smurfing hell

Okay, guys, I’ve calmed down a good tad and now let me ramble about GotG 2.

(In the distance, you can hear people screaming “More?! Again?!” and yes, yes I can still ramble more about it.)

This was probably one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and for me, an absolute all-time favorite. It’s everything – the loveable, dorky yet cool characters, the scenery (it’s so gorgeous I gasped a few times), the music, the story line… it’s all done so well, with so much love in everything. You can really feel that everyone working on it really put a lot of thought and love into it, and it was so, so worth it.

There is this build-up – the trouble gathering at the horizon while the Guardians try to figure out how to work and life together, everybody fighting their former fears and instincts that their upbringing implanted in them. Yondu’s thoughtfulness on Contraxia, probably caused by Peter not coming home again, then the meeting with Stakar that ripped old wounds open, Taserface and the others planning a mutiny… Peter’s childhood dream of a super-awesome dad seemingly fulfilling itself but there is always this last suspicion (which proves true in the end!)…

And then the action with the mutiny and the breakout, Nebula, finding out what Ego really wants, until it draws to a climax with an amazing fight attached.

There was so much thought and depth put into this story! It’s not some cliché story, something well-known – rather than a common big foe, it’s first the Guardians who fight in their own ranks, and the Ravagers with their mutiny do the same.

And rather than dramatically saving each other and talking things out between them to a cliché happy-end, it’s more that the Guardians prove their feelings for each other through their actions, because no one out of them really knows how to talk about feelings and stuff. Nobody says loudly “I love you!”, but everyone with eyes in their heads can see it, because heck, those guys just jumped across the galaxy and fought a god and were ready to die for each other (or together) because they are family, they love each other. Drax is the only one who ever says “We are family” and it’s not to really calm someone down or for dramatic effect – he says it as if it’s the most natural thing in the world, not worth thinking hard about it because it just is fact, and that’s so awesome.

And even though I still lament over Yondu sacrificing himself, I think it’s one of the best damn redemption arcs I’ve ever seen for a character, because it does redeem him, it makes him amazing, and at the same moment, it also puts Ego in an even worse light and it helps Rocket and Peter coming to terms with each other.

And the acting. Guys, I want to give them all an award. Pratt, Rooker, those two especially nailed it, the ending scene between them was so great. But also Gunn and Russell – I felt for Kraglin and I hated Ego with abandon. And the others were just as good. Awards, for all of them, I tell you.

I’m not really coherent right now, I’m still shaken, but I will say this again – I love this movie, I love this bunch of jackasses, and I’m so looking forward to GotG 3, you don’t even know it.