smx convention center


Overcrowded: Probably 20% of them were real book lovers, 50% were fans, 15% were authors, staff and the like. And another 15% who were probably passersby.

Had a photo op with my officemate to thank our supervisor who gave us complimentary tickets.

Hey, I got the chance to meet Ricky Lee in person and oh, also Reese Lansangan my love! Tho I didn’t buy any of their books (becos they’re damn expensive and I was hoping to get discounts) but they definitely have my full support.

I saw a photo of my college professor in a magazine cover and I realized that dreams do come true and continuing what you love and your passion would take you somewhere.

Girl 1: Maghahanap ako ng freebies!
Girl 2: I will search for cute boys!
Girl 1 & 2: hahahahaha

Me: you know what love, If I were rich I would buy every book about Philippine cinema that you want. You need it and I want to spend money for you. Just because.

The 38th Manila International Book Fair
SMX Convention Center, Pasay City
September 16, 2017 / 5:00 PM Onwards

Here’s a preview of the 2 stories included in the Occupation Booklet.

“No Man’s Land” is about a Spandoran Sergeant holding a trench-line somewhere in the uncharted Urian Isles.

“Oracle” is about a young Babaylan-shaman who has been called to a scrying pool by Anito, forest spirits, to gaze into the horrors to come in the ensuing occupation.

Both stories written by Adrian Mombay (me :])
Debuted at APCC 2017 Manila, Philippines at the SMX Convention Center
© Copyright Armobay 2017


Cosplay Mania 2015
Hana & Baozi / Ladybeard meet & greet + post-con mini meet
10.03.15 / SMX Convention Center & UCC SM Mall of Asia

Had an amazing day at Cosplay Mania 2015! Went early to meet two of my favorite cosplayers, Hana & Baozi. ;u; They are so gorgeous in person, I was hyperventilating the entire time! Haha. I dressed Littlerose and Littlebell as Baozi and Hana as Maya and Nemu from Hidoku Shinaide. :“D

In the afternoon I met up with my friends to form our Ladybeardlet trio. Thank you, Trane, Vice and Lyon for being such troopers! Needless to say, we were able to meet Ladybeard himself, and he loved our dolls! ♥ Probably not as much as we love him though. His energy and positivity was so infectious, and he gave the tightest bearhugs. ;_; I miss him already.

After that, we went to the mall for a post-con minimeet! Lulz ensued, as is the usual case with our meets. XD Thanks to everyone who hung out with me and a HUGE thank you to Cosplay Mania for bringing these guests to us and giving us the chance of a lifetime to meet them. ;w; I’m a happy fangirl! :)

34th Manila International Book Fair

It’s a Sunday and next week is another hell week but that did not stop me from going to the book fair to buy books and leave these messages for all bookworms to see:

Sorry John Green for using your name (and in all honesty, I did not realize just how fitting the marker color was until after writing it).

My friend and I decided to write this after seeing a lot of book references on the message board. No one has thought to write it so we did.

And this one (We used Sharpies!)

Someone wrote this and so I responded with this:

(The pains I felt trying to remember his name)

Someone wrote that spoiler about Augustus so I wrote that spoiler on Alaska as well. I am terribly sorry now (but I wasn’t at the time I wrote it)

Yeah so basically, that’s what I did while being there.


GUYS. asdfjkalasdf!!!!

So last Sunday was the Bazooka Rocks Festival (BRF):

And I had a meet and greet pass for none other than ATL (I got so lucky I swear) and I got a chance to have them sign one thing and I chose my iPad case. 

So Jack was the first one to sign and then Rian, then Alex, then Zack. When Jack was done he passed it to Rian, and Rian was looking at it with a ‘um where do I sign’ face and I was like, “omg Rian I am so sorry you’re a potato!” He just smiled and laughed and signed it, and while he was signing it, Alex was waiting for his turn to sign so Alex was just sitting there, smiling at me and I almost died but I managed to keep cool haha so Alex waved at me and offered a high-five (I DIED haha but I actually got high-fives from everyone). When Rian was done signing he passed it to Alex, but Rian was still laughing at the potato so Alex was like “What?” then Rian said “Look at this, man.” So Alex looked and saw the potato and laughed so hard omg and I just kept on apologizing even if Rian said it was cool. (by the way I just got the case online and it was already the fixed design so I couldn’t change the potato haha).

Also when ATL first came out for the m&g some fan was holding up a Rian Dawson standee thing and Alex was the first one to see so he pointed it out to Rian 

and Rian just laughed (while showing his perfectly white teeth)

Plus here are a few other photos of them from the m&g. Flyzik (hottie) didn’t let us take pictures with them so I only have a few and most of them are blurry.

I only met them for like less than half a minute but it was so so worth it. After that I felt so disoriented and I went to my friend and she was like “How can you stay calm about this??” and I was still in shock because I never expected to get that close to them in my whole fangirl life so I couldn’t answer but omg it was definitely the. best. 30. seconds. of. my. life.


Moving on to the concert time, they performed at around past 9:30 and it was the most perfect thing ever. I was so happy because I knew and loved every single song they played. They started with Lost in Stereo and ended with Dear Maria and kept making jokes during their whole set. They also let us sing so many parts of their songs, and my personal fave was Therapy, wherein Alex let us sing the whole first chorus on our own (And Zack was even smiling haha).

It was the worst feeling ever to watch them go but I am so blessed to have met and watched them perform live for the second time. I promise to myself that I’ll watch every single concert they have here <3 (ps I did cry from post-concert depression haha)

Oh and here are some more blurry pictures from the concert:

Jack reaching out to the crowd:

ATL’s bow:

And here’s Jeff (with the cap):

And that’s that. I am so sad huhu like idk what to do with my life anymore after this haha it was really a great experience. The other bands that performed were fantastic as well! I only got pictures of RJA and ARTTM though because I was saving my phone’s memory for ATL hehe

“Canada loves you” haha what what:

OMG GUYS ALSO, Pulp announced the 8123 tour in Manila!!!! Oh my god, The Maine, This Century ++ 

2013 is a typo hehe it’s supposed to be January 2014. But anyway, I will not let this pass for sure!!!