The End of Jason Todd
The Smyrk
The End of Jason Todd

The End of Jason Todd | The Smyrk

you must have seen this coming
limited number of times a clown prince could laugh it off and keep running
so don’t be surprised when you hear i’m declaring war
‘cause wouldn’t your soldiers be prepared for it?


I feel it biting
I feel it break my skin
So uninviting
Are you really going to need me when I’m gone
I fear you won’t
I fear you don’t

act one.  robin gives me magic.

i. kettering, the antlers. // ii. in the mourning, paramore. // iii. it’s time, imagine dragons. // iv. vienna, billy joel. // v. bohemian rhapsody, queen. // vi. the end of jason todd, the smyrk. // vii. heavenly father, highasakite. // viii. i of the storm, of monster and men. 

act two. he’s not a villain, he’s just a boy.

ix. help i’m alive, metric. // x. little shadow, yeah yeah yeahs. // xi. hollaback girl, gwen stefani. // xii. my songs know what you did in the dark, fall out boys. // xiii. arsonist’s lullaby, hozier. // xiv. beekeeper, keaton henson. // xv. iscariot, walk the moon. // xvi. the cave, mumford and sons.

act three. outlaws.

xvii. wake up, arcade fire. // xviii. pluto, sleeping at last. // xix. carry on, fun. // xx. choices, to kill a king, // xxi. like real people do, hozier. // xxii. putting the dog to sleep, the antlers. // xxiii. son, sleeping at last. // xxiv. the halocline, hippo campus.

The trace of time | A Jason Todd/BruJay fanmix (→ listen)

This is my first mix, so it’s a bit rushed, I might polish it a bit later, but for sure I will do another Jason mix anyways! Hope you enjoy! (It tries to get a view of Jason’s life through songs, in order). Mostly Post-Grunge, Punk Rock and Metal.

01. Be Quick Or Be Dead - Iron Maiden | 02. My Child - Disturbed | 03. Not Gonna Die - Skillet | 04. My Fault - Imagine Dragons | 05. The End of Jason Todd - The Smyrks | 06. Gone Too Soon - Simple Plan | 07. Waiting - There For Tomorrow | 08. World So Cold - Three Days Grace | 09. Don’t be Afraid, You’re Already Dead - Akron/Family | 10. Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold | 11. I’m With You - 12 Stones | 12. Dead Man Walking - The Script | 13. Rebirthing - Skillet | 14. New Born - Muse | 15. Long Gone and Moved On - The Script | 16. My Way - 3 Doors Down  | 17. Punishment Fits The Crime - The Ramones | 18. …And Justice For All - Metallica | 19. Lost In The Echo - Linkin Park | 20. Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab | 21. Losing My Mind - Soldiers Of Jah Army | 22. I Wish You Would - Train | 23. Coming Home - Avenged Sevenfold | 24. I’m Coming Home ft. Skylar Grey - P.Diddy & Dirty Money | 25. Your Beautiful Ending - One Less Reason