!!!! 다들 안녕!!!!!! 요소푸가 왔어요!!!!!!!!

trans: Hello!!!!!! Everyone, hello!!!!!! Yosopu is here (came)!!!!!!!!

all4b2uty: 이름만 들어도 떨리는 사이판을 혼자서 여행 다녀왔어요!!!!!!! 혼자서 참 잘 놀다왔네요!!!!!!! 사진 보여줄까요!?!?!?

trans: I came back from an alone trip to Saipan, which makes your heart flutter even just by hearing its name. I had really good fun alone!!!!!! Should I show you the photos!?!?!?

all4b2uty: 혼자서 밥도 먹고 혼자서 파라세일링, 체험다이빙, 제트스키, 스노클링, 마나가하섬 투어.. 등등 혼자서 못할것만 같았던 일들을 혼자 해내고 와서 참 기분좋아요!!

trans: Eating alone, parasailing alone, diving, jet skiing, snorkeling, a tour to Managaha Island…and more, those things that seemed like they couldn’t be done alone, I did them alone and came back feeling really good!!

all4b2uty: 가장 큰 도전은 아마도 썬글라스 써보기 였어요!ㅋㅋㅋ 제겐 잘 안어울리지만 사이판과 참 잘어울리는 썬글라스를 써봤어요! 재밌었어요ㅋㅋㅋ 

trans: The biggest challenge was probably wearing sunglasses! kekeke Although they don’t suit me well, I wore them because they suit really well in Saipan! It was fun kekeke 

More photos:


all4b2uty: 여러분의 일코를 도와줄 일코짤..푸힛 사진끝

(…)* ..Puhii, end of photos

*I’m not sure how to translate it so I’ll leave it for now untranslated.

all4b2uty: 조금남았어요!

trans: There‘re few left!

Trans: jolly-bee-89


1) Do not spam the tweet with the same hashtag
2) Do not attach any links or pictures to your tweets
3) There must be words in between your hashtags
4) Only up to 4 hashtags per tweet will be counted
5) “LOL #BLOCKB is #블락비 so #헐 is #HER right” makes it 4 hashtags. You must tweet like this for it to count.
6) A tweet which has at least 10 RTs is counted as 1 extra point but it won’t get any more points for more retweets so you might as well leave it be and RT one with less than 10 RTs.
7) Although complicated, there must be words before and after each hashtag for it to count. This means your tweet cannot start or end with a hashtag.

This is the information we have translated as shared by KBBCs!

Source: Link

Translated by: SimpletonJun @ BBINTL

Please take out with full credit.

[Tweet] 150311 Show Champion Tweets

※ Tweet 1.

Right when you’re getting drowsy from all that lunch, Shinhwa’s out to snipe at you with a selca! You know Shinhwa’s performances look best on Show Champion, don’t you?? A great performance is coming up, so make sure to show your love!! for us by tuning in

※ Tweet 2.

Who gets the ‘Champion Song’ for March 11th’s Show Champion? Shinhwa’s <Sniper>! Shinhwa’s still writing new legend! Congratulations on the win^^

Source: Show Champion Twitter