Perfect gift

First of all Merry Christmas to all!! And I feel so happy to be back. I’ve got a week holiday so fill my inbox with hi and ideas! And here is a cute, fluff imagine !

Giggling and squealing she jumped on bed straddling her boyfriend of 10 months by his lap. She was way more than excited to spend her first Christmas with her love. She wanted to wake him up but his pretty precious face was getting into her way. But duh who can stop the excitement of Christmas ? Giggling she squishes Harry’s face in both of her hands.

“Wake up bubba!!!!” Her voice was filled with excitement and joy. She was not less than a baby to him. A cute baby with whom he was endlessly in love.

“Not now poppet. Let me sleep” he groaned pulling the white covers up to his face to hide himself in it.

“But it’s Christmas.” She whined like a baby and he could imagine that cute pout on her face whenever she whined.

“Basically our first Christmas” she said softly before pulling the covers down his face and hugging him. She hide her face in his neck taking in the smell of him. He was like a dream to her. A dream she believed could never come true but call it a wish of destiny it did.

“Indeed it is” he chuckled and she could feel his chest vibrate beneath her. He pressed a soft kiss to her head before cupping her face and pecking her nose.

“Can’t kiss you on lips because I haven’t brushed my teeth yet” Harry said brushing tiny hair off her face which eventually fell from her messy bun. He laughed when she pouted.

“Not now poppet. Let me brush my teeth then you can have as much as kisses you want.” He said before getting off bed to brush his teeth. Y/n meant a lot to Harry as well as much he did to her. The whole world knows that Harry Styles has never been good in terms of long term relationships. But this time it was different. This time he wasn’t just dating someone. But was feeling someone.

Y/n stood up and folded the covers, fixing the bed when she heard bathroom door open and a wide grinning Harry coming out of it.

“Now who’s up for some kisses?” Harry said as y/n giggled and went to him. She wrapped her tiny arms around his neck standing tip toes to be at face level with him. Being a gentleman and a cheesecake Harry leaned in first connecting their lips in a sweet kiss. She kissed back immediately the moment she felt his lips mounding into hers completely. Moving their lips both of them drifted into the moment of bliss and love.
With a heavy heart and a groaning Harry, y/n pulled away.

“Baby…..” Harry whined as he leaned in again for a kiss but y/n pressed her palm against his lips.

“Time for presents.” She said clapping her hands excitedly before running down the stairs. Harry smiled at her immature nature. Though he said that he liked older ladies somewhere in his heart he wished for a younger girlfriend. And y/n fitted that spot perfectly.

“Slow down sweet.” Harry said after her as we walked down the stairs. His heart swell with love when he saw y/n who only reached his collarbone standing with a present in her hands. Though she was wearing Harry’s grey jumper and some Christmas shorts with a messy bun she still was the most perfect and beautiful girl he ever saw. Her perfect full pink lips and rosy cheek were so inviting that Harry couldn’t stop himself from leaning in cupping her one cheek and pressing several kisses to her cheek.

“Hey stop. I’ve got you something” she giggled and she handed Harry his present. Looking at we softly then at the box in his hands he opened it. It wasn’t anything much fancy or expensive but was a little something that he knew he’d remember for lifetime. It was a snow globe with a dancing couple inside.

“I’m sorry this is a cheap gift. I didn’t had much money and plus I haven’t received my salary yet so yeah. Plus I’ve engraved our name on it!” She said smilingly as she showed him their name beneath the couple. Harry put the globe gently on coffee table before sitting on the couch and pulling her down beside him.

“This is the best gift I ever had. It always is gonna remind me of us. It’s just like you. Simple and pretty. I don’t need anything expensive bug something to remember and this is that thing” Harry said before cupping her cheeks and kissing her with all the love he had. She kissed back showing him the same love.

“I love you” Harry mumbled and y/n stopped in her tracks. Her eyes wide and lips apart.

“Y-you do?” She stammered.

“Ofc I do. You give me that feeling which I never got. You give me those butterflies for which I always craved. You give me that love which I always of. ” Harry said looking straight into her eyes holding his breath as he waited for her to say the same.

“I love you too.” She said smiling. Harry felt that his could boost anytime soon. He kissed her tightly before pulling away.

“Say it again!” He said

“I love you! Gosh I love you Harry!” She said giggling as Harry kissed her again but without pulling this time. What a perfect gift to remember on.


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