Another MC from that princess game. If you play a MC from the pseudo-Eastern European kingdom, your background is that you are a recent widow who had married into a wealthy family, and is now looking for new ambitions.

Well, none of the kingdoms give the vibe of realistically having dark-skinned pocs as royalty (or as citizens), but I crowbar them in anyways if I can. And what better background than this one? A literal “Black Widow” for ya. Personality-wise, she’s rather conservative, calculating, and unexpectedly soft-hearted. Also, in this kingdom, the colour “red” represents mourning so I dawned her in it.

SN: She’s totally inspired by “Fancy” by Reba Mcentire. love that song.

SN2: I was trying to create a kokoshnik (a type of headdress)…hmph.


Bralani & Firre pt. 2

SN: The moment I saw that dress I knew….I knew its purpose.
SN2: I totally was inspired by Mongolian and Balinese bridal/dancer fashions. Not enough CC made for them =/
SN3: I’m woman enough to admit to watching the “Your Love” by Nicki Minaj music video while editing. 

mmmm, not the most culturally appropriate inspiration-wise, but even crazier there’s a song by her I like.


Water Genasi

Water genasi are unusually patient and calm for genasi. Preferring to live alone, most are used to solving problems on their own and not afraid to take a lot of time doing so. They present a tranquil, somber demeanor despite whatever emotions flow underneath. They are skilled at observing life unseen, typically fading into the background, and shunning any interaction unless necessary. Other races have contempt for them, but see their ambivalence towards worldly events somewhat off-putting.

SN: Most of time, I fool around in photoshop until I’m lucky. This time, I got lucky with my water genasi.

SN2: Water was always my favourite element as a kid.