smurf it up

Sony's marketing slideshow is my early Christmas present

Someone got payed to write up these ‘Key Themes’

Mens Issues/Potty humour? Adam Sandlers bread and butter

All the hip teens dig the Smurfs “humour”

Ah yes, we must focus on the colour blue

“this cool meme”

“Food and Man living in harmony”

I can’t tell if “Don’t feed them yourself!” is their bad attempt at a joke or if that’s an actual suggestion

“What the kids really want are adhesives! Think about it; Spiderweb; Sticky; Adhesive! This is a sound marketing strategy”

im worried we don’t have enough to pay for the four of us to see this movie…

I still cannot get over this picture.

Look at this dude. Tryna finesse in his redneck tuxedo.

Dude look like he followed the buzzards to Old Navy.

Dude look like he bout to dig through the ditches and burn through the witches.

Ol More Human Than Human lookin ass boy.

Why this nigga feet up on ol girl’s table like that? Sister Abigail taught you better than that, Bray.

Why this dude got the ‘you got a purdy mouth’ look on his face too?

With that fuckin Smurf belt propped up on the table like he proud of that shit.

Do better, my dude.

I am 24 years old. I have lived in the land of the extra-large and the home of the refill since I just a twinkle in my dad’s scrotum. I have forgotten more about food science than most people will ever learn.

How the fuck is it that I am just now learning that blue raspberries actually fucking exist?

This entire time I thought they were a miracle dreamed up by willy wonka after he spent a full week jerking it to smurf vore and then bought up the remains of a serbian chemical weapons plant, but no, they’re just a fucking species of blueberry-colored raspberries. Why the fuck is this being kept from us?

Who You Are (Part 5)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,793

Warning: swearing, violence, making out ;)

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

A/N: For some reason I always post at 11 o’clock at night. I have no idea why….Sorry for the long wait! I’ve been really busy with school, but I got it done! :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

When you had come up with the idea of Peter helping you learn to defend yourself, you didn’t realize how hard it would actually be. Ok, this should be easy enough, you think right before you punch the bag.

“Shit! That really hurts. Ow. Fuck.” You say, shaking your gloved hand out and jumping around while cradling your dominant hand into your chest.

“You’re lucky you didn’t break your hand. You punched with your thumb tucked it.” Peter says standing to your right with his arms crossed.

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akm221  asked:

Surprised how Star's parents reacted. Something's fishy. Also points for the shot with Tom, and I also tought it was cute how Star is creating her own book of spells.

I also noticed that Star is becoming less the rebel princess and more a royal princess. But they only brought the negatives of it now.

It’s ironic because by the end of the episode she embraces her “rebel princess” status and yet she does something very responsible. I guess Star gives the best of herself when she’s not forced to be something that she’s not. She’s learning and getting more responsible and one day she will run Mewni her own way, as Marco stated back in “Mr. Candle Cares”.

Her parents looked quite confused about Glossaryck’s kidnapping, almost as if they were surprised by it, as in “what is that blue smurf up to?”.

I guess we’ll know later this month.


Updated 6/27/17

Pope Cody:

Baz Blackwell:

Craig Cody:

Deran Cody:

J Cody:


Nikki Belmont:

Youngest Cody

Cotton Candy

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Dean x fem!reader where the reader has blue hair and Dean loves to tease her about it? Thank you!

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 367

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

“You know what … I got it! It’s like cotton candy!”

You rolled your eyes at the hundredth teasing comment Dean had made about your hair, which you had dyed blue. You had wanted something different, and Dean was quick to comment about the change. He wasn’t being mean; he was just being Dean. “It is not the color of blue cotton candy, you idiot,” you sassed back, attempting to continue to read your book. You soon felt his fingers sift into your hair, riding out the soft blue waves before you slapped at his hand.

“How’s Papa Smurf?”

“Oh my God, shut up, Dean!” You scowled, shaking your head, attempting to keep your smile at bay as he chuckled and ruffled your hair. You put your book down and hopped up on your chair, showing him no mercy as you leapt onto his back, one hand brushing wildly through his hair. “How do you like it?”

Dean grabbed your legs and spun around, trying to duck his head away from your hand as you ruffed up the short strands. “Hey, hey, cool it, Sonic.”

Afraid he would stumble and make the both of you hit the ground, you let go and hopped off, a few bold blue strands dropping down in front of your eyes. You gave your arms a stiff cross as you glared at Dean, daring him to make another comment.

Dean eventually broke down, laughter bubbling from him as he walked toward you, hands reaching out to brush the strands away from your face. “You know I’m just teasing, sweetheart. I think your hair looks freaking awesome.”

You couldn’t help but smile, knowing he meant the compliment. “Hell yeah it is,” you murmured, letting him pull you close, his lips pressing an affectionate peck against your head. Once he released you, you made your way back over to your seat, picking up your book and beginning to read again, silence settling in the library. You were just about to get really into your story when Dean’s voice sounded a few feet to your right.

“I gotta ask, though, are you feeling okay? You look a little blue.”

That’s when your book went flying.

Terra Nova ~Part One: New Town~

And so it begins! Part One of a ten-part series written for @outside-the-government​‘s ‘Write Away the Winter Blues’ challenge! I’m thinking 1-2 instalments per week as it goes. I’ll put it together in one long post at the end. Beware, the prompt may look fluffy, but this story is definitely more adventure-suspense (with fluff involved of course!)

