brunchprincess-deactivated20150 asked:

I'm sorry, you seem to have a picture of my brother on your sidebar, Our kind are very sensitive to people watching us sleep. Would you please kindly remove the picture as it is of sensitive nature. -A Fellow Snorlax. P.S. Are you Miscellaneous; Ghost ; or Mikaela. Please make your mind up, Thank you.

Oh.. I apologize. However I did capture this beautiful Snorlax myself, on my way to a tournament. (btw I did not win) He is very content within my possession, so I think I will keep him for a while longer, unless he decides it is his time to leave… if he ever wakes up. P.S.S I AM ALL OF THESE THINGS. I am a ghost..that likes miscellaneous things..all types yes, and my name is Mikaela. Life story. Boom.