Assist Trophy: Kamek

Kamek the Magikoopa is often considered to be the main antagonist of the Yoshi series, but he also has a subtle presence in the mainstream Mario titles. Acting as Bowser’s personal caretaker during his youth, Kamek has proven to be a dedicated antagonist in his own right, as a result of his stubborn persistence in fulfilling his loyalty to the Koopa King. Kamek has many various abilities, most of them revolving around using magic to augment the powers of an ally (or hapless puppet), and as Bowser’s aide and thus an assistant in his design, he’s perfectly suited for an Assist Trophy role. Because of his various abilities, Kamek would be a wild card Assist Trophy, sort of like what Togepi is among Pokeballs (though not quite, as you’ll read).

When summoned, Kamek flies to the top of the screen on his broomstick, and let out his trademark laugh and yapping animation from Yoshi’s Island. Raising his wand, Kamek would cast any number of spells to affect the brawling. These include: 

  • Sending out a simple attack of magical shapes; his main attack. 
  • Creating illusory clones of himself, spreading them out around the stage, and then using the attack described above. Only one Kamek actually causes damage; the others can be attacked and caused to disappear. 
  • Flying swiftly across the screen multiple times on his broomstick, acting similarly to Latios and Latias. 
  • A favorite tactic of the wizard: Causing his ally (the summoner) to become giant. The summoner is basically given a free Super Mushroom. 
  • Shrinking the sizes of all the other fighters not on the summoner’s team (this is his rarest action, as he only shrinks a character once in Yoshi’s Island). It seems that Kamek really likes making things grow instead, and that shrinking is just something he does when he gets bored; is he compensating for something? Come to think of it, looking at his scepter…

Whatever Kamek chooses to do, his loyalty will find him helping you in the end when you get him from an Assist Trophy. 

Powerful Infant
  • Powerful Infant
  • Koji Kondo
  • SMW2: Yoshi's Island OSV

Sounds familiar right? Yep, it is a song from Super Mario 64 but in a game that predates it.  For reference, here is the song as it appears in Super Mario 64

(If by the chance it does not directly take you to the song, the song starts at 30:58)

Hearing that song while playing through Yoshi’s Island was rather surprising. However, it is understandable both would appear in both games. Both games were released within a year of each other [1][2]. Both soundtracks were composed by the same person (Koji Kondo) [3]. They are also Mario games (NO WAY!), one could expect songs reappearing in different games (like the theme song).

The reason why it was surprising is that, to me, I thought that Yoshi’s Island would have a different version of the Star Mario theme (which is something I just realized while writing this) from the original Super Mario Bros. game. 

Video game collecting is chalked full of surprises. The surprises can range from finding rare games for cheap (like Mega Man X3) to surprises in video games (like a good obscure game). If collecting right, the quote “the only certainty is that nothing is certain” should hold true. 


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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island I believe your name is
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