UPDATE:  This fic is now complete! Please see my MASTERLIST for all following parts :) 

Because I love them both, I’m melding the TOS and AOS Bones timelines. If you so desire, there are Easter eggs to be found!

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS). Pairing: Reader X Bones

Words: 1,489

Warnings: some suspense, a few mild swear words. Can’t think of anything else!

Tagging @medicatemedrmccoy :D Thanks for letting me ramble about this fic! If anyone else wants to be tagged just let me know!

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 2285.4. We are orbiting an unknown planet, which lies beyond Starfleet’s updated star charts. I’ve elected to call it ‘Surak’, because it looks peaceful, but it appears there’s turbulence under the surface. Plus I’m 99% certain it will annoy Mr. Spock, a fringe benefit of being Captain.”

“Captain, I am incapable of experiencing annoyance.”

“I amend my statement. I am 100% certain it annoys Mr. Spock. Regardless, we have detected a Starfleet medical distress signal coming from this planet, which - according got our sensors - currently houses humanoid life with a culture distinctly similar to early 21st century Earth. To limit possible disruption, I am only sending Dr. McCoy and security officer Y/l/n to the planet’s surface. They are scheduled to report back in one hour.”

Pressing the button to end recording, Kirk looked out at the slowly rotating planet, the red land gleaming in sunlight. You and Bones were down there somewhere. It was the right call but still, he hated not being on the away mission. Drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair, Kirk realized it was useless.

“Mr. Spock, you have the con.” rising from his seat, Kirk moved to leave the bridge. Maybe if he practiced some more he could finally get that nerve pinch to work.

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  @minister-of-silly-walks changing posts for organizational purposes.

So anyway this WW/ST/GL crossover, that I haven’t named but it has like 8k atm.

Basically, because Steve Trevor was played by Chris Pine I’ve been thinking about this since the trailer because we all know what other thing he plays in that I’m obsessed with. 

It starts with a transporter malfunction because everything does I swear and Hal (whose unofficially officially part of the crew) and Jim get ping-ponged into another dimension and they happen to land right in the middle of where the WW movie starts (ie Trevor’s plane crashing).

Except something goes wonky and Kirk ends up getting his memory spliced with Steve, so he ends up taking his place and Hal is Suffering because their comms don’t work, they’re in some place that he doesn’t know and are being shot at.

Not exactly his plan of a good time, or how the mission is supposed to go. He joins team Bones on hating transporters.

So anyway they crash and Diana saves Steve/Jim’s life like in the movie and Hal was knocked out of the plane but all he knows is someone saved Jim and then when he gets to the shore and see who it actually was its basically “oh shit, Wonder Woman.”

They ended up in the past of his original universe (because time is fluid and because they went back to a point before the universe had actually ended it still exists, and I don’t understand time travel so we’re going with it).

Now Hal is part of the WW team, and he is mostly suffering, because he just wants to get back to the Universe and not be reminded of everything that he’s lost/did/what will happen.

Only the Guardians, who want to ya’know be perfect are like, we could give you a chance to fix it, because low-key Hal thought abut doing that and the ring has time travel capabilities and really getting to his present wouldn’t be that big of a stretch, but he’d be messing with time. Which has proven to be a terrible thing in the DCU (ie Flashpoint).

So anyway they have their adventure, Hal has to figure out how to contact the Enterprise, whether or not he’s going to go back to his time (Guardians are cryptic bastards and may not let him, or if he even could make a difference or if wants to leave his far more peaceful life behind), and save the world from the God of War.

I know how I want to play it out of course with Hal, I just didn’t know where I want to put him back into the universe because like I said, both could work both would be fun for me, but character wise I have no clue about what he would do.


“Hey, whose that over there?”  Craig asked, slapping J’s shoulder and nodding in your direction as you stood at the door of the school watching the students leave for the day.

“My teacher.”  J replied.  “Why?”  He glanced over at his Uncle.

“Jesus Christ, she’s your teacher?”  J nodded.  “Are you to old for parent teacher conferences?  That’s still a thing right?”


“Don’t tell Smurf when one comes up.  Tell me.”  J chuckled and Craig sent you one last glance before he pulled out of the schools parking lot and started up the road.

Terra Nova

(Moodboard by the amazing @yourtropegirl​ :) )

The story is now complete! Below the cut you will find the entirety of Terra Nova in one easy-to-access post! You guys are the best, my first  long fic experience in this community was pretty incredible! <3 Thanks again to @outside-the-government for the amazing prompt :) 

Pairing: Reader X Bones

Words: 17,207

Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of childbirth, descriptions of explosions, tension, secondary character death

Tagging: @medicatemedrmccoy, @outside-the-government, @kilismaiden, @gerardwayisapotato, @yourtropegirl@imaginativefanatic, @flowerfairies101, @arcticbubby, @oxymoroniccat, @phanofmanythings and @loverbug1123. Let me know if you want to be tagged in my future posts :)

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Part Two: Family Reunion. (Pilot S01E01)

[ Prologue | Part One ]

A/N: I would have gotten this out sooner but I had to babysit yesterday and work late today. All I can say is thank you Netflix for having captions. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

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