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Okay sns babies here we go:

-They have fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. biologically theirs dont ask me how ok

-Their girl has long, straight, inky black hair with the grey undertone Itachi’s hair had, but with Fugaku’s part. She has bright blue eyes, and her face has the same shape Mikotos’ had, but she has Naruto’s eyes. Their boy has spiky blond hair in a style that’s a perfect combination of Sasuke’s and Minato’s, and Sasuke’s black eyes. His face has the same shape Kushina’s had. 

-She is loud just like Naruto, and has a temper not unlike Kushina’s. She also has a very strong love for pranks. He shares her love for pranks, but is also a lot more soft-spoken and has a sensitivity and gentleness to him his sister doesn’t have. Initially very shy, it takes him a while to warm up to people, but once he has he can actually be quite the chatterbox. Her personality is a mix of Naruto’s and Kushina’s, and his is a lot more like Itachi’s and Minato’s. 

-Sasuke was usually the one who ended up getting kicked out of the bed when the baby monitor went off in the middle of the night. Sometimes even literally. Naruto would simply put his bare foot on his hip and SHOVE until Sasuke (who is actually a pretty deep sleeper and really not a morning person) would just tumble right off the bed. By the time Sasuke untangled himself from the sheets and got up to give him the glare of a lifetime™, Naruto would have turned his back to him and pretend to be asleep again.  

-Their boys’ favourite place to hide when he’s feeling shy is behind Sasuke’s right leg, or behind his sister’s back.

-Sasuke is ‘papa’ and Naruto is ‘daddy’ 

-Although both fiercely intelligent, they it displays in different ways. Their girl has a way with people like only Naruto has, and their boy gets the highest grades possible without really trying. Luckily for his sister, this means he also has a lot of time to help her with hers.

-Their boy is usually the one who comes up with their pranks, and the girl takes the lead with executing them. 

-Their boy loves sweets, but their girl hates them.

-Shy as he may be, their boy is perfectly capable of sticking up for himself when he has to, and, just like his sister, never runs away from a fight.

-Naruto is the best bedtime-story-teller, because he always gets frustrated with the way children’s books end and ends up coming with his own, “much cooler”(his words) and much longer ending instead. 

-As hokage, Naruto has a habit of staying at work too long, so every single day around 6 o’clock Sasuke and the kids come pick him up from his office. 

-Their girl is 20 minutes older than their boy, and (to his chagrin) loves reminding him of that. 

-Naruto and Sasuke both cry like babies when they get to hold them for the first time.

-Their girl loves to tease their boy (he flusters easily) but when push comes to shove, she is always there for him, and can even be fiercely protective at times. He is the same with her, but because of their difference in personality he doesn’t get to display it as often as she does. 

-They are inseparable as kids, and as adults nearly every mission they go on is together.

-Their boy becomes Sakura’s apprentice, and ends up being the most talented healer in the village after Sakura herself. Their girl ends up being the next hokage. 

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Headcanon: Sasuke and Naruto wear orange and purple rings on their wedding finger.

Sasuke wears the orange one. And whenever anyone asks why Naruto is suddenly not sporting all orange, he blushes, scratches the back of his head and mumbles

“I kind of got this thing for purple.”


Sasuke suddenly thinks orange isn’t
t h a t obnoxious… Maybe he secretly wears orange underwear.

Naruto: “Hehe actually he do-”

Sasuke: *Slaps said blonde on the back of the head* “Dobe. Don’t tell them that.”

Sasuke: *stares into the camera* *winks*