DAY 898

A couple of quick ones today.

I regret Smurflings.

You know, the mini-Smurfs that showed up around season five of The Smurfs? These idiots have been on my mind lately for some reason. And their existence kind of enrages me.

I also regret that I know their original story.

It involves a grandfather clock in Father Time’s house (?) & Papa Smurf’s hourglass. You do the math. It’s the sum total of fucking stupid.

If they were looking for a reason for me to write off Smurfs for realsies back in the day, they found it in spades.

I also regret watching documentaries like “Beautiful Losers.”

It inspires me beyond me belief. And with a day off, that SHOULD be a good thing. 

Some of the most brilliant artists of my generation, originally making shit just to make shit.

Then turning the art world on its fucking head when everybody caught up.

So, what’s to regret about this, since I think it’s a killer doc? Well, I did an art piece for a local theatre’s benefit a little while back.

And now I just want to create shit CONSTANTLY.

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to execute it. I guess I just regret that amount of planning that it may take.