my fic rec of stuff youve probably already read but should revisit in these dark times

Ease Your Way Into Occupied Spaces - joolabee - One thing’s certain: this isn’t the way this was supposed to happen

Breakable - MissDaviesAfter John is seriously injured, Sherlock struggles to figure out how to help him, keep himself sane, and maybe, just maybe, get their life back to the way it’s supposed to be

Dr. John H. Watson, Sexual Surrogate - smurff - A sexual surrogate is a therapist who engages in intimate physical contact with clients who have sexual anxiety. After several men who have visited a surrogate go missing, Sherlock goes undercover and makes an appointment to see Dr. John Watson, Sexual Surrogate.

Anytime - SilentAuror - Sherlock blinks and attempts to focus. There is a little too much vodka in his veins at the moment and it’s having an unfortunate effect on his brain and retinas both. 

100 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’ - TeaTrolley - In which there are a hundred phrases and none of them are “I love you.” Until they are.

All Things Warm and Tender - darcylindbergh - Grinning and giggling, John slides back down under the sheet and pulls it over his head, but when he pushes the folds of the linens away, Sherlock is waiting for him, eyes bright and hair wild, the firelight bleeding through the thin fabric, colouring everything in soft peach and topaz, and in that moment he is so suddenly, unexpectedly, ethereally beautiful that John forgets how to breathe.

Without Words - allonsys_girl - John and Sherlock have been together for six months and Sherlock still hasn’t said “I love you”. Then John gets hurt, and Sherlock expresses how much John really means to him.

A Catalogue of Wounds - UrbanHymnal - He missed Sherlock so much that every part of him ached. Even having him here right now only eased the hurt; it didn’t banish it.

Unwasted - patternofdefiance - John finds it three months after he’s moved back.He’s on the hunt for something to make for dinner, is scrounging through the cupboards, when he happens upon the graveyard of pasta boxes Sherlock still seems to create when left to his own devices. Behind seven boxes of pasta, all almost completely empty, is a dark-glassed bottle, with a paler coat of dust. It’s unopened. John’s face falls slack when he sees it, instantly recognises it, and for a long moment he just stands and looks at it.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Stronger - cypress_tree - John helps Sherlock with an experiment: for an entire month, they are not allowed to touch each other and must remain at least one metre apart at all times.