No Heroes Allowed [a Barry Allen smut]

Request: Hi. Can I request a smut (or not) with evil!barry where the reader is a hero and has a love hate relationship with barry. They meet on a mission and it just ends in smut (or not).

a/n: damn back at it again with that evil!barry smut


Barry had this dream before. The dream with you and him in his bed, making love. But this isn’t that dream. It’s not a dream at all. Instead, it’s the reality of him. Somehow between all the fighting you and him were doing, he was able to get his hands on you and flash to his safe house.

“You know, usually heroes aren’t allowed in here.” His fingertips dance down your electric blue leather suit. “Strictly ‘no heroes allowed'…but I guess I could make an exception. This time.” he smirks, leading you to the queen sized bed. It’s messy, like someone slept in it and didn’t bother to make it; the midnight gray sheets jostled, half on the bed.

His combat boots trap your ankles, caging them in between him and the bottom mattress, and you tumble backwards. Your suit is unzipped, your breasts peeking out slightly; dark navy gloves scatter on the dirty floor as your hands push his black jacket off his shoulders. He moans, ripping your super suit down your arms with a breathless curse. “You’ve got such a mouth on you, Flash. You’re so aggravating!” you pant, grabbing his neck harshly to kiss him.

His lips mold to yours and he caresses your shoulders, slowly descending to your elbows, forcing you to lay down. He sucks your lower lip, nibbling a little, savoring the taste he’s been dreaming about. It isn’t healthy how much he dreams about your lips. He releases you with a deep breath. “What can I say? Gotta impress my hero.” he mumbles, pulling his maroon t-shirt off his body. Muscles flex as he leans to your lower body. “You’re the last real dreamer I know.”

The sound of leather squeaking echoes off the dark walls. Barry smirks, index finger hooking around your thin underwear, blowing on your pussy. “Barry, please, just do something!” you plead, head dropping on the flat pillow, fanning your hair out.

His tight pants are on the floor before you can even think. He hovers over your body, forearms propping himself up on either side of your head, chest against chest. “Be patient, babydoll. I’m getting there, I’m just…admiring the art.” His tongue licks your jaw and he shifts on his knees, aligning himself. “Such a naughty hero, aren’t we?” he tsks, thrusting his cock in you.

You rock back and forth, clinging your ankles together behind his lower back, boobs bouncing in his face. He grins coyly, snapping his hips forward. Blunt fingernails drag down his back, creating bright red lines on his pale skin. A moan wrecks your throat, “B-Barry!”

He chuckles darkly, biting down on your collarbone; a deep violet bruise starting to form. “Cum for me, babydoll. Be the naughty hero you are.” he grunts, thrusting in harder and vibrating.

You gasp, opening your mouth and squeezing your eyes shut as your abdomen tightens. You feel yourself clench around his cock; he releases inside of you, panting hard. You breathe. In. Out. “Can we - can we call it even?” You wince as he pulls out, rolling next to you. The bed shifts, adjusting to his weight.

Sweaty milk chocolate hair mats to his forehead and he laughs, arm falling on his stomach. “Is the hero surrendering? Hmm…interesting. I guess we can call it even. For now.” he hums, gazing up at the ceiling. That was way better than all his dreams.