Can we, for a second, consider Claire as a lesbian?

  • Claire growing up mostly as a street rat foster kid and learning that kids like her will get stabbed or attacked if they show their true colors
  • Claire and Alex in high school. Alex trying to gossip about all the cute boys while Claire just shrugs.
  • Alex being pissed off each time Claire says “I don’t know, I just don’t like any of the guys at our school.”
  • Claire watching the volleyball team walk by with a dreamy look on her face
  • Claire focusing on hunting to avoid the life of being obsessed with boys
  • Alex noticing each time a select few girls walk past, Claire is practically drooling
  • Jody noticing how uninterested in guys Claire is and how she tends to talk more about girls if anything
  • Jody also noticing one day while waiting in her car to pick the girls up, that Claire is walking through and staring at this one girl, accidentally bumping into the flagpole and then pretending nothing happened while Alex laughs at her
  • Jody later on telling Claire that, if she wasn’t interested in guys, that it’s alright to tell her
  • Alex clocking a jock in the face after she hears him call Claire a d*ke behind her back
  • Claire eventually coming out while making a sandwich while Alex and Jody are in the room
  • She just kinda awkwardly fumbles with the ingredients until she slams the slice of bread on the sandwich and screaming “iM GAY!”
  • Alex sarcastically replying “wow….no way………we had no idea…………….”
  • Jody telling Claire that she’s very proud of her and will accept her no matter what
  • Donna hearing about it and making her a rainbow cake.
  • Alex and Jody both right away recognizing the LOOK Claire keeps giving Kaia later on and just being like. Yup. Sounds about right.
  • Just??? Gay Claire and her supportive family????

jared just slipped up and confirmed that misha!!!!!!!!, jensen and him already went to the studios to read the script for 13x16, the scooby-doo-crossover-episode!!!!!!!!!!! the whole room was screaming!!!!!!! jensen was covering his head!!!!!!! jared tried to cover it up by saying mark, ruth and a bunch of other actors were there too, but here’s new confirmation guys!!!!!!!