smushy baby


@theloveliestkindoftrash submitted: LOOK I joined the smushy-mush-mush-baby-boy-in-a-crop-top movement. why don’t I have a steady hand when I outline? idk. why did I color it in pen? idk. did I mess up and give up on the hands? yes, yes I did. but look at his little tum-tum.

everyone is super gay for him.

how do you draw stretch marks?


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how is it that cengiz managed to make yousef look different in every single clip?? idgi? in the first clip he looked cute but he also looked like a little smushy baby. and then the carrot scene he looked sO much older and then the maghrib scene hoLy ehlwbdksbd but HOW WHY HOW

I KNOW,,,,like one moment he’s like this

and then he’s like this

and then he’s like this which honestly idek what this is

and then he goes and looks like this


So yeah my family got a new member today! The old owner called it Sparta and I didn’t have a heart to change the name but I’ll call it Bisse (one word for beer in finnish). The guy didn’t have any idea about the gender, just that it was abround 3 years old and you can tell it’s been fed reeeally well :’) such a smushy and flabby baby. I did check myself tho if it was a female or a male in case the two will learn to hang around eachother and surprise it’s a GIRL YAY

But yeah, as you can see Jeuri wasn’t exactly welcoming toward the newcomer but hey it’s totally understandable, I’d be pissed as well if there was to be another dude pooping on my couch— I’ll try to give them time to get used to eachother and let them meet under surveillance, don’t want any accidents :/

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Love Some Other Me & Madness so much and adore the little smushy babies, was wondering if you planned on writing some continuation off of chapter 15 of Some Other Me? 😬

I had no clue people would like Center For Balance so much, but it’s my most requested sequel!

No plans to continue right now, but I never say never :-)