H A L E Y  R E I N H A R T 

"Show Me Your Moves"

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prayer 2.7.15

YDH AB SMYM For SaBaT, opportunity in AB’s Appointment to cease from self doing to Find Rest In Peace Surpassing all understanding. YDH For Comfort in my sense of anxiety due to uncertainty with all manner of shifting in our lives as foundation of earth is falling to pieces. our Only Trust may be that of AB’s Faithfulness when everything fails, to know Salvation Is Near. i feel grateful for cs…

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Revelation 6:15

AB SMYM YDH For waking me early to have time in communion with LIFE GIVER, Best Friend Most Beloved, Breath Of LIFE, Spirit Of Truth, Eternal Faithfulness. i always feel so grateful for this time, my necessary Nourishment, Most Vital, Essential, Sustenance Of LIFE.

sky is dark, i hear soft rains passing over, pelting metal roof, cool winds sweep our forest, making music while passing through…

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