smurf it up


“Hey, whose that over there?”  Craig asked, slapping J’s shoulder and nodding in your direction as you stood at the door of the school watching the students leave for the day.

“My teacher.”  J replied.  “Why?”  He glanced over at his Uncle.

“Jesus Christ, she’s your teacher?”  J nodded.  “Are you to old for parent teacher conferences?  That’s still a thing right?”


“Don’t tell Smurf when one comes up.  Tell me.”  J chuckled and Craig sent you one last glance before he pulled out of the schools parking lot and started up the road.

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I feel so bad for Azel though... Granted he shouldn't blame Noah for everything but the dude saw one of the closest people get bodied right in front of him. And he's been with her for so long, like as a shadow. :(

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can i have a translation for this: u hoverin lik a ghostie wit u platonjc fren gurl and som shota ass smurf lookin gramp come up and u join his tem and platonjc plate gurl die wyd

u playin games wit gravity wit yo transparent ass and wit yo glow budy whn som smal blue peepee com up to team up and months latr yo glow budy got her ass smackd n died wyd

DD's in conversation w/Budd Mishkin

Okay, so I know I’ve said this countless times but honest to goodness david f*cking duchovny is LOVE. He just ‘gets it’ if that makes sense. He is up there on stage discussing his youth with humor and grace; there’s tears in his eyes with any mention of his children, esp. baby West. The whole Maddie Martin exchange is precious. He looks for her in the audience and she is delayed in answering him, so he keeps teasing her comedic timing. It’s funny and sweet and you can just feel how much he appreciates her as his 'TV daughter’. Then he goes on to plug Pam Adlon’s new upcoming show, Better Things, which imo sounds pretty awesome. There’s a real familial connection with his Californication costars and I’ve always loved the fact that dd nicknamed Marci, Cokie Smurf lol.

“When I wake up in the morning I don’t look in the mirror and go 'good morning muthafakaa!’” 😂

Professor Duchovny engages his audience, often poking fun at his one-time arrogance. He is fully aware of what it means to be a “good loser now,” because apparently he was “a really bad loser & a really bad sport” growing up. He values collaboration, feels “the best actors are team players.”

He is funny but also very self-deprecating. There’s a moment towards the end of the questions where he touches on having read one particular bad review of House of D and it’s beautifully poignant. He said his driver had left the newspaper open, by accident, to said review. The first sentences reading something along the lines of 'Duchovny’s new movie House of D gets an F!’ and that 'his brain was abducted by aliens!’ Feeling absolute shame he goes to his trailer and sulks. However, the very next morning he recalls waking up feeling extremely happy. He had spent his whole life, his entire academic career afraid of getting an 'F’ and here some asshole reviewer gave his personal film an 'F’ and yet, he was still alive. He’d survived, something resonated: “I was free.”

I just…

There’s a real calm in his storytelling. It’s strange but despite his lighthearted banter and the occasional literary joke or two, David IS this shy/timid man who misses his dad and is simply looking to share in his love of baseball with this novel. And whenever Garry Shandling is mentioned, I’m reminded of just how genuine and influential a mentor Mr. Shandling had been to many a talent. Boo just happens to call him a friend AND mentor.

The whole youtube and tentacles thing is quite hilarious. He right away freezes in mock horror hahaha what are you afraid of Mr. Duchovny? :D

Anyway, this 92y In Conversation was a success! Boo knocked it outta the park.