Molecule of the Day: Diethyl ether

Diethyl ether (C4H10O), also known as ethoxyethane, is a colourless, volatile liquid with a sweet, pungent smell at room temperature and pressure.

It is a commonly used polar aprotic organic solvent used in laboratories, and has low solubility in water. Therefore, it can be used in liquid-liquid solute extractions in conjunction with water.

Diethyl ether was also historically used as an anaesthetic - it was first used as such in the 19th century, and gradually replaced chloroform as an anaesthetic due to its lower toxicity. However, in recent years, its use has been largely supplanted due to its flammability and side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

Diethyl ether can be produced by the acid-catalysed condensation reaction of two ethanol molecules, which is how it is produced industrially as a by-product of acid-catalysed hydration of ethylene to produce ethanol:

Alternatively, it can be synthesised using the Williamson ether synthesis, in which an ethoxide salt is reacted with an ethyl halide to produce diethyl ether via an SN2 reaction:

While diethyl ether has a low toxicity, it has a tendency to react with oxygen in the air to produce highly shock- and heat-sensitive explosive peroxides, which is why old bottles of diethyl ether should be disposed of carefully as they may detonate.


Another MC from that princess game. If you play a MC from the pseudo-Eastern European kingdom, your background is that you are a recent widow who had married into a wealthy family, and is now looking for new ambitions.

Well, none of the kingdoms give the vibe of realistically having dark-skinned pocs as royalty (or as citizens), but I crowbar them in anyways if I can. And what better background than this one? A literal “Black Widow” for ya. Personality-wise, she’s rather conservative, calculating, and unexpectedly soft-hearted. Also, in this kingdom, the colour “red” represents mourning so I dawned her in it.

SN: She’s totally inspired by “Fancy” by Reba Mcentire. love that song.

SN2: I was trying to create a kokoshnik (a type of headdress)…hmph.

anonymous asked:

What level chem are we talking? What are you doing?

I’m in organic chemistry and we are learning all about chirality and that stuff, on top of all of the Sn1, Sn2, E1, and E2 mechanism reactions. YA GIRL IS SO LOST!!


Water Genasi

Water genasi are unusually patient and calm for genasi. Preferring to live alone, most are used to solving problems on their own and not afraid to take a lot of time doing so. They present a tranquil, somber demeanor despite whatever emotions flow underneath. They are skilled at observing life unseen, typically fading into the background, and shunning any interaction unless necessary. Other races have contempt for them, but see their ambivalence towards worldly events somewhat off-putting.

SN: Most of time, I fool around in photoshop until I’m lucky. This time, I got lucky with my water genasi.

SN2: Water was always my favourite element as a kid. 


Familiar Spirits|

Not akin to Paganism’s definition of “familiars,” familiar spirits also refer to entities in Christian mythology who latch unto those wading in the comfort of grief for too long, in the “familiarity” of complacency. They seek to keep their host in the numb state they desire forever, steadily supporting the soul’s feeble existence while drawing life from it simultaneously. They are not necessarily ill-intended or cruel, yet are fatal nevertheless.

Upper: Avian spirit for those who propel themselves in life’s fast paces.

Lower: Feline spirit for those who bury into the layers of themselves.

(SN1: Humanized versions of the bird and cat FS side characters in a series of short stories I wrote.)

(SN2: Edited versions of @kurasoberina‘s HD Primer skin. totes superb, but I decreased the sheen/altered the dark bases so the details on darker skins show better for me.)


Bralani & Firre pt. 2

SN: The moment I saw that dress I knew….I knew its purpose.
SN2: I totally was inspired by Mongolian and Balinese bridal/dancer fashions. Not enough CC made for them =/
SN3: I’m woman enough to admit to watching the “Your Love” by Nicki Minaj music video while editing. 

mmmm, not the most culturally appropriate inspiration-wise, but even crazier there’s a song by her I like.



Very much inspired by old Bollywood films, where the women wore very “strong” makeup colours (especially in the historical pieces) and those classic, vibrant Indian paintings. 

SN: omg I’ve watched so many Hindi music videos my dreams are in garbled “Hindi-esque” speech lol.

SN2: and btw, she’s supposed to be wearing an anarkali, but ya know, cc and veil transperancy probs :x